But on a different topic, it appears that the order of the scheduled steps isn't consistent across the board. I’m otj as a court officer now, the command I got sent to is amazing and every day is great with lots of laughs. Page of 571. I’ve been waiting for 3 years, finally! Thanks. I saw someplace they will have next class in NYC in November. Time. If they say call on a certain day call!!! I wanted to ask about the letters you guys are referring to and when you saying they show up at their door. Yes, I imagine she had to say that (showing up at their door) because the letter says the person must respond within 10 days. Also, I recommend responding and acting with as much respect as possible, many many people were reprimanded for attitudes.

Economy in Long Island. I'm asking because during my process and the time spent at the BK academy for my PAT, written psych and my meeting with my investigator in lower manhattan and being around the rest of the investigators, it would be visually apparent that a good portion of the staff is miserable, for lack of a better word.

Good luck to all! Join Date: Apr 2019; Posts: 3; Share Tweet #8286. Filter. as in the physical test in phase 1?


X. Announcement.

10 days doesn't seem so realistic especially considering some employers have to pass that type of document up a chain of command or maybe a Human Resources dept. My lady kinda told me the same, about it being a psych thing and what not and not to think too deep into it and just do what I gotta do.

Collapse. To those with experience with this process please provide insight... on the phase two process.

Just feels highly unlikely any of us above Rank 10000 have a realistic chance to get into the academy.

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So how those matters will be handled is going to be interesting and problematic if it delays my overall investigation. However this test should remain active until sometime Summer 2020? Collapse. Haven’t heard anything back but have heard from others possibly August I may hear about psych test.

Also, as you stated if it has been more than a year you may have to redo the PAT, but that also goes for the psych as well. My medical was about a month before getting the call to the academy. I know because it happened to me. I passed the PAT last SepT, did my Psych in Oct and passed Nov and then passed the Background Evaluation in late March. Would be nice if they run a class before the end of the year. Topics.

NYS Court Officers. Thanks.
Filter. Page of 571. All i am waiting on is the call for the medical. X. make sure the Social security office you go to supplies the earnings report. Like what kind of letters are these and what do they include and do you mean they show up to your jobs door? Sorry to burst you bubble. I just received my notice for phase 1 agility in September for districts 3-8, Yea I got my physical letter as well for sept 17th rank 12xxx for upstate hopefully they give us a date when we reach there. Collapse. Time. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I have also noticed that the order of the process is not uniform. Rank in the 11,000s for NYC.

I have my verbal psych this Monday so I'll have my game face on and more positive vibes due to everyone's answers, so I appreciate you all.

For the lifetime one you have to mail it in. I have my investigation on Thursday night, how early did you arrive for yours?

I currently work for NYC Corrections does anyone know if my time carries over to NYS courts? There are currently 4405 users online. 300x250 Mobile. 5 Replies 4.8K Views Last post by KEYWEST421 Feb 15, 2019 2019-02-14T04:16. NYS Court Officers. Nope , they’re more than likely going to extend the list one year , is it a definite , no but imo it’s likely.

I was a Corrections Officer in another state, the Officers at headquarters always put an attitude on for the new people, it’s a Psych thing.

Collapse. Makes sense maximus477. Announcement. I got there 45 mins early and I was the 5th one there. Bias in the courts.

No announcement yet. Was privileged to attend the recent PAT in Brkln.

Not related to the recruiting process, any fellow court officers find a good reliable place to get uniforms? Page of 570. I already had my psych too, I'm assuming I passed the psych if their keeping my investigation appointment, but not sure. Mine is next week. No announcement yet. New York State Court Officer Trainee Exam 45-784. All times are GMT-6. Has anyone else heard that as well?

X. Announcement. Share with: Link: Copy link. So, for my meeting, roughly 40 attendees were present give or take a couple and there were also no shows. Depending on the situation that the prior employer states in their response it may or may not affect you. I just hope all of us who have high numbers aren't just being strung along. Search.

It may delay your investigation slightly but keep in mind the quicker you supply the requested information the quicker your investigator can continue his investigation.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Nothing is guaranteed , and most ppl who take pat dont make it to academy, but if u dont take it your chances are at 0. Time. From the date I took my PAT to the first day of the academy was exactly 6 months, wouldn’t say this is the same for everyone but just to keep that in mind for people going through the process. 237 members and 4168 guests. Putting aside the day to day negativity from any craziest that might go on. Posting approval may take a few business days. I had my written psych in early july then very quickly written psych like about two weeks later and met investigator a week after oral psych.

So positive though and don’t give up. Collapse.

I ended up taking the PAT, written, and oral psych twice because of them expiring. Best of luck to all. So going in we had a great group, and the others who I did not know too well during the academy quickly turned into great friends. Loading... Forum Member . Time.

All times are GMT-6.

Every command is different in welcoming new officers.

300x250 Mobile. you want the job show them you want the job more then others. Would this be a bad move?

Collapse. Thanks lol.

X. It’s a good sign if you’ve gotten through it all already though, it all comes down to when they put another class in the academy. 300x250 Mobile.

I had to fill out and mail an MV15 with copy of my DL and check for the LIFETIME driver abstract, You need the one where you request it by mail and they mail it to you get it done asap it takes a couple weeks to get. Wasted my time, So make sure.


So figure you have about a year from whatever date they schedule the next test for. Most users ever online was 26,947 at 08:36 PM on 12-29-2019. NYS Court Officers. Moderator: ExNYPDDispatcher.

I can’t speak for if they actually will go through the hassle of showing up to everyone’s old jobs if no response was made after the 2nd letter, but who knows.

New York State Court Officer Trainee Exam 45-784. People skills is a must with this job though, everything else comes with time. I watched many get yelled at for this. Date is set for September 17. Announcement. When doing the background investigation do they request consent to access your medical records? You may have to register. Collapse. Thoughts? I took my test In May and got 28/28 but I had to defer my part 2 cause my son was born day before. Leader. This normally does not happen till about a year after a test is given. If they seem off putting, take it in stride, it’s to see how you react under pressure. At least 10-15 of them didn't call the day before and those were publicly called out on it and had to explain in front of the class why they didn't call. What's the likelihood of making it to the academy, supposably in November? To answer your question though I believe it’s just a front they put on to weed out people who can’t hang, because when you are on the job most people you encounter aren’t happy showing up to court to begin with. Don't be that guy/gal. Posts; Latest Activity . No, it’s basically the beginning of the whole process. I actually ended up getting PRK surgery last week and right now my eyes are 20/30. Collapse .

They will ship to your location, and are very reliable.

I for one have been at 2 schools and 2 jobs that are no longer in existence. I'm talking about for over 10 years these particular mom and pop type shops are gone and one pyramid scheme place I worked for too lol. I got that notice too and it took 1.5 years after that to finally get into the academy. Collapse. NYS Court Officers.

On top of that, another dozen or so didn't present proper paperwork and a handful were late. Hope I'm wrong...or hope another academy will be soon after this potential November one. Many more seemed called to Brkln, so if you're invited/scheduled for the upcoming PAT, don't get there the same time you might otherwise get to Lower Manhattan...be earlier. Personally I had to make 3 different written statements via email to my background investigator. I know every job has a flaw here and there but I don't know if that was just "shtick" or an act to intimidate people, which I can understand because I'm sure they deal with tons of people who aren't serious and are taking opportunities away from someone else.

Is it possible to proceed with both procedures at the same time or should I postpone one and focus on the other? All I can say is follow every thing they say religiously. You may have to register. I thought was a short time frame, so I asked her what happens if they don't respond. Announcement. Collapse. Can’t we just go to the DMV and get the abstract? i heard the next academy is going to be November? they had us all in a room where we had to fill out paperwork and envelopes to all our previous employers, high school and colleges for responses. Posting approval may take a few business days.

if anyone has gone through the process about how long before the academy did you all get called for medical. This ultimately did not affect my placement into the academy, so don’t get too stressed if it happens to you.

Anyone else? Search.


About how many people usually go into a class? You may have to register.

300x250 Mobile. I’m getting my documents ready for the BI, and have a question regarding the drivers lifetime abstract. Collapse.

But if that's not the case, and they all are legit just not a happy bunch to be around on a daily basis, then I can assume mental health problems can arise being around that type of environment. But if that's not the case, and they all are legit just not a happy bunch to be around on a daily basis, then I can assume mental health problems can arise being around that type of environment. Maybe they will put another class after that and that should be it for this test.

300x250 Mobile . If this is your first visit be sure to check out the frequently asked questions by clicking here.

Page of 570.

Posts; Latest Activity .

Collapse. Or if someone left a job in bad terms then that employer might be spiteful and just push the letter off to the side.

05-23-2019, 01:25 PM. With typical Court Officer classes at 200-225 people. Collapse. Do not walk in with headphones on or talking on the phone...etc.

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