What major aspect of Georgia's climate influences businesses and industry to move into the state? From Georgia to Massachusetts, these and other cities are lined up like a string of stars along an important geologic boundary called the Fall Line. Those city founders knew a good thing when they found it.

In addition to being located in a small watershed, the Meherrin lacks easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. a river that is navigable all the way to the Atlantic. National Elevation Dataset - Shaded Relief Map of Virginia, The Clay Deposits of the Virginia Coastal plain, York River & Small Coastal Basins Roundtable, A general map of the middle British colonies, in America, Why Virginia's Cities and Towns Are Located Where They Are.

Have students select a state. In Richmond, for example, the story goes that “in 1607, after 10 days of travel up Powhatan’s River (later known as the James River), Captain John Smith and 120 men from Jamestown, Virginia, settled at the river’s highest navigable location.” (http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h3916.html). It drains into the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound in North Carolina, where ships struggle to traverse the shallow, dangerous inlets between the barrier islands to reach the ocean.

Georgia Women in World War II: What Store Should Be Told? Grit or Goodness: What Best Explains the Accomplishments of Jimmy Carter? The copper deposits were insufficient to justify further development, however, and shipping via the Occoquan was always limited in scope. On the Potomac, Alexandria is slightly east of the geologic barrier, Little Falls in the PotomacRiver, but it's deepwater harbor allowed it to compete with Georgetown to become the market center for the Piedmont and valleys west of the Blue Ridge. (Hint: Interstate 95 roughly follows the Fall Line). From Georgia to Massachusetts, these and other cities are lined up like a string of stars along an important geologic boundary called the Fall Line.

All Rights Reserved. • Georgia’s most important river, representing Georgia’s border with Alabama is the Chattahoochee River.

http://www.sagessite.com/usgeog.htm. Were the 1996 Olympic Games Good for Atlanta. He knew that the Fall Line locations on the James and Appomattox Rivers were destined to grow into transhipment points. You'll look in vain for an urban center on the Nottoway, the Powell, or the Clinch. they were usually unable to match the investments made by the cities like Alexandria. DuBois: Who Had the Right Strategy for Black America?

With your students, and some hints below, explore some other examples, subtle and not so subtle. The Trail of Tears: Why Were the Cherokees Removed? DuBois: Who Had the Right Strategy for Black America? In 1732, William Byrd II had lots sureveyed and "platted" Richmond and Petersburg.

Have students compare a geologic map of the east with a road map. Transporting Virginia products to and importing products from Europe, the Caribbean, and South America required ships to stop at the waterfalls on the Fall Line and unload into wagons (and later trains) for travel inland. Consider one city or overall population patterns. The Lees quickly patented the lands along the Potomac River, forcing the Carters to build a "ox road" to the Occoquan for shipping the copper downstream. Those city founders knew a good thing when they found it. Georgia Women in World War II: What Stories Should Be Told? Alexandria. The waterfalls off the fall line where difficult to travel over. The James River and Kanawha Canal and the South Side Railroad both spurred growth at Lynchburg, and it developed into a substantial tobacco processing town prior to the Civil War. Here’s one of Virginia, showing the Fall Line, with an excellent overview discussion, too. Grab a map and try a connect- the-dots between these Fall Line cities (a suggested activity for your students, too).

In addition, the water power provided by the rivers allowed manufacturing to develop at those locations. And while, at first glance, it may appear that every Metropolitan Statistical Area (as defined by the Bureau of Census) is centered on a river, the development of Roanoke had little to do with water transportation or even waterpower.

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