2. And we found that our members almost, Hopefully this crisis (COVID-19 outbreak) makes every government agency, company and NGO get set up to do nearly every meeting and conference remotely…, Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference 2020, IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. 0�1�hZ ��gA8�@0!�� ���� H@���]g�>�Ƕ= �.� endstream endobj 180 0 obj <>stream

All sessions will be recorded so that attendees can go back later and watch sessions they may have missed while viewing the live event.

All KDD content is available to registered attendees through September 22, 2020 on both our conference virtual platform (VFairs) and the Whova platform/app. You should also do internal testing with volunteers two weeks before the virtual conference, then a dry-run with speakers 2-3 days before the event. About the LLVM Developers' Meeting . ]��jU�����(1}���I�%-�ȟ�3��� �GEHcA��\K}�AW��}ݱ��t�d�[���.|���vl��غ8�.IP�]kNJUw�禱���ܽ��[s�#_��r�2��2�.Z���x�U���``9kR��cLMy����7�~�+�əP)�*pA"�c(�P��\tve*}Ъr/JQ�#Ņ)'> ���u�>^�j͡�4���G����#xr�x��b��b�s��Mr��*(9B�"T��d6��S�>�΢M�L�~�������Cϓ��^Ug.m���n�L���R�Ie$�#�}��㸂�����_�2��u�K�����0�eˑ��#���Xi�+�"�n�����o̩��8�B�8�B�E֭)se�l�.�F]-�j�b>�� Ϊ������y4�~y��P��=*��X�>�ш��xĀ��K�bDhG'�����z,�����5�0ߴ���?n��` � endstream endobj 182 0 obj <>stream

Please look at instructions (video and text) for Whova on your phone or as web-app to find the best option for you.

The sponsorship and exhibition will be avialable at the virtual conference as well. Session feedback & surveys – collect more feedback.

Loans for her Whova expertise and tireless work ethic! Click Here to access the event. in corporation with Modelica Users Group Japan and Modelica Association.

The program will cover modeling of complex physical and cyber-physical systems, as well as tools, for a wide range of research and industrial applications. Each paper will be individually referenced by a DOI. Live Q&A and polling for virtual sessions – increase overall participation. If you plan on attending this workshop, please select Fundamentals in the appropriate sections of the conference registration form.

You’ll see double the response rate from surveys in Whova than you would from web-based surveys because Whova allows you to notify attendees to fill out the surveys within the app. How do I change the affiliation/education links in my profile? 1000 N. Rand Rd. hޤ�Qk1�����8˲%Ja]W�/m�cY{�]R.����$�]�\ri�0;�l��$Y��N�����N�A q�p wvV]�W��r��ng�/g��u���v�~[�n.�O�է���Y.

;V� ��O��Qo}�56�X�(Hc�G�2����|���Ė%����R�ջ���2,����jb��A�d�2l�t8~��a���}����2�~�Z��Q��$r����^���� � �Dz4�[\��>z{�7/�ɏ�ڛ�M��ò��]�p������ɿ/��O�jv�!��M��+�S��Ή�i�ۓ'�e�_��K:���l��~JU,�d�2����4���{k�S�s�.q~:�5�h�,�r���'�y�#��L�x�_�F��{��{��#9_�J�S�����K��m�$�(���x��)n����#��O�%�Wm6E�]ȝ��ɫ����+��y�M�����n�L_��~7����\7�ۨ�F�6��1�O�%����N�庥������+��m��|��z^��c^��:y���:y��s������~�4]��~��N��.�U)n{qۋ�^��r����u���r���W:y����x-,�ָuN�O��i��� |�y� endstream endobj 179 0 obj <>stream

Also, make it easy for speakers to upload their videos, share articles, and interact with attendees. Whova’s virtual booths for exhibitors make it easier to promote products and companies through custom profiles with product photos, in-app coupons, giveaways, and raffles. Thank you for providing this information! In fact, this is the time when you should be getting together, just not in person.

Sessions and videos are viewable only to registered attendees, Moderate questions, photos, messages, and any other content on both web and mobile, Engage and interact with the audience before, during, and after a session, Triple survey and poll responses by offering a prize to the most active attendees, Get attendees engaged through the Passport Contest and photo and caption contests, Keep attendees informed with push notifications, email, and in-app messaging and posts, Discuss relevant topics and share photos, articles, and tips with the rest of the conference, Get a detailed overview of who is at your event and even get in touch with interesting attendees, Organizers and attendees alike can create virtual meet-ups for the entire event and specific groups.

The participants who registered at Eventbrite will receive an email from Whova one day later to activate your Whova account. With video streaming software, once you close the video conference window, your messages are gone. It provides Modelica users the opportunity to stay informed about the latest standards, library, and tool developments, and to get in touch with people working on similar modeling problems.

What platforms are supported by the Whova app?

If you’re going to choose recorded video, you can use options such as Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Whova. Start engaging attendees as soon as you publish the app so that they can get excited sooner. Other options include WebEx, Microsoft Team, Bluejeans, etc. With Whova, you get everything in one place.

Then, collect all the feedback and use it to inform your next event’s strategy. Please use this feature since it helps us to find suitable reviewers for your paper. Want to take your face-to-face event online? The conference will cover topics such as the following: Multi-engineering modeling and simulation with Modelica, Free and commercial Modelica libraries (mechanics, electrical, hydraulics, thermal, fluid, media, chemical, building, automotive, aircraft, …), Thermodynamic and energy systems applications. Although you can stream your videos privately to an unlimited amount of people and participants can still chat amongst each other, this option lacks the functionality of multiple speaker interactions.

I downloaded the Whova app and signed up, why can't I see the message? The 2020 ARSL Conference will be held online using the award-winning event platform Whova!Forming new connections is one of the best parts of an ARSL conference, and we wanted to choose a conference platform that makes it easy to network, collaborate, and socialize. After that, they should be ready for the virtual conference! Whether they’re attendees, sponsors, speakers, or employees of your company, they need one place where they can go to easily to find out the logistics of the event. Ice-breaker & Leaderboard – Put a twist on your virtual event.

That’s why you need to prepare every speaker ahead of time and make sure that they know how to use the software you choose. Whova’s virtual booths for exhibitors make it easier to promote products and companies through custom profiles with product photos, in-app coupons, giveaways, and raffles. The conference date is the same as before, October 8–9, 2020. For one, it can lower the price of admission, enabling smaller businesses with limited budgets to purchase tickets to your conference and offer their own unique insights. How can I add a social media account to my profile? Whova Event App Once you have logged in, please choose option “enter as an author”.

How do I enable push notifications for the Whova App? You get the spontaneity, the ability for attendees to ask questions on the spot, the live interaction between panelists, and conversations between attendees as if they were sitting next to one another. 26th - 28th (includes Fundamentals), Urge US Senators to Approve Additional Higher Education Funding for COVID-19, Urge The Senate to Eliminate Federal Loan Fees (S1696), Urge The House to Eliminate Federal Loan Fees (HR3674), Urge Congress to support Higher Education Funding Proposals.

You also have to ask speakers to prepare presentations ahead of time.

We recommend this format for conference organizers because you can make sure that speakers recorded their sessions confidently and attendees get the bonus of being able to ask questions live, as if they were physically at the event.

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