She relents and wears both the dress and the bracelet he gave to her for her birthday. As Caroline stares at Tyler to help her, he does nothing, watching her guiltily. Caroline was the first vampire he bit after becoming a hybrid. After noticing that Tyler compels his football coach to stop practice early, Caroline confronts him saying he needs to be more subtle.

Clearly affected by her words, Klaus ignores her claims by reducing her words to the product of a hallucination. The episode ends with Caroline sneaking out and being shot with a Vervain Dart by Tyler's mother after touching her Vervain-laced purse. Tyler accepts his apology and Matt leaves, running into Caroline. Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she'll let him do so. They exchange some witty banter, before Caroline compliments his "snowflake" painting, adding that there's something lonely about it. I certainly love the idea that, in time, you can learn to love someone new even after you’ve lost someone. In order to do so, he needed a distraction so that Alaric could puncture Kol without Klaus knowing. Klaus does not deny this; instead, he accuses Damon of doing worse.

However, Caroline persuades him to let her help out. Nickname(s) Caroline looks shocked, but Klaus presses her for an answer. He then asks her id she could forget, she doesn't answer but says she knows he's in love with her, and anyone capable of being in love is capable of being saved. At that moment arrives Matt, he is surprised to see Caroline in the house,then Nadia appears in the front door, but she's barred from enter the house without permission, Matt then allowed her to enter. She then reminds him she is a good person, and people like good people unlike him, and then she walks away. Referring to his promise to Caroline that he will insure Stefan is fine. He approaches her and asks why she lied to him earlier.

Caroline explains to Klaus that his daughter misses him, and that Hope is smart, too smart for her own good, "just like her father", they both say at the same time, to which Klaus seems touched by. After Klaus finishes massacring a family in their home because he believed that they and others would later become an enemy to his daughter, Caroline grabs Klaus by the throat against a wall of the home and tells Klaus to pick on someone his own size. However, upon Klaus's return, he turns Tyler into his first successful hybrid. Visibly impacted by Caroline's harsh words, Klaus changes the subject back to the location of the sacrifice. Before she does, Caroline says, “Hey mom?

Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus. "I'm sorry," she cries. First Met Then he asked her to leave. After discussing more about Hope, Caroline gets mad that Klaus is using his father and his abuse as an excuse be a bad father to Hope. Bonnie) is less than the twelve witches Caroline sacrificed, to which Caroline responds by emphasizing that the one witch she saved was her best friend. She asks if his hate for Klaus, are stronger than his love for her. He points out The Lockwood Cellar and explains that he thinks Mason was headed there on the night that he turned. Caroline argues that he only acts like this because he is hurt. Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying.

Klaus repelled, and it turned off into a conversation about whether Caroline would take the cure if she had the chance. You didn't get out. She bursts in and spots him curled up on the floor. Your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life." Klaus and Caroline first met when he turned her werewolf boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, into a Hybrid. Caroline wakes up later pissed. Still in the Salvatore house, Klaus helps himself to a drink as he questions Stefan's assumption that Silas is back in town. Matt admits that he has enjoyed the last few days with Caroline but adds that he doesn't think he can deal with her being a vampire. She continues by saying that some people can't be fixed; that people who do terrible things are terrible people. Stefan reminds her that they don't know what Silas is capable of, and therefore having an immortal hybrid like Klaus on their side could be beneficial. He explains that he brought some water with him and asks Caroline to mix the wolfsbane into it. Klaus gets up to leave, she calls back for him when he says "Caroline your beautiful but if you don't stop talking I will kill you." She says he's disgusting and she has to  sanitize her mouth.

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