See how they are playing with words to deceive consumers?

Hi you can contact the store and explain about them not wanting to honor your warranty.

It’s game day. User's... Make it EASY to register an items protection plan information. We should stop buying big products from Walmart until they bring back their own protection plans and get rid of Square Trade. And now (as of August 1, 2018) Allstate is powering all of Walmart protection plans sold in stores and on

Virtually all of the Extended Warranties & Protection Plans are a waste of money and a scam.

From there, you can file and track claims, transfer or cancel plans, see how much time is left on a plan and find out which purchased items are eligible for the program. It turns on and displays everything but no response to keyboard and mouse input.

Review #2071483 is a subjective opinion of poster. Instead, I'd get it from BestBuy or Costco.

This is very true. Consumer reviews of the Walmart Warranty and Protection plan.

It's not protection plan but extended warranty. This year has brought rapid and constant change in every facet of our daily lives, and we know…, Walmart Vriddhi Brings a Digitally Enhanced Learning Experience to Train MSMEs for Faster Growth and Recovery, Walmart Sues DOJ and DEA Seeking Clarity for Pharmacists in Dispensing Prescription Opioids, Customers are Planning Differently for Thanksgiving — and Walmart is Ready. I called the WPP number and started a claim. I bought a computer for $999 in 2018. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. First my tv lasted one year before it broke, picture started going dark and then finally it stopped powering up altogether.

Protection plan bought in store, not being able to register it on your site, I have spent hours trying to confirm my Walmart purchase of a protection plan for the TV I had purchased. if you had just declined the salesperson pressuring you to buy the extended warranty, you would have had the money to pay for part or all of the repairs that you eventually needed, or you simply could have used that money that you saved towards the purchase of a brand new item when the old one finally gave out and wasn't worth the money to pay to get fixed. Both the protection plan website and Walmart app will direct customers where to go if they need to manage a plan or file a claim. In walks Bob, uninvited.

this is a scam so they can make more money off people! User's recommendation: Go some where else. I bought a 65" Smart TV. I am 2 years into a 3 year plan. And that’s where a Walmart Protection Plan, powered by Allstate, can really help save the day—and your wallet. they only cover what the manufacturer covers! I purchased a Dell touch-screen computer for my wife. It’s 100% legit. I told him to go to a reputable electronics store, but he didn't . Wow you comment on almost every single review hear. No more keeping track of every individual paper plan or receipt – it’s all there at your fingertips. If you use Walmart Pay or purchase items from, your protection plan information will automatically load into the Walmart app. Review #1613240 is a subjective opinion of poster. Don't buy big items believing in protection plan because the protection plan is handled by SquareTrade whose only goal is to reject your claims or send you to manufacturer. But you aren’t thinking fast. It's not protection plan but extended warranty because you are expected to contact manufacturer for first year anyway. This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Walmart is trying to fool you with hard to read font sizes and big marketing terms.

Hate to tell you this but you won't find protection plans working any differently at other stores.

Depending on the manager they may refund you or replace your item. Simply file the claims on your phone, then open your phone’s browser and stream the game. Just then, lightning strikes outside and your power goes out. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact

Please take a minute to review our Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. There is no place to register for the site.

I bought the plan for a vacuum and went to file a claim and it sends me to a SquareTrade by Allstate site and asks me for a email address and password for the site that I don’t have.

Do you have something to say about WalMart?

They call it 3 year warranty but that 3 years include 1 year manufacturer warranty. Walmart and Allstate have a combined 143 years of serving people and building trust. Bottom Line: thank you Insurance Elephant for the tip. I also purchase a product care plan. Their associates are trained to lie every time they make a sale of extended warranty. Announces expected third quarter restructuring and other charges. Instructions take customers on a tail-chasing expedition into and out of their account with no clear path to input the information on the purchase. It is thievery. It’s Mayhem. The representatives are rude and... i bought a 2 year protection plan because they said it covered accidental damage. “But, your fantasy football dreams are still alive and your TV and laptop can be fixed, because you said “yes” to the new Walmart Protection Plans powered by Allstate.“.

Allstate and Lyft partner to protect drivers in 8 states, Allstate to cut 3,800 claims, sales, service and support jobs, Asurion and uBreakiFix offer free tech support to Nashville students and teachers.

It's not protection plan but extended warranty. Review #1581403 is a subjective opinion of poster. Poor associates. HOW SAD, my money back for your protection plan I had purchased. I have 3 boys running around the house, the cashier offered me the protection plan. With a protection plan, not only do you get coverage at an incredible value, as of Aug. 1* you can also have peace of mind knowing your Walmart purchases are in good hands with Allstate.

We checked with several reviewers to learn more about actual customer … Does the written protection plan say accidental damage is covered? With both products, he purchased warranties, and both products broke-surprise! How I’m I suppose to file a claim if I can’t access the site??? By Chet Putnam, Director, Walmart Services. today i call because my tv falls over in the middle if the night and shes says there is nothing they can do! Your buddies are coming over, and you just bought a new flat-screen TV and a laptop to live out your fantasy football dreams. So, get a Walmart Protection Plan powered by Allstate and … He followed with the reply "ABSOLUTELY". This plan offers you the peace of mind of knowing you are protected for life’s accidents.

SquareTrade has been powering Amazon too and the reviews on Amazon website has mostly one star reviews.

Review #1933538 is a subjective opinion of poster.

What’s even the point of buying a protection plan if they are not going to honest honor it?? If not, learn to read what you are buying before making a purchase.

Before you make your decision about whether the Walmart Warranty and Protection plan is worth the cost, it’s a good idea to find out what others who have actually purchased the plan and filed claims have to say about their personal experiences. By using Square Trade (All State), walmart has been losing consumer trust it earned over the years. Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. My youngest daughter cracked the screen when she dropped it on the floor.

But most of all don't buy their protection plan. - All Rights Reserved. And, if you have a paper receipt, you can easily use the app to scan and tie it to your account.

“But, your fantasy football dreams are still alive and your TV and laptop can be fixed, because you said “yes” to the new Walmart Protection Plans powered by Allstate. The insurance provider is now powering all Walmart protection plans sold in stores and on If it's not in the written service plan it isn't covered.

dont be fooled and dont waste your money!

When customers leave, they would realize. Protection plans can now be found under the Services tab. Walmart and Allstate have a combined 143 years of serving people and building trust.

Review #2113165 is a subjective opinion of poster. What can we help you with? If you use Walmart Pay or purchase items from, your protection plan information will automatically load into the Walmart app. !l, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Delay and people not knowing what to do on line or in the store, Protection plan scams clerks are lying to consumers, Impossible to register items protection plan, Products you need are never there when you go back.

By using Square Trade (All State), Walmart has been losing consumer trust it earned over the years. Review #1642463 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Provide Assistance with warranty registration. Review #1754104 is a subjective opinion of poster. I went and found my receipt, tried to make a claim, well lo and behold even after reassurances of FULL coverage they wont cover it. “Think fast!” he says.

Splurged last Xmas and bought a $300 50” TV for my kiddo and me. The TV should be covered.

BUT, it gets worse! BENTONVILLE, Ark.

Review #1904850 is a subjective opinion of poster. *Plans sold prior to Aug. 1, 2018, will continue to be serviced by Asurion. I can't imagine what it would be like to file a claim. I never had a problem with the old company that handled their protection plans!! from Walmart. Why would I pay for extended manufacturing warranty when I am already covered.

Not worth the hassle. Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee.

If I was happy with manufacturer warranty and dealing with customer service of manufacturers, I wouldn't buy protection plan. My experience with this protection plan has been a complete joke! There are over 50 sites.

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