If you’re celebrating with a bottle of wine, rather than a cake, download our wine tags and attach them to the bottle. Have them blow out the candles on Zoom, while everyone sings Happy birthday! If you’ve got enough balloons, you can turn one into every guest at the virtual party—when they call in, show them they’re there in balloon form as well as in spirit! If one of you has a talent, you can lead the “lesson.” Otherwise, try: –A knitting club or quilting circle (you can follow online classes at skillshare.com or Purl Soho’s YouTube channel), –A cooking class: The Chef and the Dish offers them over Skype, –A calligraphy class. We hope these virtual birthday party guidelines inspire you to have your own! Believe that anyone will love birthday cake with this sparkling name.

Our birthday cake delivery lets you send a cake anywhere in the U.S. Once you see how easy it is to host a virtual hang, you’ll want to keep meeting like this.

No birthday is complete without a cake. A virtual birthday party is a great way to stay connected and celebrate together. –Tune in to a Broadway show through the BroadwayHD app. –Skip the sticks and scatter the cut-out shapes along the table like confetti or tape to the wall as decor, –Write a message on a blank one or on the back of a pre-printed greeting, and use it as a birthday card. Download our Celebration Toppers Template, print on paper or cardstock, cut out and tape to a skewer or toothpick to make any food more festive. Spend the day with your loved ones virtually! Plan a Playlist Send everyone a playlist of favorite party tunes you can all play in the background during your virtual party, so that you’re all—you guessed it—in tune with each other!

A virtual birthday party calls for more than one cake, so everyone can enjoy a slice. Or get instant gratification with the delivery of an ebook or a virtual gift card that lets them choose their own adventure. What’s the modern version of a singing telegram? There may even be enough for seconds! Play Games Give the gift of good luck with a custom cootie catcher that makes all sorts of auspicious predictions for the birthday boy or girl (or birthday grandpa or grandma as the case may be). A virtual birthday celebration calls for a video chat with family and friends! A birthday cake is meant for sharing.

Cake, 2.

With a video chat, everyone can see each other's smiling faces. Watch Art Summit’s online classes separately, then “meet” virtually to show off your projects, downloadable template for party chains, hats, and a crown, Darcy Miller Designs Birthday Cootie Catcher Template. –Mail them to a far-away friend for their special day. Print Out Some Presents If what the birthday kid really wanted is going to have to wait—whether it’s a trip to an amusement park with friends or a big party with the whole class for a child or a delayed bucket-list trip for a grown-up’s milestone—print out an IOU and give it to them today to let them know it’s coming to them in the future. –Trace the template onto newspaper, wrapping paper, or our tie-dye pattern, then cut out, –Decorate it yourself with drawings or messages, –Let the birthday kid color it in or bedazzle it themselves, –Mail one to all your “guests” to host a princess party for a little one or a costume party for adults. Cupcakes, 5.

–Send them to everyone you’ve invited to your virtual party, so they can stick one into whatever they’re eating when they call in to sing Happy Birthday, and all snacks are dressed for the occasion. It's an unusual way to celebrate, but special nonetheless! Extra credit if all songs are from the year the honoree was born. Surprise your friend and send them a birthday cake, along with candles. Top … –To make it dinner for two, send them takeout and order yourself the same dish (or same type of cuisine) from your go-to spot and FaceTime so you can catch up over dinner. It's always a great time to create new memories. Many small businesses are still delivering and can offer recommendations, gift-wrap, and delivery. –Add a dash of love to lunch (even if it’s just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you can cut them into cookie cutter to shape sandwiches, –Turn toast and smoked salmon into mini birthday cakes for a fancy cocktail snack.

Send a simple meeting invite to gather your coworkers or cousins to sing Happy Birthday, or put the dial-in number / Zoom gathering ID in an evite from Minted or Paperless Post for more of an event. –Visit one of the many museums offering virtual tours together, like the British Museum, Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, or the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. If guests are going to need to come prepared—with their own candle to blow out, a cupcake to decorate, or a glass of something bubbly—put that in the evite! A virtual birthday party is easy! We send birthday cakes nationwide, even overnight. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, House Party—any video conferencing apps you use to work from home or chat with friends can also host a virtual party.

Candy Box, 3. Call their favorite spot to see what their delivery options are—not only will you make your friend’s day, you’ll be supporting one of their local businesses, too.

), self-portraits, or depictions of the rest of the family. Generate Birthday Cake Images With Name.

Here are a few ways to share a special occasion—and feel close to each other even when you’re far apart.

By entering your email, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you wish you could take the person celebrating a birthday out for a night on the town, delicious dinner delivered to their house. When someone you love is far away on a big birthday, contact their squad—whether it’s reminding your siblings to call Grandma on her big day, or emailing the kids’ class list or camp friends—and assign times for them to call or FaceTime the honoree.

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