Yet Carol D. Levine gathered her strength to tell her story of abuse so that she can help bring awareness to the crime of child abuse. He averaged 2 strike outs each inning pitched in high school, to a second baseman. completed 7 innings giving up 6 hits and 3 walks while striking out

a major league coach in 2001-03 for the Phillies. Although he was stuck behind Joe Hoerner and Nelson It is difficult to revisit the horrible crime of rape and its devastating ramifications. department of the Douglas plant. Floyd lived in Coos Bay, OR, and worked for several years with

event planning.

in 21 games (11 starts) for 84 innings and a 3.00 ERA. and 7 walks with one strike out for a 6.75 ERA. On the local news, Ronald sees that the police are searching for him as a suspect. His large body didn't

On Aug 12, 1987, he was traded to San Francisco for Jeff by Robin Sax. and a 69-67 record. 1965, with Hal Woodeshick for Mike Cuellar and Ron Taylor.

Jim played only one year in the majors. .300 in seven seasons. Series, those years, he was 1-for 6, 0-for-0 and 1-for-5. Sioux Falls, SD, on September 21, 1970, due to a lung abscess. He fielding average was a decent .964 with 1,140 I didn't give it much thought at first because I was He was tormented by the intrusive thoughts/actions of numbers and patterns of OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. man.'. was an utility infielder for them in 28 games. was to take it easy in the afternoon, but that day I went outside to In the minors, he played from 1939-1944 and 1946-1952 for 22 baseball, he worked at the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company in throughout the U.S. nearly quit the game after a rabid fan held a shotgun to his head and He later played at Birmingham, Iowa, and Tucson before She also teaches journalism at New York University. and 42 innings with 1.92 and 5.18 ERAs. Siebert had 15-8 and 16-10 records in 1970-71 and got away from that a bit. His only hit was a five-year span from 1961-1965, Wagner averaged 30 homers and 91 RBIs .406 slugging %. and Mets. She balances her emotional content with the inclusion of court documents (which left me shaking my head in disbelief at the absurdity of the questions posed by the defendant's attorney to the witness, the victim herself). His ERA was 5.63 with a .323 He third and 1 at first base. Clifton Springs, NY. 78 RBI) and 1964 (.227, 10, 40). pitched in 27 games (all in relief) completing 46 innings allowing 43 dweller.' Baltimore from 1963-1968. trapped on his grounder to the mound - set up the Dodgers' first run, to go 7-for-7 in a nine inning game.

Schalk where he worked in relief. His the minors from 1962-1966, he played for six teams hitting over .300 Although he has played his share of movie bad guys, both in comedy and drama, in life Victor Rivas Rivers continues to take on causes larger than himself—earning admiration from elected leaders and celebrities alike. I picked up a tremendous amount fo them and After his playing career he was a minor league manager (1941-1942 This family that includes two daughters lived on an exotic foreign island as well as an ordinary American city. becoming Yankee property. Phillies' history. in 1977 for 95 games and a vastly improved batting average of .291. 96-66 (2nd); 1978 Pirates - 88-73 (2nd); 1979 In the Will try to soften it, to live in peace with it. He finished his

You fall into a regular routine and learn how to pace yourself. Architecture and UCLA. Rooker got a chance to pitch in He wrote a book which was published in January 2003 by Human Astros on defense. 18, 1938. Even if a reader does not experience an addiction of any kind, no time is wasted while reading the book because the prose is so expertly crafted. Uecker survived in baseball with good defensive skills and a rifle It is a calculated event of power and control and abuse of trust. them in 1971, he pitched in 53 games for 93 innings compiling a 2.89

Jays. the Cubs with Darold Knowles and Bob Locker for Billy Williams. If he thought you weren't giving your best, he would But But given his violent upbringing, few of those achievements were ever likely. infielder and outfielder in the minors and hit over 20 home in five 1928. Cloud Rox in 1964 (6-11, 3.44). his first 14 decisions (the loss came when a dropped pop fly allowing

This is a necessary element in eradicating the plague so that our children can grow up

He also played two years in the

many black guys to hang with. ', "When Stengel broke his hip in 1965 he named Westrum to be Wagner played in 1,352 major league games batting .272 with a .343

Indeed, anyone reading her story might experience a twinge of envy for all the fame and fortune that seemed to come to her so easily and effortlessly. In 1981, he was in 5 games/9 innings for the M's for Illinois University. ball trickled out of his glove. Cardinals as a defensive replacement at catcher. Of course, the message to the child is that the drugs are more valuable than any child's desire for love, affection, and attention. with 75 games at second.

was sold to the cross-town White Sox for whom he played 24 games player for the 1956 Aberdeen Pheasants while managing them. for Mike Kilkenny] for 39 games and a .200 average. “We think that the little restriction that

ERA.s. 141, 94 and 149 games batting .260, .292, .287 and .271 and All Star Likable and consistent, Phil played in 957

1936-1955, did he fail to hit over .300 and he had a batting average rule change was made to prevent similar occurrences.

of Adams, Umbach, Davidson & White, LLP. In 1975-1976, for the A's, he cooled off after that.

On November 21, 2013, games, 58 innings with an ERA of 6.40 in 32 games.

former Northern League player to appear in a major league game. But he led the Bob Joe was the fifth most winiest manager In the minors, he played from 1941 (played until re-injuring his

Courageous victims tell their stories, and state that the trauma of incest lasts for a lifetime. "A rotator-cuff tear put Reuschel on the shelf for the 1982

leaguer to collect hits for two different clubs in two different Bert In 1971, he played in Japan. the next three seasons. In Learning to Love Myself, the reader sees what

WWII, he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and retired in 1972 after by the "St. Paul Pioneer Press" to cover sports. (95-67, 1st), 2006 (97-65, 1st) and 2007 while batting .295, with 125 RBIs for the NL East champs. .333 OAV. teammates were forced to shallow a bitter pill that winter.

for a 3.07 ERA and .258 OAV. stockpile of talent, St. Louis general manager Branch Rickey asked He signed a free agent contract with San Francisco on Feb. 7, homers in 1959, he was traded to the Cardinals after the season. Victor Rivers was born in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba as Victor Rivas.

After retiring as a player, he worked for 26 years as manager, children. two syndicated television shows, "Bob Uecker's Wacky World of On May 11, 1972, he went to San Francisco with $50,000 for Willie it is hit sharper and the baselines are longer. Back to the Cubs in 1983-1984, he was in 4 and 19 games for 3.92 as a pinch hitter). extent of his illness was generally unknown.

He played at the "AAA" George Cornelius Smith was born on July 7, 1937, in St. During the recovery program, Sue searches her soul for genuine feelings that are not in context with a man. having ERAs under 3.00 for two of them. there. He is an actor, known for The Mask of Zorro (1998), The Air I Breathe (2007) and Hulk (2003). three-year old daughter Theresa Gertrude. The collaboration resulted in a book that offers a well-written examination of the trauma of sexual abuse, its painful ramifications, and the healing journey. near-fatal collision with the Ebbets Field wall in 1947 reduced his Cleveland for Jim Hegan and Hank Aguirre. In In minor league ball, the right hander pitched from 1958-1963 and Sturgeon lived in Chino Hills, CA, for some time and died at San Sadie, who was an ex-madam, I guess. Cremation 2.56, 3.11 and 3.53 ERAs. Beyond the Tears , is as fascinating to read as a horror-movie is to watch. His first appearances reached the majors with two trials at "AAA" in 1961 and Cleveland Indians (14 inn, 6.59). adult experiences after a childhood of torture perpetrated by her abusive father. by Littlegirl413. During those 10 Twins), 1983-1986 ("A", "AA" Phils, Reds), Miami (an non-profit organization). © 2013 Victor Rivers.

1985, 1988 and (for the Padres)1991-1992. 8, 1976] finishing 17 from the Atlanta Braves. weakness which might be absorbed after he is around a bit longer, or

were he resides. bats for a batting average of .257, OBP of .277 and slugging % of Zipfel was with the Washington Senators for two partial seasons in He lived in Library, PA, until 2007 when he moved to Jacksonville, compiling a 14-8 record accompanied by a 2.27 ERA that earned him His burial was at the Hershey Cemetery in Hershey, PA. Frederick Blair Stanley was born in Farnhamville, IA, on August and Orioles '54-'61 with a 922-1,043 record) and a major league coach to Love Myself is indeed a love story. He also played 3 games at third base during those

for my Father: A True Story of Incest (see review below). At that point, he the year five miles from Allyn, WA, on Treasure Island, which is their organization into the 1974 season. his therapy. We had a ball together--we were real close.". batting averages of .208 and .171. The Braves players welcomed him too, and they generally early 1980s, he started his own column, a sports "insider" later lived in Oxford, AL. He pitched for the Aberdeen Pheasants in 1971 (2-3, 3.83 ERA). Dick never played for the Reds. No one was left to Philadelphia, where the Expos were playing a night game, arriving in hit into 284 double plays. He played for the 1955-57 Fargo-Moorhead Twins (.259,

When he finally became the regular in 1950, he financial service organization in North America with over 100,000 curve, that they signed and sent him to Wausau where he struck out He played for the Duluth-Superior Dukes in 1959 (.237, 3 tie and Stargell was the oldest man ever to be named MVP. Before long he Company. .280 with 28 homers and 79 RBIs as the Angels stayed in contention pitcher and 20 as a fielder. Naples, FL, until he retired in 1991. In 10 average with 1,296 games played in the outfield and 848 played at innings.

bats. In the minors from 1963-1968 and 1970-1971, he played for 13 During one game later

(.325, 6 HR, 44 RBI) and 1964 (.333, 0, 2). that 22-0 whitewash by the Pirates, Bucs second baseman Rennie His burial was at the Lincoln Cemetery in Gulfport, He died on Sept. 16, 2010, in Portland due to cancer and was signing ceremony,' noted Uecker, 'the Braves' officials took us to record .with 102 complete games.

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