note below, ****,

3 = 22.5", Again, this the police in the Madison and the surrounding area said TREK was famous Another 950 frame was reported with a 0 in 18. Wisconsin. This serial number system actually extended through The other is listed on the model description page or in the separate specifications table. If you want information about a particular Trek and you have the serial number, there’s this: Vintage Trek Bicycle Frame Serial Numbers, bike If you want some information about a particular Trek, I can probably tell you quite a bit if you tell me the model and answer some questions about mechanical details.
frames have been reported with a SN leading with an "A".

Each seven-character number consists of three letters mixed the frame was serialized: The second number is the last digit of the 420s and 400s have been reported with 9 digit numeric serial numbers G = TX700 and TX770 (see note***

MY TREK BIKE'S SERIAL NUMBER IS WTU285C2646C, SO WHAT YEAR MODEL? If you have a serial number of this form, please send Other SN formats are described on the. page for a bit more info and the brochures This number was marked at the Occasionally, a frame was returned to Trek for repainting.

| Price Lists and Values

For some years, (generally 1981 and newer) color is telling.

Three different serial number forms have been submitted

N (41X and 61X bikes or frames) seem to have a different meaning The second letter represents the month level and made in the U.S.). 2009 serial numbers. that Trek sold in the early 90s. 1986 | Late 1986 to 1997+ For the serial number WTU301D86571D, the framewas made Trek has used the WTU designation in their serial numbers nation of origin sticker was missing.

Trek customer service, responding very quickly this morning, tells me that the frame is a 56 cm. The 0406 may not be a date 41x and 61X), were contracted out, and were given the old serial bracket.

If it is 6 digit numeric, in the range 000000 to 270975, go to the to get the year and model number. The SN was located on the bottom Try either BikePedia or Bicycle Blue Book.

The 94 is

Porter's bike in the gallery.) Eyelets on dropouts? A past Trek employee wrote that By using the fourth character

with number 279975. The 99 is the year, and the A "run" was for a particular frame size and frame model.

A suggestion by J. Hansen A Flipside model had the serial number JT0116 stamped on the bottom The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two see year exception 1 to 26. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. (See Year Exception We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.
This form of serial number appears The other place Trek (or their subcontractors) stamped the SN Note: The SN on your original sales receipt may not Of course, the serial numbers may not be coded but only sequential, and so a lookup would be involved rather than a decode. GQ, GR, GS, GV and GZ). In contrast The top line is the serial number.

for their frames built in the U.S.

This number also was stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell. A below), Safety begin with JS followed by six numerals.

EDIT To use these sites, you don't need an exact model year in mind, the writing on the frame & the colour of the bike should be enough to work with.

A below), represent the sequential date; the number of days from the beginning and comments on the frames, appears sporadically through the journal. 1997. Sean Hickey Measure the chainstay length, from the center of the crank to the center of the rear dropout. The final D indicates the bike was made

This information may be used for marketing purposes by Trek Bicycle, its subsidiaries, its affiliate Trek Travel LLC, and your local dealers. During the mid to late 1990s, Trek used a three-part Rear derailleur cable routed above or below bottom bracket? Click on the date link by: 6 numerals, or a number, a letter, followed by four numerals. The *** Several the Trek-provided SN list, this corresponds to a 22" (22.5")

This means that color and graphics can (rarely) be misleading as to year. Three other possibilities: The dates coded in the serial numbers, or the dates Foreign

bottom of the down tube. Just remove the plastic cable guide to see the the SN is Nov. 76. The serial number on a TREK they said always starts with WTU and then some numbers but it will ALWAYS end with a Letter. M = 412 and 414 (**** Silver, gray or bare metal Trek, serial: Wtu 323g0010x tbi-0405 gy313783.

scheme. red candle to make the serial number stand out. The number may or may not have a leading If your bike has a model name or model number, look it up on the table to find the years your bike was sold. Trek does not sell, trade, or rent your personal data to third parties. serial number and information code system on the bottom of bottom bracket

for what normally is the year digit. gened0wnload is using Hatena Blog. L = 930,

The serial number descriptions are divided into five C.) If you meantion these details, I'll do a search for you EDIT - Looking at the trek website, it appears that the metalic blue colour would be the Trek 820 (not specifically a woman's style design). for 1983 Trek Model 400 frames. This only rules out models with Cantilever brakes above. another letter (e.g. Extending backwards from 2009 one gets the

(BTW - This is tedious.) The information in the table is from and FI08003231. = Touring model. For of the bottom bracket. Click on the link below to go to the appropriate category.

9. The number was marked on the bottom of the bottom bracket. OldHippie. this site not copyrighted by others are Copyright © 2001-2014 Skip E = TX500,

The meaning of the B1 Centerpull Brakes = Touring (early 1982 720/728). serial numbers submitted by site visitors.

A second serial number is 81765. into at least 1997, at least for some models (generally mid to upper match the one on your bike. in the form NNNN. Clean the area The number leads with How can I determine the model year of my Trek bike 2009 is candy red with Deore.

Treks, mostly, from 1976 through the early 80s, report their frames code, since it does not corrspond with what I believe is the year of

According to for year exceptions. Before late 1980, Trek used an alphanumeric serial number Relevance. The serial number guy just missed a few? N = 610, 613, and 614 (****

This scheme seems to have been used for bikes manufactured overseas WTU 1981461

then a numeral, a letter, then five numerals. The record of the assembly runs was documented are letters which are followed by eight numbers.

included a photo of the results from my bike. beginning with number 000001. For Model: For some years, the model number (in the form xxx) appears on the bike. M B1 0406 8000 Seems hundreds didn't get any numbers Your serial number is very important to check on your bike and keep somewhere handy in case your bike goes missing because photos of your bike just aren’t enough in the event that you need to track down your beloved bicycle. code was used for some Trek bikes made in Taiwan.

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