Our Granby is 83" wide to the outside of the jack brackets while the Bengal camper is 88". 2000 2WD Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 liter V8, When you come to a fork in the road, take it. We gave up the extra space of an extended cab based on our very positive experience with our current regular cab long bed maneuverability. Our Granby has the paper covered wood. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Years ago I spent the night in a old stinky pit toilet with both ends opening up. even though we had sealed batt's i still wanted to be able to easily access them. The Bengal camper will be completed in a little over two months, after our first trip of the year with our Granby. Congrats!

We want hard sides and a black tank with a bathroom. Our first and only camper alternate to the Bengal Camper was a "clam shell" fiber glass truck camper from either Bigfoot or Northern Lite. $146,330 . A few additions:  large solar array, 400 watts with MPPT controller; larger battery pack, 300 amp-hour gross (but not the biggest possible which was 600 amp-hour gross); rear view camera; second power roof vent; propex 2800 furnace. I do know what you mean about pit toilets. Ordering the work truck gave us manual windows, manual hubs, and most important manual transfer case, no electrics to screw up.also ordered a large escape hatch over bed ( i think that item is standard now), Enjoyed it while we had it but i seem to get bored fast so it went on to the next owner, sold it on the tiger owners.

not easy to open compartment. Ford F-350 (1 ton) SRW gasoline regular cab 4x4 with base trim (hand crank windows since you never know when you will fall into a flash flood). How will we deal with such a complex beast? They started their generator immediately after arriving. COVID 19 has caused some inventory shortages. Browse Tiger Adventure Vehicles RVs. The Bengal is among the narrowest campers with a black tank and less width than hard side truck campers with a black tank. The Bengal will be more than a Granby flat bed camper but the Granby flat bed will still cost around $90,000 everything included and have a very high step-in height, no bathroom, and fabric walls. At 9:30pm, they repeatedly tested their chain saw at full throttle but did not cut any wood. Why? We have never developed a taste for the rougher roads so the sedate qualities of the Bengal should work if we can manage the taller rig. A lot of deletes: no generator, no AC, no microwave, no TV, no radio, no antenna, no bathroom sink, no awning, no over-the-cab front windows (who wants to look at bug "splats" from the inside?). Congrats on your new set up and thank you for sharing your detailed thought process in making your decision.

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