Important words: Iraq: Mesopotamia is located in Iraq.

Egyptians separated their classes into five tiers, with the god-king at the top, followed by upper class, middle class, lower class, and the slave class at the bottom.

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The kings in Sumer were elected by the assembly and as time proceeded the Lugals considered themselves to be godlike. Greek and Mesopotamia’s government were both similar.

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During 4300 BCE, the late Ubaid period in Mesopotamia began. Finally, the social structure of the cultures reflects them in a more relatable way in the sense that it is more interesting to understand their daily life.

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Slaves were often prisoners of war, victims of slave raids, infants rescued from exposure, and criminals. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Problem: overreaching---did all people really have ‘equal rights’?/ simplistic word choices Revised: Gender roles in Egypt and Mesopotamia were fairly strict, but Egypt allowed women in some instances to have more rights in society than those who lived in Mesopotamia were allowed.

The root of the differences between the Mesopotamian cultures lies within the politics. At you will find a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely for free. 24. In Egypt, the Pharaoh was believed to be a god on earth and possessed most of the power. Slaves are considered the lowest class and were often criminals or prisoners of war.

In contrast, people in Egypt that were born commoners had more of an opportunity to attain high positions than those in Mesopotamian society where nobles were born into their rankings.

Thesis practice: Comparing Egypt and Mesopotamia (Compare/Contrast) Original: Egypt had a larger role of religion in their culture than Mesopotamia, although they both believed gods were the government.


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The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia are the source of the earliest surviving art; these civilizations were situated between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers.

(civilization but each unique but different.)

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None of these governments were free of problems, women and slaves and had no influence in the government’s activities. I.

Lower-Class consisted of individuals who received money for their work.

Both are influential and recognizable after so many years and will continue to be for years to come, those questions come without a doubt to mind.

The Nile flooded each year predictably, and was a very [very is a sentence filler] stable source of water. Despite the many differences among the city-states and complex societies of Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia they are much more similar than many individuals may confer. They had a strong connection with the Egyptian culture and are believed to exchange ideas. This academic paper is composed by Samuel. In Mesopotamia it is figured that their monarchs evolved from men making decisions on behalf of their whole community.

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Their foundations like politics and economy are different which set them off to develop in different ways and to succeed in different things. The Sumerians illustrated their gods as animals, each individual god having a single animal as their counterpart. Both civilizations were polytheistic. � � › œ � � ş W X ò ó ş ÿ V W ! " [This is the type of information that is not common knowledge.

Mesopotamia has the Tigris and Euphrates River, commonly referred to “Fertile Crescent.

It was located right along “the fertile crescent”.

The Egyptians built something similar, though on a much grander scale. ¦ Lastly, due to the Mesopotamians being centered on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; they were frequently invaded.

Due to the fact the Lugals considered themselves godlike the ancient Mesopotamian government was similar modern day theocracies. .

Key Civilizations of Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt 1.

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