It is not surprising that the Niger Delta states made our list as one of the most dangerous places to live in Nigeria due to civil unrest. Igbo: They are known to be industrious and tell the strength of the Igbo tribe are seen in managing the finance very well. Meet an average Igbo man and he will tell you that Igbos don’t help themselves as they exhibit this selfish trait amongst themselves.

No tribe or state is free from this list as all tribes have a tendency of being dangerous. age. Also read: Traditional Festivals in Nigeria: Their Importance and What They are all about. Below is the Pigments: A series Exploring the Art of Body-Painting in Africa.

We have a rice mill and one of our people even has about 300 cows. They are often seen with a stick and weapon (machete or dagger) taking with them their herd (cows, goats and sheep). Many of its representatives get high job … They also have Lagos, the commercial capital of West Africa. Igbokwe Expresses Concern Over Ikpeazu’s Poor Treatment …, Ebirra (lgbirra) Edo, We know that these tribes are good but those rubbishing them, make up a few of their population. You will hardly go anywhere in the world without seeing an Igbo man/woman. Igalas are the most wicked tribes in Nigeria

They also have the richest man in Africa “Aliko Dangote” as one of them. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Consider the Igbos for instance, they are considered wealthy but yet politically unstable.

They live naked, choosing to cover certain parts of their bodies with leaves. Well, some of them are known for cheating and other criminal related activities world-wide that has dented the image of the country. Among these groups, there are tribes that are popular or better still known as the major tribes in the country. Within these ethnic groups, exists different cultures. But the nation Nigeria thrives on the unity in our diversity hence the saying “united we stand, divided, we fall”. Take our weekly Africa Quiz and test your knowledge on Africa and its culture, countries, tribes, history and so much more. the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft. Meet the naked tribes of Nigeria: These hill-dwelling people live in the Alantika Mountains, spanning the border between the southeast of Yola, the capital of Adamawa State in Nigeria, and Northern Cameroon. You might be wondering why are Igbos among the wicked tribes in Nigeria? here are the analysis to arrive at the desired answer: NOTE THAT IN THIS ANALYSIS; HAUSAS AS USED REPRESENT THE NORTHERNERS WHILE THE YORUBAS, THE SOUTH-WESTERNERS AND THE IGBOS THE SOUTHERNERS/SOUTH EASTERNERS. In fact, over 200 locations in Ogoniland according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), because of oil spills, oil flaring, and waste discharge, has rendered the soil of the Niger Delta impotent and no longer viable for agriculture. They make money through trade and are known to have cultural discipline. The only issue with the Yoruba tribe is the high rate of unemployment among its youths which has led to rise of kidnapping, rape and other crime related activities in the Yoruba states. Most Fulani groups live a nomadic life-style and are mostly cattlemen. Hausa/Fulani are the largest tribe in Nigeria and have the highest population in the country. Entries below are chosen based on similar military qualities or are bordering/regional neighbors. No two

Starting from the Nigeria-Biafra civil war which saw the massacre and displacement of millions of Igbos from their homes, not allowing them a say in politics, the killings of peaceful IPOB members and even labeling them “a terrorist group” by the federal government has seen the Igbo speaking people as the most hated ethnic group in the country. Some go as far as doing rituals or blood money with their family members just to get rich. About: is an annually-updated, statistics-based website tracking defense-related information of 138 nations and exists as a wholly-independent resource. Islam is the major religion of these group as while Christianity and other types of religion constitute a minority in the states where the Hausas or Fulanis are found. There are over 371 ethnic groups in Nigeria according to a vanguard news report. Abia State: History, Natural Resources & Points of Interest, Top 10 Best Financial Courses in Nigeria (2020), The Full Process of Impeaching the Nigerian President, How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria Easily (2020), Top 5 Best Football Clubs in Nigeria (2020), List of all Accredited Universities in Nigeria that Offer Distance Learning, Antonio Conte Salary, Biography & Net Worth (2020), Teachers’ Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much They Earn (2020), Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in Nigeria (2020), Official Nigerian Police Ranking System, Salaries & Departments (2020), Kaduna State: List of Local Government Areas & Towns, Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salaries 2020 (New Figures), 10 Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria (2020), How To Start A Football Viewing Center In Nigeria (2020), List of Cheap Tuition Universities in Russia: Top 5, Rural-Urban Migration: Causes, Consequences and Solutions, Polaris Bank Salary Structure: How Much Staff Earns (2020), TV Presenters’ Salary Structure in Nigeria (2020), Top 10 Best IT Training Institutes in Nigeria (2020). Majority of the Koma hill-dwellers depend on farming, hunting and gathering forest products like bananas, locust beans and canarium used for body lubrication.

See the top 20 richest Igbo entrepreneurs to confirm this. They only cover the bottom half of their bodies with wrappers when they have to go sell their farm produce (corn, millet, peanuts, beans, and rice) at the market. The popular case of Obinwanne Okeke a Nigerian entrepreneur popularly known as Invictus Obi, currently being held by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) over an $11 million advanced internet scam traced to him. the total 371 tribes in Nigeria and the Do you know another tribe or ethnic group that are worst or should be added to the most dangerous tribes in Nigeria?
According to the Maiunguwa (chief), “We don’t need the government to live a wonderful life here.

The Hausa also hold major positions in ministries and defense parastatals, as a result, Hausa graduates are more likely to get civil service jobs than their counterparts, blame this on nepotism. America, the strongest economy is comprised of every tribe in the world, since they accept anybody from any part of the world. Every tribe in the country are guilty of showing wicked behaviours to the other especially when you investigate their cultures and traditions. They live in the northern part of NIgeria, Southern parts of Niger and west end of Chad Republic. known some facts about the three major tribes in Nigeria let me introduce you Among the many Nigerian tribes, I believe there is one that is considered really strong. The Ogoni people for many years have been victims of human rights violations. They have a great number of occupants in politics and military which is why they are said to be the toughest too.

Cases of fights among families, towns and villages, clashes which ends in a bloody state has been recorded in this state. Every one of the tribes from the top to the least has areas of strength and weaknesses.
These ones listed above are just the major ones that are constantly being on the news for some time. I am writing my second book ... Just wondering... What language do Nigerians speak? Once a spouse is chosen, the parents of the bride slaughter goats and cows and cook for the groom. As regards to the most powerful juju tribe in Nigeria, though, many tribes can boast of strong juju practitioners, like the Dibias, for the Igbos, even the renowned Edo people, but the title of the strongest juju tribe in Nigeria goes to the Ijebu people of Yoruba tribe in Ogun state. I recently switched to healthy foods, so once…, Mr David : Where did you meet him? Before we start our journey towards richest tribe in Nigeria, we may need to settle the criteria for why we choose these tribes to be the best in the country.

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