The team fights a series of dark knight monsters to restore color to the campus and unlock the path to the old schoolhouse. The Recluse Cube reactivates once more, instructing the duo to present this stone to the blue monument and unseal whoever is trapped inside. Requirement(s): Registered more than 20 recipes, Reward: Super Gladiator Headband, 100 mira. Star Door 10: Gordias-Class Experiment Report, Star Door 13: Assault on the Imperial Guilds. With this formation, the computer will have to focus on dealing with one unit at a time. Immediately after examining the sign, the team are attacked by a group of anthropomorphic monsters called beastmen. However, with Ouroboros having removed the Aureole from Phantasma, there was no longer a need for the two to exist, and both the realm and the ghostly AI would have peacefully faded away had it not been for the appearance of the Lord of Phantasma. Before living as an orphan in the Aster House, Kevin lived alone with his mother, who had given birth to him out of wedlock. Although the odds seem stacked against the duo, a new Stigmatic power called the Spear of Ur awakens inside Kevin. To fend them off, Gilbert decides to play hero and distract them using the G-Apache. Defeating these doppelgangers has very small chance of them dropping the second best weapon in the game (2% Chance). himself away and skipped meals for the past few days. With this artifact, they took advantage of Phantasma's powers and sealed the Aureole away in a temporally stagnant gravity barrier. After all, the workload for a squire is quite demanding and will likely keep her from returning home for a long time. Suddenly, the Recluse Cube activates once more, this time shattering the duo's quartz.

He sees the downfall the Liber Ark civilization as a prime example of why something like Phantasma shouldn't exist. Gameplay balance has been adjusted. After stepping into it, the duo find themselves in an area called the Jade Corridor. Afterwards, Kevin and Ries reunite with the others near the entrance of Phantasmagoria. They ask Celeste what will happen to her once Phantasma reverts to its unstable form. named Kevin Fifth Dominion of the Gralsritter. As it turns out, Gilbert had somehow found himself in Phantasma as well, and was surrounded by a group of Skull Heads. The last boss will mostly focus on single target attacks, however it does have area attacks that can hit pretty hard. The enemy can do this to you if they manage to sneak up behind you. She pins down the rest of the team using the Evil Eye curse and opens a rift underneath Ries, sending her falling into an abyss. After a bit of conversation, Kevin goes to pick up his new room key and medal while Ein and Rufina continue talking. a tough situation. After some searching around, the team enter the main arena, where three battles await them, including a stronger version of the Dark Bringer from SC. Finding no point in trying to talk sense into him, the team venture onward. A group of North Ambrian Northern Jaegers attempt to surround Kevin, but he jumps out of the Lusitania's window and lands on his Merkabah vessel flying by, taking Hermann Conrad along with him. Further into the woods, the team hear a voice crying out for help. sometime earlier. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Walkthrough and Guide,, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Guide Home, If you want to make a small contribution to this guide, you can send it to my Paypal account at ". However, she also states that if the desires of humanity are pure, merging the real world with Phantasma could lead to a peaceful, thriving future. As it turns out, the light form of Kevin's Stigma that Anima is imitating right now is only a temporary state that will fade over time.

In the seventh plane of Phantasma lies Kevin's eternal punishment. The next monument that becomes active is the Amberl Monument, which requires Anelace to proceed. Upon arrival, Dorothy gets a scolding from Nial, while Kevin is greeted by Major Cid, who escorts him to the cathedral. Each area of the Abyss has the exact same layout. discussion, Joshua believes that Kevin’s power is a Stigma. It has a very different layout from the original, and is even more labyrinthine. Kevin sincerely apologizes for getting everyone involved in this mess and thanks them for supporting him all this time. Location: Grancel Castle; ... • The Abyss - Area 1 In response to this, the false Rufina decides to send Ries to the seventh plane instead, stating that this would serve to increase Kevin's suffering.

The devil uses an Evil Eye curse and binds the team where they stand. Out of fear for Ries' life, something awakens inside of Kevin. If you encounter an enemy and manage to strike it from behind, it will cause them to be stunned. She congratulates him on becoming a squire and also thanks Ein for taking the time to train him. If you want to be safe, you can use arts like Earth Guard to protect yourself. Ein recounts the day she first met Kevin, who came groveling to her, begging to become a knight.

Upon further Thus, they head back to the Hermit's Garden to free Renne from the stone. Finished the first three bosses just fine, but here's the thing - when I reached the Abyss Depths, there was no boss at all there, which lead me to post here. “That brief hesitation was all it took to spawn a great evil.

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