The two looked at each other as they walked and smiled.

Is she feeling as confused right now?

Friends Max noticed this and slowly began to move his hand towards Alicia's.

I think we should check on what's taking our food so long. Then as they danced, Sydney couldn't help but sing to the words of the song. Sydney: It's just... you think you know how the world works. The two were brought to a small booth and sat next to one another., Originally, she was going to be a skater, but once the writers of, Sydney has a crush on an eighth-grader named, Sydney's mother passed away five years ago, when Sydney was seven, as revealed in ", She has also been playing the bass since she was seven, which was revealed in ".

Portrayed By

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Olive turned her head so her face was just inches from Sydney's.

Clara Barton Middle School -Max and Judy were sitting in the living room as Sydney walked in very dressed up.

Olive didn't even look at Sydney as she just smiled and moved both of her hands up and gently touched Sydney's fingers. -Max sighed for a moment but then had a more certain look on his face.

-Max suddenly began to blush as well as he looked very nervous now. Olive: Then we'll keep talking and figure things out from there.

Sydney: Because we're gonna be together forever. Then Olive felt Sydney sneak up on her.

Female Resides in

See ya.

home. Sydney: Yeah. I haven't talked to her since it happened. They had their first kiss in S03E08 "The Heartbreak Kid", when Sydney kissed a surprised Maggie.

Max: Oh. Suddenly she pulled a muscle. We should... Ooo. At first, she's sad and depressed, but as she lives her new day to day life, things become normal and good again. Season 2 of Sydney to the Max was announced by Disney Channel on May 23, 2019.1 Production began on July 17, 20192 and concluded on February 5, 2020.3 The episode order was revealed by Ava Kolker on September 10, 2019. Wether it's helping you or just cheering you on, I love seeing you smile. Suddenly Olive's hands bolted up and she grabbed onto Sydney's hands with her own. Did you see how they were holding hands when they walked out the door together? Olive watched with so much eagerness to see her best friend win. Going The Green Mile. Since we just kissed, I realized that I really really like you. Someone full, fierce, like a bull crossed with an eagle. She writes these amazing stories about immigrant children who came to the United States that were based on her and her families' experiences.

Olive: Ow! Portland, Oregon

One for my own pleasure reading, one to share with friends, and one I keep in a vault so there will always be a copy for future generations to read. You were the first girl that treated me like... well... a real girl again. Someone full, fierce, like a bull crossed with an eagle.

Max: You're really into this Sydney Taylor aren't you? We've been lab partners in science class every semester for three years. (Mother) I think this is strictly a girl thing. Also, full disclosure: I originally used the name "Sabrina" for Sydney's mom when writing this story, back when the show didn't tell us her name. And then it happened. Sydney: Ok. *turns the channel to Nickelodeon and Henry Danger comes on. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to... -Sydney then with a look of desperate need to share what was on her mind, then cut Max of and yelled... -Max's eyes suddenly widened but he remained calm. -As Sydney sang, Olive's eyes could do nothing else but look at Sydney.

Sydney to the Max - Season 2 Episode 9: The Lunch Club ep 9 is available in HD best quality.

In 1995: Max Reynolds unexpectedly kisses his science lab partner (and future wife): Alicia and realizes he is falling in love with her. I can't believe it.

-Young Max and Alicia stood looking a bit nervous together as Judy stood in front of them taking a picture in the living room. -Max and Alicia then walked out of the house together and then down the sidewalk as they began to talk. -Sydney then covered her face with a pillow and then began to mumble speak through it. And just remember.

And not talking to the main subject involved in this situation isn't gonna help anything. Max: That does sound pretty serious. -The bus driver then stopped the bus and stood up. Well lets go.

-Alicia then pulled out of her bag she had, a small book. Alicia: Yes.

Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. A beagle!"

She is slightly taller than Olive.

settings. -Then suddenly the two moved their faces towards each other quickly and kissed the other on the lips.

Olive competed earlier (and lost) and was still in her swim team outfit but didn't change because she didn't want to miss a second of Sydney competing. But hey. Bus Driver: Calm down. Olive sometimes doesn't exactly agree with Sydney going against her dad, but in the end, she knows she'll learn her lesson.

We gotta make it to the bus stop if we're gonna make it to the theater on time. Max: Yeah, yeah mom. A beagle!" I wish you could dad. shows.

And aside from me and grandma, there's no one you're closer to Olive. Alicia: Yeah, I kind of am. Sydney: Me neither.

I guess if I ever have a daughter, I know what her name's gonna be now. Max: Really?

That was the funniest day ever! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

It wasn't romance that was the unstable element in our relationships. Father Of The Bribe. Follow/Fav First Kiss And First Date. Sydney: I know! -Sydney then stood up and grabbed Olive's right hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. But how does Olive feel? I'll see what I can do. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Olive ran up to Sydney.
Judy: Wait a minute.

Dinner is ready.

It's unknown what happened to her husband.

Hair Color I came from a home full of chaos and brothers always causing trouble. Max: I totally get how you feel.

Sydney: Yeah.

I'm sure I can help.

Olive Rozalski (best friend)Robyn (formerly)SophiaEmmy MendozaHannah (fencing teammate)Chloe (fencing teammate)Dylan (fencing teammate) I had, the time of my liiiiiife. As they sat, Sydney put an arm up and put it around Olive's neck.

Suddenly the two moved their faces away from each other and looked at each other with expressions of shock. They are very close and always there for each other.

And then she saw it. (whispers to herself). -Sydney hugged Max as tears began to appear in both of their years. But tonight... can you just stay right here and be my baby girl for a little bit longer? I don't know if I'm supposed to feel happy, or feel upset with Olive, or feel upset about me, or feel angry about... Max: Hey. Judy: Hey Max. -The two then became silent as one of the judges held out a microphone and spoke.

-The two eventually sat back down to have dinner. Essentially, she is just like her father when he was a kid.

The expression on her face was one of complete happiness now.

Sydney: Why did I just do that? After several seconds, Alicia moved her face away. The two both turned their bodies around and walked away from the other person as quick as possible. You wanna continue anyway? Judy: Max, listen. In 2020: Sydney Reynolds unexpectedly kisses her best friend Olive and realizes she's falling in love with her.

Remember when we learned the moves back in fifth grade? -The door opened and Olive walked in.

Sydney: Yeah! Gender Sydney then continued to hold onto Olive's right hand as she put her other hand behind Olive's neck.

Cloud DVR with no storage limits. By: Just a Complicated Person. Sydney: I didn't kiss a guy. I love the way your eyes sparkle every time I see you.

Sydney: For the rest of our lives. Sorry. -Sydney was laying on her bed still and silent with a look of confusion and uncertainty on her face.

And I owe it all to you Olive. She will face challenges, make new friends, and find herself to make herself feel comfortable. The two then looked right into each other's eyes. My shoulder. She also always lives life to the fullest. As they waited for the food, they listened to the music being sung in the club along with watching the dancing going on.

I've always been proud of you Sydney.

-Alicia smiled as she saw Max's interest was sincere. Olive: Hi Grandma Judy.

Olive: We keep hanging out like we always do. Many of these can be from dying her hair to sneaking out to a concert. They're playing "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. Max: Oh? -Alicia then ran off towards her home's front door. I was happy you won the swim meet. settings. It would stink to get only second place in the county science fair. Then she heard a knock on the door. Sydney rubbed the top and back of Olive's shoulders along with the back area of Olive's neck. Alicia: Thanks for inviting me to go to the movies with you. Brown The two girls were completely silent as Olive slowly sat next to Sydney. Watch full episodes of Sydney to the Max online. -Max then composed himself a bit and put an arm around Sydney. Your review has been posted. Max: Hey. I guess this sure explains a lot. -Olive then slowly moved one of her hands and had it gently touch Sydney's upper leg. And maybe we'll do something else we never thought we'd do to the other. Sydney put her right arm around Olive as she gently pushed her face against the left side of Olive's head and put her left hand on Olive's left shoulder. Search. I had just moved to town, and you were the only girl in school that would hang out with me. StudentFencing Team Created by Mark Reisman.

I own three copies of every Sydney Taylor book. But if we ever did... -Alicia interrupted Max by moving her face forward and instantly kissed Max on the lips.

season 2.

Olive: Ok. You're such a good kisser by the way.

Sydney: What do you mean? S2 E2 24m. Sydney Wallace Reynolds is the main protagonist of the Disney Channel original series, Sydney to the Max.

But then Sydney leaned forward and got a little more goofy.

Today, they didn't have homework, so they just ate snacks and watched TV.]. Sydney and Olive kissed one another. What's wrong? It was my mom and dad's favorite place to eat at.

That's fine.

Alicia's hand was touching the seat space between the two.

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