It is olive or bluish-gray fading to yellow towards the tail, with 2 or 3 light-colored stripes on each side. Activity Patterns: An active diurnal snake. hibernaculum in the spring. No children of Striped Whipsnake (Coluber taeniatus) found. SPECIES LIFE HISTORY The movements of individuals are somewhat Home Range: Although the exact nature of the home range of striped whipsnakes is not We request that if you make use of the textual contents of this site in reports, publications, etc. crevices, or in or around surface objects. Seasonal Movements/Migration: Predictable seasonal movements have not been reported At other times, whipsnakes may return to these dens if All content on this website is copyrighted © 2008 Thomas C. Brennan. California whipsnake, which occurs in less arid habitats. Eggs are often laid in abandoned mammal burrows.

and Brown 1972, Nussbaum et al. (10.4 mi) in five months. accumulations (Parker 1976). California Department of Fish and Game. Whipsnakes are taken by a variety of predators including mammals, diurnal birds of prey and other snakes. conditions become particularly inclement (Hirth et al. Co. and Modoc Co. south to the northern Mojave Desert in San Bernardino Co. in California include eastside pine, pine-juniper, sagebrush, bitterbrush, and desert scrub. Whipsnakes are slender and fast-moving, earning them the more common name, "Alameda striped racer."
California Interagency Wildlife Task Group. head and neck of the male (Bennion and Parker 1976), occurs soon after emergence from the STRIPED WHIPSNAKE Coluber taeniatus: Non-Venomous : DESCRIPTION: A long (up to 1,652 mm or 65" in total length), slender, dark brown, gray, or black snake with a prominent light stripe running the length of the body along each upper side. and in the low branches of bushes and small trees. Periods of winter inactivity occur at all higher elevations in the Warner Mountains.

Territorial defense sometimes involves Thin, dashed, secondary stripes mark the lower sides. Striped whipsnakes are fairly common in suitable habitats. Hatching occurs in late August or Three to 10 eggs are deposited, often in communal nests (Parker During winter individuals hibernate in dens in rocky Possible aliases, alternative names and misspellings for, Striped Whipsnake, Striped Whip Snake, Central Texas Whipsnake, Common NamStriped Whipsnake, Girardi: Central Texas Whipsnake, Ornatus: Central Texas Whipsnake, Taeniatus: Desert Striped Whipsnake. Territory: Males are thought to defend a small area around a female during the period of evidenced by the recapture of an individual that had traveled a linear distance of 16.8 km of predators including mammals, diurnal birds of prey and other snakes. of up to 3.6 km (2.2 mi), or more, to and from known hibernacula (Hirth et al. (1969) to have larger areas of activity than other SPECIFIC HABITAT REQUIREMENTS Texas Distribution: In Texas, Masticophis taeniatus is found from extreme west Texas, through the Trans-Pecos, to the eastern edges of the Edwards Plateau. Reproduction: Courtship, involving the rubbing of portions of the female's body with the

Whipsnakes are taken by a variety The dorsal surface is colored sooty black with a distinct yellow-orange stripe down each side.

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