Contrary to claims made by Rajiv Bajaj, his company has made record sales in October 2020 amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Support Us . — Sreenivasan Jain (@SreenivasanJain) August 2, 2018. Sreenivasan Jain: They are all looking a little disappointed with your answer. I personally did not think it was CRAP – I thought it was not as bad as people made it to be.

That’s really what we focused on. He even retweeted a tweet that claimed that the two journalists had quit after they “ran a story on a woman in Chattisgarh being tutored to make false claims in an interaction with Modi”. Arnab Goswami physically assaulted, dragged by hair, arrested by Mumbai Police in an old 2018 closed case. Here is an excerpt from the interview with NDTV Profit’s Sreenivasan Jain. So I think the platforms have increased and that’s how I tried to market my newer films. Thanks to Baba for the link. Kashmir is integral to India’s civilisational heritage, given its Hindu and Buddhist history: Excerpt from ‘A New Idea Of India: Individual Rights In A... Adivasis and family of Gond tribal leader Komaram Bheem objects to his Muslim look in the upcoming ‘RRR’ movie, This time for Dussehra, feminists turn Laxman Rekha into a symbol of ‘patriarchy’: Here is why they are batshit crazy, Reducing Navratri to ‘mating dance’, comparing Holi with terrorism— how the Indian media has turned Hinduphobic, 102 acre land at Kanjurmarg that Maharashtra govt unilaterally allotted for alternate metro shed after ‘saving Aarey’ might not even belong to them: Details, IIT grad who created ‘faster app’ to book Tatkal tickets got arrested because of Railways’ history with touts.

In his show, Truth Vs Hype dated March 9, Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV analysed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's last-minute rush of project inaugurations across the country before elections are announced to find out whether these projects are real or only on paper.

And it was a gesture but an important gesture for our clients and our customers for our own people to show that this is a time for sacrifice and we will do what it takes to restore trust with our client base and will do what it takes to resurrect Citi and we will do what it takes to build confidence.

The more the channels you can inform on, I think more you are right about your product.’, ‘Sreenivasan Jain: What everyone wants to know is how much money do film stars make? After Eros Now posted series of vulgar messages associated with Navratri, far-left site Arre posted a Hinduphobic tweet on Durga puja, The salt pans including the Kanjurmarg plot were acquired by govt of India during 1906 – 2020, and historically it owned the land. As a matter of fact being ahead of myself here, but I would like to say, crossover films, the danger is not that we are going to cross over or not, the danger is whether we are going to lose the Indian audience for the Indian films. Our clients grow so we grow and that is our goal. Even as folks at Newslaundry rejoiced at the systematic witch-hunting of Arnab Goswami and his news channel Republic TV, one of their own journalist and their own organisation is subjected to a similar kind of harassment. Rs 100 We need your support to survive in the industry. He is currently the channel's Managing Editor. He then went on to say that no work has started and it was just laying the foundation stone. What I would say to you is that this was a major crisis. We look at the US unemployment rates are high many people have been in the process of losing their homes and trust was lost in the process. 1,10,740 crore for the financial year 2020-21, which is an increase of Rs. On the screen, there were two images.

I live next door and I am giving a discount because it’s New Year and Valentines coming up.

Their son Sreenivasan Jain is an NDTV ... who was paid a salary of Rs 50 per month. I dare you! You had 25 toys; you did ads for each of those toys; you launched 50 products; you had a Ra One video game; you had your own special youtube page; I mean I could go on. His salary has now been restored to a $1.75 million a year, and Mr Pandit says so has trust in Citibank. We decided that those were not the businesses that were not the core mission that we have and that was part of the strategic transformation. On our 2nd anniversary, we are raising funds for the Fiscal year 2020-21. 1.17 lakh crore announced the previous year. You can read our post here: Fact Check : Claims of Rahul Gandhi and Modi about the Amethi Ordanance Factory reviewed and verified.

Shah Rukh Khan: And I know you are not biased at all. It really did affect a lot of people. I used to live just across the road. Here is an excerpt from the interview with NDTV Profit’s Sreenivasan Jain. So here is the heart, there is the head, here are the looks, there is the money. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her second budget on Saturday. Here is an excerpt from the interview with NDTV Profit’s Sreenivasan Jain.

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