On Charlie Company's broken lines, NVA troops walked the lines for several minutes, killing wounded Americans and stripping their bodies of weapons and other items.

If you are 13 years old when were you born? The insertion took place with intense NVA fire pouring into the landing zone, and the Huey crews and newly arrived 1/7 troopers suffered many casualties. Under heavy attack on three sides, the battalion fought off repeated waves of NVA infantry.

We put in a very good helicopter rocket strike between us and the cut-off platoon. I was puzzled but delighted at the radio reports. In pursuit of the North Vietnamese on his right flank, Lt. Herrick's 2nd Platoon, B Company, was quickly spread out over a space of around 50 meters, and became separated from the rest of 1/7 by approximately 100 meters. Lt. D. P. (Pat) Payne, the recon platoon leader, was walking around some termite hills when he suddenly came upon an NVA soldier resting on the ground. Says Tully: “Our next concern was the actual movement of the personnel of the isolated platoon back to X-Ray.

Some of these guys I had known for two years, yet I could recognize them only by their name tags.

“We passed through the southern half of X-Ray under rather heavy sniper fire from the south, which made the passage rather hairy to say the least.” Behind Bennett was Captain Ed Boyt’s Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry. Col. Tully, who died on February 16, served in Vietnam during the Battle of Ia Drang, the first major battle for U.S. ground forces in that war.

Enemy fire started to hit the 1st Battalion command post, which suffered one medic killed and several other troops wounded (including one of Lt. Col. Moore's own radio operators, Spec. Charlie Company this morning had lost forty-two men killed—two lieutenants, sixteen sergeants, and twenty-four troopers. Coleman, J.D. Edward Dougherty (an ammo bearer) continued their close range suppression of the Vietnamese advance. Besides there was no room for a Brigade CR I recall it being rather crowded behind that anthill.”.

Under the light of a bright moon, the North Vietnamese probed every company on the perimeter (with the exception of D/1/7) in small squad-sized units. But for now we faced the prospect of another long night defending this perimeter. PAVN histories claim the United States suffered 1,500 to 1,700 casualties during the Ia Drang Campaign.

Making use of four artillery batteries, Lund organized fire into separate concentrations along the battlefield with devastating consequences for the waves of advancing NVA. [44] He intended to establish a 3rd Air Cavalry Brigade forward command post in order to take over the command of the battlefield with the presence of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry, and the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry on the ground at LZ X-Ray.

There were several clearings in the area that had been designated as possible helicopter landing zones, typically named for a letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet.

It was filled with beautiful writing, beautiful script.” It was the jottings of a homesick young soldier—poetry, notes, letters. At 14:30 hours, the last troops of C Company (1/7) arrived, along with the lead elements of D Company (1/7) under Capt. Lt. Col. Moore arranged the lifts to deliver Bravo Company first, along with his command team, followed by Alpha and Charlie Companies, and finally Delta Company. After the two were carried to the battalion's collection point at Lt. Col. Moore's command post to await evacuation by air, Spec.

"Fight at Ia Drang".

Savage was following the rescuers’ progress: “There was some fighting just before the relief got to us. However General Westmoreland instructed his J2 and J3 Chiefs to gain more improvements and "to bring a B-52 strike down within seven hours after acquiring suitable intelligence". Herrick ordered his men to form a defensive perimeter on a small knoll in the clearing. Six NVA were captured.

At 6:50 p.m., Gen. Kinnard, 1st Air Cavalry Division Commander, discussed with Gen. Larsen, First Field Force Commander, the possibility of having a B-52 strike in the vicinity of LZ X-Ray.

There was no time to waste pulling my companies off the line, replacing them with Tully’s, and then assembling them for the mission. But I have.” Sergeant Savage says the first men who walked into his perimeter couldn’t see him or his men. NVA casualty figures advanced by II Corps Command relied especially on NVA regimental command posts' own loss reports (as indicated by Maj. Gen. Kinnard),[104] intercepted by ARVN radio listening stations. 4 Adams and Pfc.

Some had their guns slung and were charging bare-handed.

North Vietnamese Col. Nguyen Huu An included his lessons from the battle at X-ray in his orders for Albany, "Move inside the column, grab them by the belt, and thus avoid casualties from the artillery and air. 1st and 2nd platoons suffered significant casualties in this assault, including Lts. At 18:50 hours, General Kinnard discussed with Gen Larsen the possibility of having a B-52 strike at the area of LZ X-Ray.

It has been nearly 50 years since the men of the 7th Cavalry leaped out of their helicopters and onto the soil of the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam, but one thing remains clear. Lt. Rick Rescorla a platoon leader of Capt.

var sc_project=197573; Capt. Probably you have not dispatched that division yet. On November 13, 3rd Brigade Commander Colonel Thomas W. Brown, acting following the order issued by Gen. Larsen, IFFV Commander and Gen. Knowles, 1st Air Cavalry Division Forward Command Post Commander, met with Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore the commander of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, and told him "to conduct an airmobile assault the following morning"[26] and to conduct search and destroy operations through 15 November. By 16:30, they came into contact with the Alpha Company (1/5) perimeter under Capt. In 1965, the NVA's 304th Division received orders to prepare to infiltrate South Vietnam. Dillon and I worked out a way to integrate Tully’s battalion into the lines. The enemy had evidently tunneled into the side of it. Ernie Savage was one of many recognizable names from the movie “We Were Soldiers” who talked about his experiences in the actual battle, Ernie Savage (left) and Dennis Deal talked about their time in the Ia Drang Valley as members of the 7th Cavalry.

[21] In the afternoon of November 18, General Westmoreland learned that a story had been filed about the engagement that was critical of the Cavalry; he dispatched General Larsen to find out the facts.

While the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry was moving up northwest toward the position of 1st Battalion CP/33rd Regiment nested at the east side of Ia Drang river, the 8th Company/8th Battalion/66th Regiment marched down southeast along the Ia Drang river, and the 6th Company/8th Battalion/66th Regiment and 7th Company/8th Battalion/66th Regiment marched down on a collusion path toward the Air Cavalry unit. 3rd Platoon was forced to pull back, and its leader Lt. Taft was killed. On Nov. 15, 1965, he disregarded his own safety to help rescue two wounded soldiers while under fire. At 08:30, Gen. DePuy asked Gen. Knowles if he had plans for exploitation of yesterday’s strike, and if he had plan to commit another battalion for a total of 5 - besides the 1/7, 2/7, 2/5 and 1/9 Armored Battalions in the area? He lowered the original body count figure of 834 submitted by his men to 634, considering the former number was too high. The headline writers dubbed them ‘The Lost Platoon’ when my story moved on the wire.”, Somehow, Galen Bungum, Joe F. Mackey, and Specialist 4 Wayne M. Anderson, who had not been wounded, were put on an outbound helicopter and ended up back at base camp in An Khe.

At precisely 16:00, the first wave of B-52 carpet bombings fell at YA 8702 (about 7 kilometers west of LZ X-Ray), aiming mainly to strike the units of the 32nd Regiment that were located about 5 kilometers further west and would carry on for 5 consecutive days.

The ground trembled and a bomb fragment flew into the CP area, ten or fifteen feet away from where we were standing. One of his platoon leaders, Lt. Raul Taboada was also severely wounded, and Capt.

Capt. Myron Diduryk to place two of his platoons between B/1/7 and D/1/7 on the northeast side of the perimeter. Sgts. It was during this battle that Spec. It was estimated that only eight UH-1 Hueys could fit in the clearing at a given time. The dead lay on their poncho litters. Chiến Trường Mới, Hồi Ức. With a clear line of sight over their sector of the battlefield, C Company was able to call in and adjust heavy ordnance support with precision, inflicting devastating losses on the NVA forces.

[34]:309 USAF A-1E Skyraiders soon provided support by dropping napalm bombs, but because of the fog of war and the inter-mixing of American and NVA troops, it is likely that air and artillery strikes killed NVA and American soldiers indiscriminately. Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans. LZ Victor: at 13°33′33″N 107°43′47.8″E about 6 km (4 mi) to the south-southeast. This battle was one of the few set piece battles of the war and was one of the first battles to popularize the U.S. concept of the "body count" as a measure of success, as the U.S. claimed that the kill ratio was nearly 10 to 1. James Scott and Sgt. Matt Dillon), Lt. Col. Moore called in air strikes, artillery, and aerial rocket artillery on the mountain to prevent the North Vietnamese from advancing on the battalion's position.

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