I know for sure I didn't scratch myself. Pray to Jesus that in the name and blood of Jesus for the evil spirit/demon to leave. It is common to see what we call "battle scars" on the faces and bodies of users. 3 scratch marks!

I was quite painful while it was occurring, and welted up afterwards. as the lady below said you DO have gaurdian angels and they look upon the face of God as they are with you. When i got the scratches, it felt more like a bruise but with scratches present on my body. What has happened to many of us is far too common not to talk about it openly. Many people offer medical explanations, while others claim doctors haven’t been able to determine the cause of their mysterious scratches. today, while I was awake I had a itch on my arm I begun itching then ignored it then these scratches appear it's more than 3, it's still here but I got a wet flannel on it. Seems when I do not ingest local town water these symptoms fade.

theyre very good only about 30 minutes long -theres many. I was scratched on my upper arm near my elbow. I am lapsed Christian and live in the UK. I showed someone and he told me to show another young woman because it looked so uncanny. What will you believe?

10 years ago, i lost people that were very very dear to me. My daughter yelled out to me and took a picture of my neck. as quietly as i could so not to wake my husband, i felt the blankets moving on there own, which stopped my crying, alerting me to what in the world was going on! What do you think is happening? I was like feeling mad. I still can't explain this.nothing has happened since then.but I know what I did to envoke this, ok kids. Now I was going in to 6 grade and i was walking down my hall way between the bathroom door and my moms room there were 3 crosses when I passed them they all fell and turned upside down I had fallen back into my wall and started crying ine if the scariest times in my life. I had taken a nap yesterday and at 10:00pm i found myself wide awake. It looked demonic. . Some individuals have experienced rapid emotional changes—a sudden sense of fear, doom, or sadness for no reason whatsoever or even intrusive thoughts of violence. This can cause the individual to believe that there’s something supernatural causing their symptoms. If you’re experiencing unexplained scratch marks on your body, then avoid hot showers for the time being.

Even lactose from milk can cause this form of hives. It’s not as common, but it’s still something to think about. So im here on behalf of my friend, shes saying that she keeps getting scratches on her body in groups of 6 and 9 when she sleeps, then she also started getting random holes on her body like piercings throught an ear but not all the way through but enough to make her bleed alot, she also has been hearing things weird, but i also have to add that she does not have Faith and this stuff has just started happening to her and she is afraid to leave her house now. There are various medications and lubricating lotions that you can use to not only rehydrate your skin, but also alleviate your itching. I have heard this soooo many times, myself included. Demonic afflictions are a battle by invisible beings that take place and leave physical battle scars. Talk about a God with benefits, right? No one & nothing was around to do anything that could have touched my arm.
It’s well known that having extremely dry skin can cause the skin to break and crack. However, yes, I have received X's... What does this mean? So, now i can tell you all of these "happenings" were not only happening to me, but others i loved and i have moved twice since and these occurences seem to be "traveling" with me. One explanation for the scratches is that the person has accidentally scratched herself (or himself) during sleep. One of which was that ONE dog people say sometime you are lucky to have.) Also one night at 3am i heard sqeaky toy sounds and i believed my house was haunted at this time, my dad's dad had problems with demons and was a "crazy person" so i wasnt suprised.....unless all of this was a big misunderstanding but it didnt seem like it at the time.
The fact that i didnt notice it. Why is it that when you're itchy and you scratch it feels good? I have been experiencing un-explained scratches on my body since i was 4-5 years old. He lived 6 more hours and died in my lap comfortably.

on to this past tuesday, i was sitiing at hom ekids were sleep, husband just got home, we have fleas so i was showing him my bite markson my face. Rarely 3 lines.

The great news is that these demon scratches and "spells" being placed on us and things around us have no effect on a person who relies upon and trusts in Jesus Christ. scratches on face out of nowhere. The Bible says they tore at him! I could do with some advice. Simply believe you are in Gods hands and your life is in His timing, and NO other. The answer is found in The Bible. The Wendy’s clerk handed me all our drinks in a tray. When the drug is flowing through your veins, your soul is Satan's for the taking.

And then one day it was just gone. They believe that it could be due to wearing tight clothing, anxiety, emotional stress, hot/cold stressors, or pressure from bed sheets. I was looking at my son in the passenger seat, on his iPhone & asking him what was he doing & could he please help me (!) If everyone ran ad-block, TopSecretWriters would be no more. Okay so I woke up and was just doing my regular every day morning things when all of the sudden I felt a tiny sting on my neck so I go look in the mirror to see what it was and there were 3 scratches on my neck I was confused as to how they got there I knew I couldn’t have scratched myself in my sleep because earlier that morning I was looking in the mirror and I didn’t have these scratches it’s one small one then 2 large ones which are combined and kind of resembles the letter Y what can this mean? If its anything demonic. It started after i messed with occult as a young girl.

Remember you will be ok and you are never alone even when you sleep you are guarded so rest easy and do not worry. I kept walking, and about 15 mins later I decided I needed to check on it again...pulled up my pant leg and it was gone.

. We look for the missing item only to go back to the original place it was put, and that is ALWAYS the first place we look, and its mysteriously back where it was placed to begin with. I know that we are protected but I know how the battle can get. When i got to my car, i called a very dear old friend and shared what had happened and she immediately started searching on the internet. In order to understand why and how this happens, we need to understand some important aspects of paranormal activity. But does anyone know if it is paranormal activity because when I'm home alone I hear random noises such as whispers and footsteps. I think john 8 has got about how you get saved when Jesus spoke to nicodemus etc Play audio bible in your home. I cried A LOT, but never wavered from my love for GOD. They were about 3 inches long, down the middle of my inner forearm. TOTAL chaos went on in the family for years. It causes insulin disfunction which triggers the release of inflamatory substances in the skin. A friend has not a scratch but a permanent imprint of an X on his back, it’s not from a chair, none he sits in would cause it, it’s not from any childhood injury or prank, he honestly doesn’t know what’s it’s from, any ideas anyone, what does anX signify? But we blessed the house and prayed... and tried to keep a positive atmosphere. Yet another possibility is self-affliction. You are a child of God! I get unexplained scratches all the time took a picture of one that I got out of no were today at first it was just very itchy but nothing there then after a while had a long 5-6 inches at least scratch on my chest and what looks like a red rash around it pinkish almost actually. Others are less fortunate, and may experience these mysterious scratches on and off for the rest of their lives. This is going to be long, because unexplainable things have been happening for well over 10 years. my grandpa died in my room and i believe that it is him who is doing my scratches, I once woke up with a R on my leg and I don't know what it means. Remember: Picking up a pipe or needle and using drugs is an act of Devil worship.

sometimes in my sleep i get dreams of getting dragged accost the floor and when I wake up there is always a hand print and a long deep scratch where I was dragged at. Thank God it's out of the house due to we pled the blood of Jesus. I was dumbfounded.

If you get scratches frequently, then seek Jesus. He did not need permission to leave or drive. But i did. All said who pushed you?!! I have mysterious sound in my bed room at night it could be my window that constantly open but I really don't think so, my mom has experienced demonic things in the past where she would wake up with books flying around the room and felt like someone was holding her arms and legs in the air and I have recently woken up with brouses and scratches on my hips and I don't remember doing anything active the past week...im only 13 and don't want to spend my whole childhood worrying about something that can be resolvedd, I have three explainable scratches and i dont know where they come from and i do have a cat but he does not scratch at all, One day I was sitting, working on school and all of a sudden i felt a burning on the side of my leg and I just ignored it, but then like an hour later i looked at it cuz it was starting to burn again and the strangest thing happened. Thank you. While there are possible explanations for the majority of these, many believe they are experiencing a paranormal or supernatural phenomena. Needless to say, this was a very traumatic year for me. Calling my Evangelists brothers and sisters to reach out i know i have the gift of discernment but its also scary ta the same time, I am ready to devote my life to Jesus Christ, and tell my testimony..good2mrs@gmail.com. Scratches, welts, and even bite marks can be seen as a result” (8). Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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