To this day, Sasha remains a heavily respected actress and singer in Mexico.

Sökol was selected as one of the original seven members and that is how she started her singing career in 1982. [2] Right before she started a 1998 tour titled 11:11 acústico (11:11 Acoustic), which was to take place throughout Mexico and certain countries in Central and South America, but her international tour was cancelled because of her mother's hospitalization and eventual death. This double album was titled, El Concierto, and featured 3 new songs. Sasha Sokol. Sasha Sokol was born on June 17th, 1970 in the American British Cowdray Medical Center of Mexico City. Official Sites. The biggest hit of the album was "Rueda Mi Mente", which peaked at number one on Mexican radio and remained there for several weeks. In 2004, she returned once again to the music scene, after a long absence, with the album Por un amor.

She is the daughter of Miguel Sokol and Magdalena Cuillery. Publicity Listings In 1988, she released the maxi-single "Diamante", which was chosen as the theme song for the music magazine Eres. At the end of 2013, the album Primera Fila: Sasha Benny Erik was officially recognized by AMPROFON as the second best-selling album in Mexico that year (after the album "Confidencias" by Alejandro Fernandez). Los años han pasado y con ellos los integrantes de Timbiriche —que empezaron desde niños— han formado además de una exitosa carrera, bellas familias.. Aunque Timbiriche ha contado con varias generaciones, sin duda alguna los miembros más conocidos son Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Sasha Sokol, Benny Ibarra, Diego Schoening, Alix Bauer, Erik Rubín y Mariana Garza.

Sasha's fans are still anxious to see more from her as an artist. That same year, Timbiriche released a live CD set to commemorate their reunion tour. Her most scandalous relationship occurred when she was just a teenager. ¿La ocasión? Sökol has one brother named Michel Sokol Cuillery and two sisters, Alexandra and Ximena Diez Barroso. Derechos Reservados @ Televisa S.A. de C.V. TELEVISA y el logotipo de TELEVISA son marcas registradas, Agréganos a tu pantalla de inicio para visitarnos más fácil y rápido. Sasha actually became the big winner of Big Brother VIP and won a cash prize of 3.5 million Mexican pesos. Aunque Timbiriche ha contado con varias generaciones, sin duda alguna los miembros más conocidos son  Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Sasha Sokol, Benny Ibarra, Diego Schoening, Alix Bauer, Erik Rubín y Mariana Garza. Son tan felices, que se sienten cómodos apareciendo en público. In 1992, Sökol released her fourth solo album, Amor sin tiempo. It was a tremendous hit and the musical group from the telenovela, called Muñecos de papel (Paper Dolls) which included Sökol, Ricky Martin, Bibi Gaytan and Angélica Rivera among others, released two soundtrack albums with music from the series. |  Sökol recorded seven albums with Timbiriche, which earned 25 gold albums and ten platinum albums. She publicly apologized to her fans for her disappearance and for all the rumours that were brought forth while out of the spotlight. Her mother later remarried Fernando Diez-Barroso, an important stockholder of Mexican multimedia conglomerate, "Televisa." In 2012, Sökol joined Erik Rubin and Benny Ibarra, fellow members of the pop group Timbiriche, and released Primera Fila: Sasha Benny Erik, a live album featuring their greatest hits as a musical trio called Sasha, Benny y Erik. Timbiriche. Aquellos que han continuado en la agrupación y se prestaron para Muñecos de papel had such success that it went on a national tour throughout Mexico and was nominated as "Revelation of the Year" at the second annual awards show Premios Eres, and won the coveted honor.
The unique aspect of this live album is that they sing all 13 tracks together. Sasha's relationship with Luis came to flourish not long after she left Timbiriche in 1986.

In 1989, she recorded a song titled "Detrás del Amor" for the compilation album Nos vamos de vacaciones, which also featured Alejandra Guzmán and Alix Bauer (another ex-Timbiriche). ; Benny Ibarra tiene a María y Mateo, Alix dio vida a Moisés y Danna, Mariana Garza es mamá de Shamadhi y María, mientras que Diego Schoening es papá de Fernando, Mariano y Nicole. 7/10 Sasha Sokol A sus 49 años de edad, la cantante decidió no tener hijos: “Creo que tengo una vida muy poco convencional en el hecho de que decidí no casarme o tener hijos… Pero la opción de la adopción siempre está ahí”. At that time, she was considered the top female pop icon in Mexico and her style was imitated by hordes of teenagers throughout Mexico, and led to the release of her own jewellery line and a perfume labelled "Fama". Admitted a drug addiction and perfoms public speaking events about her ordeal in schools and certain events. (Foto: Instagram @alix_bauer) icon. Her mother later remarried Fernando Diez-Barroso, an important stockholder of Mexican multimedia conglomerate, "Televisa." Her most successful album has been her first, Sasha (1987). Luis de Llano, productor de Televisa, habló por vez primera sobre el romance que sostuvo con Sasha Sökol cuando ella era menor de edad. Due to family pressures this relationship eventually ended. Sasha has starred in the popular Mexican soap operas, Alcanzar Una Estrella II (1991), El Premio Mayor (1995), La Vida En El Espejo (1999), and she even starred in the popular Mexican series, Tres Generaciones (1989).

The album includes three hits from each artist, three cover songs and one new track. Sasha has taken advantage of this reunification between her and her fans, and she plans on releasing a new Pop album in the Spring of 2006. She was nicknamed "La Dama de Negro" (The Lady in Black) for her habit of dressing in said color. In 2006, she recorded the song "No encuentro un momento pa' olvidar" with the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé.

Sasha Sökol (born Sasha Marianne Sökol-Cuillery on 17 June 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico) is a Mexican singer, composer, actress and TV host. El 10 aniversario de otra pareja muy querida: Paulina Alcocer y Manuel Medina Mora. She released her second album, Trampas de luz, that year.

Sasha Sökol (born Sasha Marianne Sökol-Cuillery on 17 June 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico) is a Mexican singer, composer, actress and TV host. She gives her pets historical Mexican names.  de Timbiriche han tenido la oportunidad de compartir momentos juntos y de cierta forma, hacer crecer su familia, pues también sus hijos han llegado a conocerse e incluso han establecido una amistad. Erik Rubín está casado con Andrea Legarrerta y son padres de Nina y Mía,

Sasha cleaned up her act in 1993, and she has been clean ever since.

La pareja pasó una noche súper divertida, compartiendo con amigos, en Ixtapa. In 1982, Timbiriche made their debut in Mexico as a children's Pop group that eventually became the biggest teen Pop group of the 80s in Mexico and much of Latin America, and they remained so for over 11 years. In 2005, Sasha took part in one of Mexico's versions of the reality series, Big Brother, titled Big Brother VIP, which only features celebrities. When Sasha released her debut album in November of 1987, she became the biggest female Pop artist of the 80s in Mexico and many other Latin American nations, and she maintained that position well into the early 90s. She studied at the Colegio Peterson and later at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Televisa. When Sökol was still a toddler, her parents (Michael "Happy" Sökol and Magdalena Cuillery) divorced and her mother married Fernando Diez Barroso, an executive at Televisa. Sasha was gifted with talent and beauty, however, her pop star lifestyle and the social life in which she was raised made her suffer difficult experiences early on in her life. As a child, she was known as Sasha Diez Barroso, but now goes by her paternal name, Sökol. She now lives a naturalist lifestyle, which includes yoga, meditation, and being a vegetarian. Este tema se reveló el pasado 6 de octubre. In 2007, she joined the original founding members of Timbiriche (except Paulina Rubio because of an international solo tour) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group.

In 2005, Sokol participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP and won the grand prize. Sökol made her television solo debut in Siempre En Domingo, the biggest variety show in Ibero-America at the time. la reunión de aniversario A través de Instagram, Mía Rubín compartió una serie de fotografías donde los pequeños se apodan los "Timbiriche Junior", dando a entender que la pasan increíble acompañando a sus papás de gira o saliendo juntos de viaje. She is the daughter of Miguel Sokol and Magdalena Cuillery. Months later, she formally made statements to the Mexican media about her drug addiction and rehabilitation. At that time, the music and television producer Luis de Llano Macedo was seeking to create a Mexican version of the band Parchís, and Sökol held castings at the CEA. The following year, she released her first solo album, Sasha, which sold over a million copies in Mexico, making it one of Mexico's best-selling albums in 1987. She maintained a romantic relationship for to 2 years with Timbiriche's creative producer, Luis De Llano Macedo, whom was 25 years her senior. [3][4] In late 2014, Sasha, Benny y Erik will release their first studio album "Vuelta al Sol" and release "Esta Noche" as their first single.
Sasha Sökol y Alejandro Soberón ya no ocultan su amor Llevan años de discreta relación, sí, la formada por Sasha Sökol y Alejandro Soberón. Her parents divorced when she was only a toddler. In 1991, Sökol released her third album, Siento, and appeared in the Mexican soap opera Alcanzar una estrella II.

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