They knew something was going on, they just didn’t bother confronting you about it. What if something happens and you lose your best friend and lover at the same time? “Hey, thank you for fixing the a/c..” You’re sitting on the porch, watching John B change out the part on the A/C unit. I know we can. You love Rafe more than anything— everyone knows that. Family

You looked at the bright screen to see Rafe’s name.

And you hate to say it, but you thought just for a second that maybe this is what he needed— maybe this was his wake up call. He is disrespectful and leering towards his sister, calling her a bitch on multiple occasions, directly and indirectly to his friends. Rafe gives a shrug as he opens the door for you, following you inside, “I mean.. we’re on the other side of the island. “Why the fuck do I care?” you repeat after him, chuckling out of disbelief, your voice falling by the last word. The both of you looked at each other, tears running down both your faces. You had been trying to contact JJ the entire day, but no answer. You decided to put your clothes on before you did your make up. I did change it up a little bit so it’s not exactly like the show, but it’s still got the idea. A/N: This is supposed to be something simple and sweet so enjoy!! You unlaced your fingers so he could wrap the wristband around your wrist.
You were disgusted, You were furious that he would have acted as if he never cheated if you hadn’t walked in on him that day.

Hope you guys like it! Request: Can I request a Rafe imagine where you’re babysitting the kids next door and one of them gets out of the house and you to sneak into his yard to find the kid and he catches you, Literally, Rafe is not a good person, but I will continue to write him sweet liked he deserved ti be written anyways. “I love you more” he smiled pecking your lips again. You put on your white tube top and a floral short skirt. Anon who requested– I hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting! moldisgoodforyou. You and Rafe both have feelings for each other.

*i don’t own any gifs, all cred goes to @samarasweaving* requested: yes! You couldn’t breathe you were crying so vigorously. ❤❤❤, Steve knocks get louder and louder the longer he stands at Bucky’s You wept in your car attempting to calm yourself down to the point of at least being able to drive home. You pulled away and he laced your hand with his, and you made your way to the entrance. He turned you around again, and he had a smirk plastered on his face. I don’t know what to do, to do with your kiss on my neck. A few glances at each other and you two were tongue tied, laying in the sand. You felt tears stream down your face as you entered your car slamming the car door. You were a mess. To everyone around you, it was obvious that you and Rafe liked each other much more than friends, but neither of you was willing to make a move. You slowly opened the car door making your way to JJs front door.

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