You also need to watch out for the problems that follow those who try to be all things to all people.

Look where you’re going and time it right. They are individually and collectively solid gold. Do either of these asteroids link into any of your personal planets at a tight orb? profile | register | preferences | faq | search, Any of you can help me to understand more about two theses asteroids: Persephone (399)and Proserpina (26).

So, PROSERPINA has power, whereas PERSEPHONE is more in a victim role, unsure of how to proceed, reacting, more than taking charge. ... @ValverdeFam @nicoleperlroth @Liz_A_Harris @JamesCarville Always put the prefix 're' in front of Mercury matters on the retrograde.

It’s a nice flow. When it comes to groups and friends (Aquarius, where you find Ceres in the Eleventh House of communities, circles and friendships) you are a battler.

What we see from 2023 is incredible. © 1996-2020 Goddess Media Limited. Thanks Jessica. ------------------Stop The Misdiagnosing Of Neurodivergents, Elizabeth Smart, In Elizabeth Smart’s chart, the asteroid Proserpina is conjunct her Venus in late Scorpio. And not fighting my own friends/ crew.

She shows where you tend to take the line of least resistance, to be passive or helpless, and teaches you the consequences of such unaware or unassertive responses. She points to what you learn through the various transitions of life, which may or may not be painful, but which always entail a letting go of what has ceased to be viable, and carry therefore some sense of sacrifice. You are also spiritual. Don’t be fooled by Proserpina passing through your horoscope.

Also, where you benefit by negotiating the territory with other people and learning that everything has a rhythm. Proserpina is related to mysteries, revival and reconstruction, as well as cycles.

The future can bring anything. I do not care for the state they live in, the weather and politics do not suit me, and yet my mother is constantly begging me to move there and live with them. Or the family could step up (one relative, perhaps?) Really get rid of everything you can! Or it may even be your family tree, but I think it’s his. it’s been a long and tumultuous journey of trying to find financial stability. Ceres in Aries, Psyche in Gemini and Minerva in Leo together. And groups of friends and like-minded people are, as always, essential. You may also find yourself in situations that teach you lessons in standing up for your rights or preferences.

If it’s about sharing control then Proserpina and Ceres will be there. Thank you! It’s really about Minerva in Leo – you are the natural guide, teacher figure or mentor of children and younger people. My mother a Piscean took me away from my father who was a Taurus when I was 11 = Ceres and I was the link ? There's a mine of talent for you in your subtle mind, especially if you can harness your vivid imagination in a practical way. You’re much needed on this planet. There are parallels between 1930 on the world stage and what has been happening in your own life too – for all of your life – in the house where you find Pluto. Mediums who live alone and work alone sometimes have this placement. That story (told in Lempriere’s Classical Encyclopaedia of Greek and Roman Mythology)  is also about the dramatic and irrevocable change in status of Pluto and Ceres.

Also the entertainment that appeals to the young, that can be shared with older people – your own generation.

And I hope, the same for you. Ceres in Aries has a strong sense of entitlement, claim, empowerment. And thank you for the compliment. But I do see this as your potential brand new day. and suggest a deal, whereby he puts a little into them (and thus your daughter) and they somehow benefit him, and his business or whatever it is. As Pluto's wife and queen of the underworld, though, she receives the souls of the dead and as such, is also a guide to other realms and levels of being, and the deepest places of the psyche. Okay, so let’s look at the astrology. My brother in law (a Leo) has consistently made it known that he would have liked to have the control of the property by his many I have Pluto in Leo, Ceres in Sagittarius and Proserpina in Taurus. Ignore her altogether and you may find yourself plunging into situations you never expected or wanted; honor her and she will help you to find a way through the dark, a guide for your soul who aids your inner journey and ultimately, as a result, your path to individuation in the outer world. It can be quite intense and draining.

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