This song. I often wonder why Arsenal fans are so terrible, and then realise it’s futile: maybe all football fans are bad and Arsenal are simply the purest manifestation of its ID, embracing each of its sins with two-footed gusto: Lust – Have you ever read Alexis/Mesut/Flamini slash-fiction? We won the World Cuuuup!” in my ears, carving “The West Ham Way is not a thing” onto my desk while watching yet more videos of our fans trying to tear their own stadium apart. I guess that plus their hated of Portsmouth – truly one of the worst teams of any sport of all time – has always seen them well in my book. Seriously, this was sad and hilarious all rolled into one. USMNT focused insight/humor – now including some Euro League, Liga MX, and MLS content., The bitter fans, currently known as Petr Cech haters. They don’t even know how to lace up their boots and get out onto the pitch properly.” They’ll argue to the death about the 2. Shut up.

League Cup? Great bunch of lads, the Jack Army, with their swans and their general sense of just being very happy to be there. I have no major beef with Spurs – they have a nice, easy-to-get-to stadium and a team full of really good, likeable players – but one time my girlfriend said they have the nicest looking fans and I just can’t bring myself to add to their ego by having them any higher than this. US Soccer Fan Stereotypes November 2, 2019 November 2, 2019 Ben Ben 0 Comments If you have spent any time on Twitter, Reddit, BigSoccer, or any number of other places where US Soccer fans can interact you may have noticed certain themes.

This is one of my favorites. It’s... quite hard to narrow this down, to wade through the constant screaming and shouting on the in-fight battlefield, from “net spend” and red headphones on Arsenal Fan TV, grown men screaming and crying while 14-year-old boys egg them on, to rigging every Twitter poll ever, from the histrionic hashtags and extensive vlogging of games, reviewing them, fretting and combing over them, mocking other vloggers’ deconstructions with a destructive deconstruction of their deconstruction, to the domination of every conversation by people with Ramsey profile pictures, Ozil-pun screen names and bios laden with assist fetishisation and casual misogyny, boring everyone to tears as they flit between the Wenger Out brigade and the Wenger In battalion alongside the homemade signs and absolute, blinkered delusion. All rights reserved. You’ve got the old-school fans, and you’ve also got the glory hunters. }()). I’m sure this will go really well. Ooh, what about Sherringham! He’s 33 years old, and is never going to get in ahead of a 23 year old keeper, who’s also one of the best in the world.

Chelsea fans, they’re just like the Big Tasty at McDonald’s, they come in two different styles. Then, just five months later, he’s sacked. Chelsea fans, they’re just like the Big Tasty at McDonald’s, they come in two different styles. Like Liverpool but slightly nicer because they’re untainted by success. Just for the record, it’s up there with one of my favourite Champions League triumphs. How can this man be hated for continuing his career? I actually quite like Liverpool fans – some of my best friends are Liverpool fans!!! If I have to hear about The Treble one more time from a bloke with a “Hated, adored, never ignored” tattoo, I’m going to download SkyScanner, book two tickets for a flight to Puebla, Mexico – one for me and one for a giant bag of rocks – and rent a car to the Popocatépetl volcano – the second most dangerous volcano in the world; the first is Vesuvius but I’ve been to Italy and I’ve never been to Mexico – and then hire a Mexican sherpa to take me up and then tip him a 20 and then grab the bag of rocks and just throw myself into the fiery pit of hell. Add some retro cool to your match-day wardrobe. Anyway, fuck Adrian Chiles, the mostly harmless git. *starts sobbing and runs away*, Mortal Enemy: Red from Shawshank Redemption, The players we have coming up are like nothing we have seen in the US before. Best football documentaries: 10 greats to watch, The best football card and sticker collections revealed, The best football boots for all skills and budgets, Best Spotify playlists: from easy-listening to curated classics, Try Another Day: best alternative Bond themes revealed, The 15 best Oasis songs of all time, ranked, 15 of the best football books: get your footie fix, 20 best Premier League shirts of all time, ranked, 15 best Glastonbury headliners to help with your Glasto gloom. They will patiently (or not so patiently) explain that most people just don’t understand what a six is supposed to do when playing “juego de posición.” You will be immediately referred to Spielverlagerung and told to have patience. Group Champion: DeAndre Yedlin – he plays in the Premier League so he’s OBVIOUSLY our best right back. Frequently caught using British slang in posts while their profile reveals they were born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sure, they do the Poznan but at least they did it first (well, in the Prem anyway), and, at this point, Liam Gallagher is an embarrassing gobshite, but come on, they’re allowed a little bit of fun. Since Chelsea have had this season’s league title sewn up for quite some time now, we thought we’d find the prize nobody wants to win by asking the question everyone has thought about: of all of the teams in the Premier League, which fans are the worst? The Olympic qualification tournament is set to start next Friday (3/20) in Guadalajara, Mexico.

All Boro fans want to do is reminisce about how they used to have loads of Brazilians and then tell you about how long it takes them to get to pretty much any other stadium in the league, and I admire their purity. Oh well, you’ve got Mourinho back now, so I guess it’s all worked out… Until the next fallout with Abramovich of course. The clubs aren’t incentivized enough to develop them and pro/rel would change all that. . He brought to the club what the great man himself, Jose Mourinho, couldn’t. I have. I literally forgot Watford were in the Premier League until just now. Envy – Arsenal fans can’t seem to bring themselves to accept anyone else winning anything.

Pro/rel is the blindingly obvious solution. Plus Dave in the office says that they were trying to help save Leyton Orient from administration, so the Patron Saint of Lost Causes gets some serious respect for that. opst.type = 'text/javascript';

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