Just wait and see :].

You still need a certain amount of badges to use most of these moves when out of battle. Added a way to restore followers if they suddenly disappeared even after healing in the Battle Frontier, which caused the game to crash when trying to use Rock Climb. Randomized Level Trainer will use Audinos anyway, Level Trainer now only charges for grinding if you don't buy him yourself (ie go to someone elses base to use theirs), Fixed Whirl Island grunts locking you out if you lose against Audrey, Fixed Hoopa and Volcanion's movesets being mixed up. Taen now has his own battle music and character sprite! Fixed a bug with genders in trading which caused the game to crash and addressed Pokemon which were affected by this particular issue, Fixed being able to leave the Kepler City Poke Mall from the top floor, Resolved an issue preventing some Delta Ditto from being traded, Fixed an issue causing the player to get stuck when navigating backwards in the Void Gauntlet, Fixed several images that were throwing errors when loaded which did not cause the game to crash but were obnoxious regardless, Nerfed Damian and Nora's trainer school teams a bit on Hard, Nerfed Orion's Charmeleon a bit on Normal, Removed the held item from Orion's Vulpix and changed Energy Ball to Hidden Power Grass on Normal, Reduced the cost of Ability Capsules to match Gen 6 prices, Fixed an AI bug that didn't recognize Aerilate when calculating damage. Download. What is the Memory Chamber? Posted by. Lead Artist, AtlusAbound Fixed Pokepon not being animated correctly, as well as it being possible to get nothing from it. The game includes such features as new custom mega evolutions, An entire new region to explore and a full online trading and battling system.

Online. If you are having download issues using the default Fixed a crash with hair in the Infernal base. The game includes such features as new custom mega evolutions, An entire new region to explore and a full online trading and battling system. You currently can't, although it may be possible in future versions. Moderator of r/PokemonInsurgence Archived [Update] Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.0. @rentalrafflesia, Follow Problem is, they sound awful. This lets competitive battles actually happen. Purity mode now gets Kanto starter stones instead of Delta ones (Currently only with Venusaur).

One additional reward is now available for completing the Pokedex. Server Programmer, TheSuzerain Contact 1ofthe4rocketbros. Spiritomb's moveset was changed slightly to give it some more physical moves. download, try using the Mirror. Mega Eevee now functions differently. Fixed post-1.1 bug with double battle -> crash, Fixed Damian's starter being nondelta when Purity is off. Join. about careers press advertise blog Terms Content … Forum.

3 years ago . See if you can find them! To obtain the Memory Chamber you need to buy the Pokégear upgrader in your Secret Base. Pokémon. the type of pkmn in ur friend safari is set at the beginning of the game and can’t be changed unless you start another save file. Luckily, you can always find a more suitableone pretty easily within a few seconds using the cave entrance above your safari, so it’s not bad if you don’t like your typing. Fixed bugs with U-Turn/Volt Switch (when they faint the opposing Pokemon), Fixed Alpha/Omega symbol not showing up in UI for Primal Kyogre/Groudon. Created May 20, 2014. Remember to use Quick Save often, and in the event that your character becomes stuck in an event, don’t carelessly spam the Quick Save key. These challenge modes restrict or force certain aspects of gameplay. Added M-Gothitelle, M-Miltank, and several more, hidden! Fixed a bug where using certain moves would crash the game. How can I access it? Fixed game saying you can't randomizer + egglocke, letting the player do it anyways, then crashing, Updated breeding mechanics in terms of HAs and Ditto, Fixed bug where one would return to a Volcano for their Secret Base if they chose Evil Base, from time to time, Fixed Ghost-types not being able to siwtch out when trapped, Fixed odd nurse sprite direction in the secret base, Fixed AI bug where they would toxic during the same turn you antidote (added discouragement, will still happen), Removed a major crashing debug thing from Helios, Fixed forced evolution loop if evolving through rare candies or in an egglocke, Fixed Mega Flyon's type not always interacting properly, Fixed pants bug in the cores (original bug did not exist in patches only cores), Changed one of Delta Scizor's two abilities from Hustle to Scrappy, Fixed Hidden Grotto display bug (might need to reset grotto), fixed Venom Drench being read as a sound move, Fixed gender mistake in Jade Tower speech, Fixed Charmander not learning FBlitz through relearner, Fixed Venipede not have Egg move Swords Dance, Fixed Volcarona not getting Bug Buzz from relearner, Fixed Tyrantrum not getting Head Smash relearner, Updated Destiny Knot to Gen IV VI mechanics, Fixed major bug when starting Egglockes (Mew not responding), Fixed being able to be hit when using Phantom Force, Pants, idk why you guys cared about this so much it doesn't change that much, Fixed teleporters not working immediately when visiting someone elses base, Future Helioptile eggs generated won't have absurdly long hatch times, Fixed Paralyz heals, though they were in the shops, not actually displaying, Fixed Magmarizer not appearing in Helios Dept.

EDIT: Also fixes a problem with online battling but adds another one. Guest Artist, 2016 Deukhoofd & EchoTheThird | Free Web Navigation Icon Pack by, Follow Numerous Quality of Life upgrades both in the overworld, menus, and in battle.

This does not include the GTS and Battling, which have both regrettably been removed. You can buy new features using your Tablet (found in the key items pocket of your inventory). Contact Deukhoofd, https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/index.php?title=Main_Page&oldid=24351, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Fixed Red Card and Eject Button not triggering. To use them, you need to place them using your Tablet. returning as a failed move if used while no target is on the field, Removed the tree housing Delta Darumaka to circumvent an unreproducible bug that has persisted several patches (Delta Darumaka is now encountered outside of the tree), Pokemon with Magic Guard no longer take Poison damage in the overworld, Fixed potentially not being able to escape from the Relic Song portal in Holon Mountain, Fixed an oversight with sound effects to allow the title screen cry's volume to be reduced, Fixed the game crashing in Terminus Cave when speaking to Zygarde without Zygarde in the party and the party not being full. Addressed an issue with some Friend Safaris containing invalid Pokemon, potentially causing the game to crash in the grass on wild encounter. Fixed some passability issues in Darkrai/Abyssal bases, Fixed not getting money after Sonata Races. Use. Porygon also readded to the Game Corner. Added Delta Charmander and Delta Charmeleon to Quash learn list. Fixed Skrelp and Goomy lines EV giveaways, Fixed the bug where your character would randomly swap genders (in theory) but keep the same hair, Fixed some guy referencing a 'Surfboard' in Suntouched City. Due to save corruption issues occurring for many, many, many users, Autosave and the script which saves your game when the game stops responding have been disabled. Despite popular belief it cannot turn a Pokémon into its non-shiny form if it was already shiny. So the answer would pretty straight: just convert those files into MIDI. All challenges must be started at the beginning of the game, however some of the challenges may be forfeited at any time. The Book of Leaves is now available from a place that has lots of books.

Ability capsules cannot give your Pokémon hidden abilities. Created May 20, 2014. https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/index.php?title=Changelog&oldid=24798, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Fixed Red Card and Eject Button not triggering. This is getting the nature that the Pokémon already had and getting the shiny reward on a Pokémon that is already shiny. Made changes in the early game to do with exp getting and trainer amount. Fixed a looooot of online play bugs, and server should be up now. Fixed an issue where Kepler Town in the rain links to a pokemon center, as well as freed anyone who got stuck because of this error. 37. Fixed the turbo button fucking up evolutions, Fixed eggs being able to be hatched in races, Kepler City gym flashes blue while leaving, Fixed D-Scraggy line still using old sprite, Changed D-Liepard and D-Muk line's abilities, Removed Roost and Sludge Wave from D-Char line. Check the list of TM Locations in the wiki. It's now more clear what happens when you dont have internet and check metrics. Fixed "SYLVEON1" message bug. Pokémon Insurgence is a game made with Pokémon Essentials and set in the brand new Torren Region. Livewire and Permafrost are no longer blocked by Baton Passing a Substitute, to be consistent with Toxic Spikes mechanics. 41. You can no longer use healing moves in the overworld if your HP is 0 or less, Addressed an issue which was leaving the possibility (though I'm still not quite sure how) of leaving some battle facilities without having your ability to use items reenabled. ), One of the Mega Stones being unaccessible was fixed, and 2 more were added (so three new ones, really), A certain Delta was redesigned! Pokémon Insurgence is a fan-made Pokémon Essentials based game with thousands of players! Fixed Delta Gardevoirite rift not working. Switched out the Meloetta Puzzle in the Cave of Origin for something less difficult. This includes bag sorting (F5 key by default). The guy at the Pokemon League has been reset for those of you that had issues with your Red Gardevoirs before. Check the list of Pokémon locations in the wiki. (Due to the 1.2.5 version having a large changelog, only the summary from the official website is written here). Some HM moves are replaced by many pokemon moves, while others are replaced by a key item. A new event to capture Zygarde has also been added (if you caught Zygarde before this patch then you’ll effectively get two Zygardes). Game is now theoretically complete, aside from potential bug fixes. Added a blocker to prevent you from going down the Jade Tower entrance to the Perfection Base when you need to catch up with Nora and potentially causing the game to freeze. Have any questions/bugs about the wiki itself? Pokemon Insurgence has a unique region, with an enticing storyline, and offers challenging gameplay, for all players.

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