I like you in boys over flowers and city hunter I wish you a very good health so you can produce many movies....you are my favorite actor in the whole world so keep it up.Jhean Quijano. But if one's soul is touched when looking at someone who performing an artistic act, it means that he is loved. There are millions of devoted Lee Min Ho fans worldwide and they watch anything if Lee Min Ho is in it. 1 idol...no one will replace u.... jo Feb 23 2015 10:22 pm U remember I always told u "u'll shine lyk a star".here is d shooting star. but for now imma stick to boys over flower. I hope 2 see you in person.. Saranghi oppa. Continue building your career because succesfull people like you are a great inspiration to we the young generation. Wish you all the best and good luck..~~Fighting!!~~^^. Saranghae? NguyenTraGiang Feb 06 2012 11:19 am jessie Apr 21 2014 9:58 pm i loved this program.....he so handsome....im from brazil ... i love u guyssss. Lee Min Ho... you are the Perfect guy that someone girls like you...... icypoem Jan 28 2012 4:36 am !always supporting u with loVe! Just don't know why, i was addicted to his every drama.

MinJoo couple ♥♥ Jun 10 2014 9:18 am

Hi, lee min ho saranghae! (i love you, min-ho)

#LMHlucky8 May 22 2014 8:43 am Thumbs up for the best actor...!!! I seldom watch Korean drama. I love your acting and your voice. I loved him ever since I watched Boys Over Flowers. th Feb 20 2014 9:04 pm Hi.. my keopi.... [plz don't get angry ^_^ ] this year is gonna end.. Jeremy zapanta Jan 13 2015 5:14 pm He is really a great actor.Dont talk this way about lee min ho.If you dont like his acting you better dont see his dramas..No one compelled you to see his drama and no one asked u to comment here.Without talent no one will be reaching this height at young age.You are not so great than him to talk this way about him.
keep safe always .
jastrenmontes Jan 25 2012 9:32 pm Ruwanthi Jan 29 2014 11:05 am Congratulations also to all the cast in TKEM! My coworkers are Asian, they r my second family which I hang out with, and no too long ago my boss introduced me to Korean dram "City Hunter" since then I fell in Love with Lee Min Ho. You deserve best actor for baek sang art award for your performance in the king you nail it, Avneet Kaur Jun 20 2020 9:55 pm Everyone around me think I have a great life which I do but keeping it is hard and almost unbearable. you are a super talented actor the moment I read on one website that he would be acting in a new drama I got excited and HAPPY,because I passionately love lee min ho and I immensely ENJOY watching LMH's dramas! Would like to hear more of your singing; perhaps a musical? God bless. GU JUN PYOOOOO.........!!!!! Your new fan from Philippines. I support his from Italy every day and will do it in the future. i love you so much. thank you, Dr.yazhini[tamil nadu,india] Jun 25 2014 5:14 am "Just when we thought we were doing okay, we hit another obstacle," the band said in a statement on social media last night.

small request to come to Sri Lanka sandra michaels Jun 18 2014 2:51 pm OPPA, zahra Nov 12 2013 10:56 am I just saw Boys Over Flowers recently and I fell in love with it and Lee Min Ho. cheuffuer girl Aug 24 2011 5:25 am CH and Faith were my favs. Lee min ho's Bounty hunters movie was awesome. The court heard Ramos pulled a hammer from his jacket and hit another man in the head several times. it really moved me..the most touching character and drama ever..you carried it off SOO well..even your eyes spoke volumes!and last but not the least..saranghe !!! Sunbae!!! Thank you for arrived to korea safely Min.However miss u always wherever u are in this world.Be happy healthy nd Strong ...I read ur accident articles again recently nd it's heartbreaking.So take care of ur self oppa..Bcoz there is someone that believe Minho's life is precious than her life.....It's hard when doing works take a rest nd do it after better than before....I'm not going to advice u...I hv no right to do.Bt I'm scare of u....bcoz of that damn newspaper articles.It makes me confused.Anyway Aja !Aja.!

Roshi Feb 09 2014 11:07 pm All the best.... Lann Mar 25 2014 5:04 am comparing bof and the heirs..wow LMH's acting has really improved....and he is getting more handsome each day...if and only if he's english was no t so poor..he could have become an international star...not just and Asian wide one! God bless you! i dont wanna belive its just a mobie and ur a different person in real life when ur the main actor in the move. i realy hate his smile, it's a bit weird and scary!!!! geetha Jan 26 2014 2:53 pm All the very best for all your upcoming tv series and movies!!! mmm.. he looks like jeff from the taiwanese drama. The only scenes that i like was when it was tense between the two male leads and the brother.

:-), Aishat Sep 14 2014 12:19 pm (Which I loved). I'm so addicted to BOF ,you really made my day complete. Advance Happieee Birthday oppa. Please oppa lee min ho come to nigeria you have many fans over and we will be delight to meet you...we love you, Freshii Oct 15 2013 3:51 am

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