Debbie is a hoot and great fun. His parents Irene M. (nee Gentile) and Peter F. Pierangeli, his brothers Peter (Dawn), Paul (Daneen) and Philip (Annemarie) and his sisters Jessica (Ernest) Previte, Maria (James) Murphy, and Teresa (Thomas) Smedile and many loving nieces & nephews. Michael, 75, responded to his father's death by posting a series of pictures of the two of them together, including a family portrait with all Kirk's sons. Douglas, the intense, muscular actor with the dimpled chin who starred in "Spartacus," "Lust for Life" and dozens of other films, died Wednesday, Actor Kirk Douglas, center, gets a kiss from his son Michael Douglas, left, and Michael's wife Catherine Zeta-Jones during his 100th birthday party in Beverly Hills in 2016. I highly doubt anything Shelley Winters ever did traumatized Debbie. Debbie generally praises her co-stars; here are the exceptions: - Sean Patrick Flannery was a moody little bitch who wouldn't rehearse with her.

No r21, I'm not a frau, but just a guy who grew up with 3 jock brothers. Funeral Mass 9:30 a.m. at St. Pius X Church -220 Lawrence Rd., Broomall. I'm traumatized by reading the thread title.

He had been in relatively good health since his stroke. 'I had the privilege of reciting the Hebrew vidui, the final confessional, at his bedside.'.

Renny was such a vital, happy guy and just being around him made you smile. Her body was taken to Europe and she was buried at the Cimetière des … Douglas was the son of Jewish Russian immigrants who rose through the ranks to become one of Hollywood's biggest-ever stars. They had two sons together, Peter, on November 23, 1955, and Eric on June 21, 1958, but had admitted to extramarital affairs in their 65 years as a married couple. Irene, I was so sorry to learn of your dear Uncle Rinaldo's death. Fat girls sit there whining in between mouthfuls saying 'Do you love me' or 'Am I pretty'. We did. 'Kirk's life was well lived,' Douglas added, 'and he leaves a legacy in film that will endure for generations to come, and a history as a renowned philanthropist who worked to aid the public and bring peace to the planet. to find some other site A lovely performance. The sketch … Rather than her trying to make herself look good and someone else look bad. Sure, Debbie. She was such an ugly slut. Really, just too much. PIER'S mother nixed it because he wasn't Catholic and pushed her daughter to marry VIC DAMONE which was NOT a happy marriage. I borrowed it from the library (47). Shelley Winters being serviced by anyone is a disgusting thought.
'Let me end with the words I told him on his last birthday and which will always remain true. President of STRYBUC Industries. Shelley would hitchhike to the studio during the filming of the "The Poseidon Adventure" in her nightgown and lugging her air tank with her. If you mean he had sex with men, yes, he is friendly.

[quote]pushed her daughter to marry VIC DAMONE which was NOT a happy marriage. Michael Douglas is seen for the first time since his... From 'Ragman's Son' to Spartacus: Kirk Douglas, the son of... Spartacus... the slave to love: He was born in abject... Opinion | Studying the Bible With Kirk Douglas - The New York Times. Of course Shelly Winters was sitting in someone's living room at a party being "serviced" by two men with her skirt over them. But I'll give her credit, she had energy. click ACCEPT

- Vic Damone beat her friend, Pier Angeli - Walter Matthau was a pain to work with. Amish Trump train! I did know that DEBBIE was good friends with PIER. Dad- I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son.'. I think that at times DEBBIE can be a drag but she is good hearted, forgiving and at this point now that she's almost 84, hell let's enjoy her for the walking legend she is ! "Renny" Pierangeli on Nov. 22, 2014, of Broomall. - Milton Berle was an asshole. She saw the giant cock and wasn't impressed. She claims Tommy Lee Jones (whom she worked with in "Heaven & Earth") has a "very winning personality", something surely never said before by anyone, ever. Hello.

Hugh's still alive, too - maybe he'd be kind enough to vouch for Deb's memory. She's a dumpy bitch with mediocre talent. Didn't know her work, but from pictures, that woman was a stunner. God, that must have been a scene. Heading home: Michael and his son Dylan were dropped off at Burbank airport after earlier attending the funeral.

Like Garland was. The funeral was held at Westwood Memorial in Los Angeles on Friday, two days after Kirk Douglas died at his home at the age of 103. His fourth son Eric died tragically of an overdose in 2004. You are so cutting edge and timely. LOL Where can we find this gem? A host of other Hollywood stars joined in the outpouring of grief, with celebrities and fans alike flooded social media to honor the legendary screen star after news of his death broke.

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