Louis then explains the significance of the key, that it is an item given to Harvard graduates of the Order of the Coif.

With help from several other lawyers at the firm, including Louis Litt, Specter discovers that the money is being embezzled by Daniel Hardman, the founding managing partner of the firm. In the episode 'Uninvited Guests' Jack Soloff tries to convince the firm's senior partners to let Hardman back into the firm on a trial basis in exchange for sharing the revenues from a billion dollar client that Hardman just recently signed. Louis emphatically insists that he didn't, which Harvey eventually accepts, but Harvey goes on to recite many of Louis's worst transgressions against himself and Jessica as reasons not to trust Louis whatsoever: bugging Harvey's office, leaking the CM lawsuit to Hardman (significantly damaging Jessica's already tenuous position as managing partner with Hardman back); spying on Mike's clandestine meeting with Monica Eaton and telling Hardman; accepting Hardman's offer of a senior partnership, casting the swing vote for Hardman as managing partner, and once successful, sneaking into Harvey's office and searching it after hours for information to damage Harvey's credibility, and immediately instituting a new partner drug test policy less than 12 hours later specifically (and solely) designed to force Harvey's resignation; all reasons to make Harvey tell him that for all intents and purposes (other than strict business required by Jessica) their relationship is finished and will never be repaired. When she finds it, she succumbs to pressure from outside counsel and illegally destroys it, exposing and causing trouble for the firm; She is soon after fired by Jessica Pearson for her actions. First appearing in the season 3 finale as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, he has a reputation as a prosecutor who will use his position to bend the rules of the law and deliberately target and investigate certain attorneys in private practice whom he deems "dirty". After she and Mike are forced to work together on Louis's case and they come up with a solution, she tells Louis that Mike deserves the credit. But at heart, this financial genius is a socially awkward grind. I know I'm late to the party here, sorry, but in this article Korsh explains that Phillip Hardman (Victor Garber) was originally going to be Jessica's mentor/friend, but they ended up having to cut that scene from the US pilot to save on time.

In the series finale, Louis rehires Samantha and her name is returned to the wall. Only after this does Louis confide in Katrina that in order to do the deal, he had to funnel money through offshore accounts, which amounted to Tax Evasion, and is a felony. History and literature are littered with examples of Jews, both real and fictional, who are viewed as social outsiders or demonized as financial cheaters. The Forward welcomes reader comments in order to promote thoughtful discussion on issues of importance to the Jewish community. Occupation He offers Mike a chance to move to Bratton Gould, but Mike refuses. As Louis is there, Harvey and Mike both figure out what Louis is doing and try to find him, but in their effort, Louis has already gone to Jessica and explained what he did. Most of the time there’s nothing explicitly Jewish about the show, but there have been some nods in that direction. She serves as Robert's right-hand man. Robert has not been very supportive of Rachel's endeavors, especially when her test anxiety kept her from passing the LSAT, and he has on more than one occasion suggested that she choose another career path. The rest of the starring cast portray other employees at the firm: Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), a partner who manages the associates; Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), a paralegal who develops feelings for Mike; Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey's long-time legal secretary, close friend, and confidant; and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), the co-founder and managing partner of the firm.

Kyle Durant (Ben Hollingsworth) is an associate attorney at Pearson Hardman during season 1. The original hardman was a good guy and the 2nd hardman didn't come around until season 2 so that could explain a lot. After Mike foils Louis's attempt to poach a client, Harvey goes to Zane and asks him to hire Louis anyway as a personal favor to Harvey. While in college, she felt that classmate (currently a Judge) Ella Medeiros was too uptight; simultaneously they were competing for a job they both wanted. But if the writers are going to start identifying certain characters as Jews, why not also write in a smart, honest and attractive Jewish character? “Tell me,” the cop asked me eagerly, “is your life more like ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘The Nanny’?”. Mike, left without recourse, goes to Robert and asks him to take on the case. The series revolves around Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a senior partner at a top law firm in Manhattan, and his recently hired associate attorney Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as they hide the fact that Mike does not have a law degree. At some point after Hardman was fired (Hardman representing the gender discrimination case against Folsom Foods), a scene shows that Hardman's name was taken off the wall changing it from "Pearson Hardman" to just "Pearson". Samantha is working on trying to get Hardman’s name on another wall, and she is hitting a brick wall, she offered him half the firm and nothing is working. Jack Soloff, during a partners meeting, tells the partners that Daniel is share the client with all the partners, should they agree to bring Hardman back to the firm on "trial basis". Egregious commenters or repeat offenders will be banned from commenting. / ...

Louis, in turn, reluctantly realizes Harvey's value to the firm.

In season 5, Forstman appears in the episode 'Uninvited Guests' when Harvey visits him in prison to confront him about funding Daniel Hardman's renewed run at taking over the firm.

[1] She is at first Mike Ross' friend, and she later develops romantic feelings for him. Louis says leaders never betray their partners.

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