"Percy Jackson, you are the only one worthy, capable, and qualified to fulfill the mission to end all missions. "The seven of the great prophecy. ", "Yeah, I did too dad, but I will do whatever it takes. I will stay on the council, but I will never be your brother again.". intergalactic warlords. His powers are UNBELIEVABLE, and his ability to remain in a room, unseen, is a distinct advantage. His usual robes once again changed. His intelligence has been proved more than once; he was able to develop very powerful spells and magical abilities by himself and create new monsters. Is there a reason for this? For example, he many times during the Titanomachy and Gigantomachy would summon seemingly endless undead armies and terrible undead creatures such like drakons despite being able to kill his enemies by himself, choosing to do that instead as it seemed as the most fun way for him to achieve his goals. the Kongo pantheon is called "gods of Kongo", "gods of Loango", "gods of DRC", "gods of Congo", "gods of Congo River", "gods of Central Africa", "gods of Palo Mayombe", "gods of Hoodoo", "Cymbee", "gods of candomblé", "gods of Angola", "gods of Gabon", "gods of Congo nation", "gods of Kumina", "gods of Lumbalu", "Minkisi", "Nkisi", "Bisimbi", "Bana ba Zulu" or "gods of Zaire". "You are lucky you have served all of us so well, or you would be dead already.". With Nico stepping back the room because strangely quiet. And, even the Not-so-great Apollo, said about his slight fear of the Ghost King and his father.He has suffered more then ANYONE else, even Misery herself said that there want much more pain she could inflict upon him! Instead, they find themselves entangled in another war, another prophecy, another world. Once we got to the big house we talked to Chiron and promised we would come back before we did anything else, got in the camp van and drove to the Empire State Building. Sally was always special to me and my true love so to see Percy so peaceful makes me sad for the life the rest of the Gods had just forced on him. In line with his reputation, Lucien is extremely cunning, confident, an excellent liar and is not one to hesitate to betray allies at a whim when it's needed for him to achieve something.

Nico can control the earth and dirt and stones, he can create an undead army, summon deceased spirits, telepathically communicate with the dead, sense death, control ghosts, can turn people into ghosts, control bones, use the Death Trance, use Shadow Travel, absorb and dissipate shadows, shoot bolts of darkness, make SOLID shields out of darkness, become invisible, and heal with darkness.He can control temperatures by creating fire(when he destroyed the skeleton warrior) and ice(murder of Bryce Lawrence), control sleep, and radiate an aura of fear and death.Everyone is saying Percy Jackson is the most powerful, but what can HE do? He is a brave man and does the right thing in his final seconds. She not only can beat Orion (that guy SUCKS by the way), the GIANT who like not even the Hunters of Artemis and the Amazons could defeat, but she's also pretty strong mentally. Juno seriously said that he was so powerful his powers would kill him, and that's why he needed the stick- it becomes his weakness instead of his own strength turning on him. I accept this gracious offer.". So Jason Grace should be 3rd not Thaila. One made of Obsidian with expensive jewels adorning the side that obviously belonged to Hades, and another made of redstone that seemed to be on fire that belonged to Hestia.

You were more than worthy for Annabeth. I think he would be higher if he could actually fight by himself. Sequel to Wonderwall. She can use her own sword without even touching it and can take away anyone else's weapon just like that.6. May you both stand forward.

It would take all day trying to name all of Percy's powers and talents, but you gotta agree, HE IS AMAZING! For one I am older Apollo, and two, Hermes, you will not be getting Perseus "Laid" as you said it. Knowing it wouldn't take long for Lýkatlas to track him down and came after him, Lucien managed to get to Zeus and Poseidon just in time for the monster to come after him. ", "I believe in you son, I just hoped you would never have to experience that wretched place again. Percy is number 1 and this guy probably won't be because he was only there for a short while.but in mark of Athena he was far superior to Percy. We all sat awkwardly until surprisingly it was Nico who broke the silence. Fearing death, Lucien then cast a forbbiden spell and flew through Shadow Travel while the wolf beast was distracted. He was the first demigod son of Hades, and achieved immortality through unknown means. But it wouldn't last long. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some pantheons faded when their people were converted to one of the Abrahamic faiths; for instance the Prussian gods died when when their pagan worshipers were defeated by the Teutonic Knights in the Prussian Crusade and the Arabic gods did not survive their regions conversion to Islam. Do not abuse his loyalty to this council. He was the only demigod in the original Gigantomachy. The Egyptian gods mostly live in a dimension of magic called the Duat and can't exist in the mortal realm without some kind of host or anchor. The sun god of this pantheon Huitzilopochtli is a paragon and warrior fighting a never-ending battle against his sister, the moon goddess Coyolxauhqui and their 400 brothers, the stars. ", "It's not a perfect plan, but if successful one person is worth wiping out our last remaining threats.

Zeus took back control and gave his final address to the council. I have my family back in New York, the campers from both Greek and Rome camps, the seven from the prophecy, Chiron, and most importantly Annabeth. Syncretism is the merging or assimilation of originally discrete traditions, especially in mythology and religion. The chance to give everyone else a life free of fear would be worth it no matter what it cost me. Athena jumped in and answered before Zeus could mess it up. He felt riptide in his pocket as his body decided not to use it, instead pulling more blood from the victim like that of a horror film. You get what I mean. He heard the water explode from his water fountain, not hearing the attacker cry out in terror and pain. She can summon LIGHTNING, and FLY, AND has the head of Medusa on her shield, KNIVES- and so much more. She's been training since she was seven years old. ***edited version, no longer in first person pov***. Excluding Allah, there were once 360 deities in the Arabian pantheon, they were worshipped they were worshipped at local shrines and temples such as the Kaaba in Mecca Don't get me wrong, Percy's not bet, but he's not as good as Jason. All he can do is have power over water.

", "I wouldn't have done it if you weren't worthy, Hades, same with you Hestia.". From my bed in Cabin 3 resting my wounds from the Giant war I can confidently say I've finally made it. He runs a way and the fates meet him and turn him into the most powerful God that cannot be killed. He defeated typhoon and all the other gods were having trouble with it! I killed her.” Percy kept repeating this over and over unable to think enough to find anything else to say.

Not my favorite but dating my favorite so gotta give him a point lol. Percy is betrayed by Annabeth. Nico tells this to the rest of the 7 after Percy and Annabeth fall. (I voted for Reyna, even though I don't like her very much)Think about all the stuff he'd gone through, another thing, he'd helped Meg defend the god Apollo. Much like the Greek gods shifted with the center of the West the Sumerian gods shifted with the center of their civilization. He discover his way to use his power, and to increase his power. HE DEFEATED THE FRICKIN WAR GOD! At their refuse, the angered demigod left Olympus. "Someone else! Even though Annabeth would never beat him in hand to hand combat, she is very smart and has great battle strategy and comes up with all sorts of plans. He has excellent healing powers and a natural archer (even though not as skilled as his other half siblings), a natural musician and is such a great person! He defeated lots of monsters. I was just hoping for some peace and quiet, but I guess if I make everything better for everyone else it would be worth it. Nico is very powerful. That's quite dangerous.Don't forget, "The world to storm or fire must fall" The world fell to fire, not storm.Keep in mind his abilities as well. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Also called the New World Gods or Gods of the New World is a pantheon made up of deified mortals from the Apotheosis Initiative, and the children thereof. She spit out the last two sentences angrily but I had to agree. Poseidon let out a yell as he summoned a big wave to push the hellhound off, then threw his trident as he ran towards the woman he loved. Still survived Tartarus, knows pretty much everthing about Greek and Roman Mythology, in charge of rebuilding Olympus, and beat Arachne despite a broken ankle and a fear of spidersYou can even make a good case for her being the most powerful demigod ever seeing as she survived for weeks on her own at age 7, competed the mark of Athena quest, has a mom the is the most Greek of all the gods, held up the sky, and if I weren't doing this mostly based on magical powers, she would totally be No.1, 1. There will never be a threat like the Titans or Giants again. "Yes son, she will be offered immortality. Even Mr. D will be scared if Nico give him a death glare. He beat Percy so easily. I OWN NOTHING BUT THE PLOT. Status: Acquired.Contact:HeraS.H.I.E.L.D.Albus DumbledoreAlan Blunt• Warning. Domnu on the other hand birthed a race of monstrous giants called the Formorians. I don't know why Luke is ahead of her, as she could easily control him. He scares many people. "That could mean almost anything.".

This article, Lucien, is property of Kerapac. ", "First I want a chance to say goodbye to everyone before I go. Since the Romans with their over 150 legionnaires and the Hunters of Artemis have all joined the camp we've struggled to fit everyone into the original tables. She is a child of the big three and could be the most experienced than anyone except maybe Thalia. He's not a demigod, I mean demigod means half-bloods, kids of a God and a mortal. As the newly christened Persephone struggles with her identity and feelings towards the gods and Camp Half-Blood, she wonders: in the light of the sun, is the world really worth saving? Post MOA. You must surprise him if you want to succeed.

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