Luke then cupped his mouth around Percy's rod and bobbed his head up and down of it, while his tounge swirled around the member. AN: My first fanfiction! The war the prophecy. Follow/Fav Percy Jackson Dirty Truth or Dare. 'Luke, I'm gonna… cum!' Percy just sat there, not believing that this was really happening. He never knew he was such a pervert, but he didn't care. Luke swallowed the whole load, which couldn't be easy, since Percy shot an enormous load. AN: Reviews are always helpful whether you're commenting on something or even giving me a suggestion or two (no promises I'll include it) – those would be much appreciated. Grinning, I took my seat next to Annabeth. He actually liked it and it turned him on. Relaxing, I thought. One article of clothing per each pass for the moment being. I was ready, looking hard at him, daring him to try me. And just then, Percy shot his load in Luke's mouth, some of the white liqud dripping down the older demigod's chin. 'I didn't expect to see you here' said Percy, and he felt his cock becoming hard, and any second he would be rock hard and it would be more than awkward. Hope you enjoy. 'Ah Luke, this is so good!' Now everybody treated him like he was infected by some bad disease, only a few people talked to him. Luke lay dying, speaking in hushed tones to Annabeth. By: RogueFics. Fun starts in Chapter 2. ", "No, Pipes, let's leave it at that. The sea prince pushed Luke down ito the sand, got between his legs, and started planting hot kisses all the way up to his hole. A 17 year old boy who's eyes hide pain and he enjoys swimming. It was Percy's first time, so everything felt new, everything felt good. Gay Sex; Love; LGBT rights; boy and boy; BoyxBoy; boys; Boy Love; Romance; mature - Freeform; Jason Grace - Freeform; percy jackson - Freeform; jercy - Freeform; Abuse; Post-The Heroes of Olympus; Bottom Percy Jackson ; PJO; Thalia Grace - Freeform; Grover Underwood - Freeform; Summary. He was claimed by his dad the day before during capture the flag, but he wasn't sure he was happy about it. All characters were made by Rick Riordan, of course. They both swam to the shore, and this was a perfect opportunity for Percy to examine the body of the son of Hermes. Warmth -Percy Jackson Fanfiction-by *Gay-ass* 180 17 1. It was Luke's turn to be surprised, but he quickly took control and forced open Percy's mouth. One more finger followed the first, scissoring and loosening Luke's opening. "Cutting a little late." Thank you very much for reading my fiction! Hope you like this, lemons will come because that's the reason you're reading this, right? Answered Luke. Neither of them could move for a minuite, they just kissed, laying on each other's naked body. 'Thanks Luke, that's so good to hear.' And the fact that a lot of the others were there too could make the time much more fun. Rated M for a reason, don't like don't read. Said the sea prince. Fanfiction. So, after a few minutes and a bit of small talk, a few others had arrived and we decided we might as well get into it. Then he begun to move his hips forward and pulling out slowly. The Olympians meet for a game of Truth or Dare (before the events of The Trials of Apollo) and the dares take them on very wild adventures... Read as your favourite characters from the books take on some extremely interesting dares and reveal all their secrets. Da gibt es auch noch Lou Ellen, die alle Schimpfwörter im Louisianna French kennt. I didn't know why but I was almost fully erect at the time, so I sat down on the sand and tied to hide my huge bulge in my pants. He was sad and angry, not just because of the campers, but also his dad, who never even talked to him, and now he ruined everything in a matter of seconds. 'Ah, Percy, I need more!' 'Percy… you have to know that I don't mind that you are a son of Poseidon. It was almost over. Follow/Fav Didn't You Know? Hope you enjoy! This fanfic is about Percy and other boy demigods having gay sex in various times in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. "Er, well, welcome!" This category is for LGBT characters in both the mainstream Riordanverse and the Rick Riordan Presents imprint. 'Well, I came here to tell you something because I thought you would be here, so when I didn't find you here I took the opportunity and jumped in the water. 'Faster!' What a life! Moaned Percy. Then Percy licked Luke's cum off his belly, and also ate it out of his ass. "Let's do it." Your review has been posted. Percy sat on his bed in his new poseidon cabin alone. The younger demigod swallowed it all. You could always follow the story to receive updates for when I bother to update - and favourite it for good luck too! Then he realised that he was not the only one in the water. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Fuck. Percy started to get rid of his clothes untill he stood there in only his swimming shorts. His tounge went wild, like he did this in his entire life. Warning: Gay sex scenes, don't like don't read. #alphajason #alphanico #heats #heroesofolympus #nesting #omegapercy #omegaverse #percyjackson #percyxjasonxnico. Thinking the opening line of his welcome greeting had gone alright, he continued, glancing at them each in turn. Tugging on a thick, blue jumper, I trekked through the grassy expanse of Camp Half Blood to where a light was shining brightly in Jason's cabin: Zeus's cabin. 'Cum inside me!' Maybe it was because his father is part of the big three, but Percy didn't want to think about anything else than the sexy and naked Luke's sight. Said the younger demigod, breathing heavily. He became a strong addict. Luke sat down next to me, and the next thing he did really surprised me. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. By: Artemismoon91904. She said, a small tug appearing at her lips. I was too stunned to move and didn't know what to do. 'And don't worry, I've been fucking and getting fucked by boys way before I was your age.'. Percy, despite being only twelve, had an eleven inch long and two and a half inches thick monster cock, and he was pleased to see that Luke stared at it with bulging eyes. Percy Jackson played by Dylan O'Brien. Author's note: Huh! Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I opened the shiny bronze door and looked inside, where there were a few of my friends crouched around a glowing fire, chatting and gossiping, looking up as I walked in.

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