Link to livestream: Pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube via parish website, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am, Mondays to Saturdays 9am. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Saturdays 6pm. The design represents the mountains and rivers of the Diocese with the crowned Chi Rho christogram representing Christ. We understand this may be particularly disappointing for some parishioners, but safety must be our priority. Download A4 and fold PDF A Bishop’s Coat of Arms traditionally consists of two halves: the left is the crest of the Diocese; the right of the Bishop himself. Spiritually speaking, God always seeks both our spiritual and physical wellbeing. The same applies to the administration of Viaticum. Social distancing and the 4 square metre per person requirements are still in place. This number was previously limited to 100 people. Up to 150 people are now allowed to attend a wedding service at a place of public worship.

The gold and red wavy band – referencing the Flag of South Vietnam – symbolises the struggles and hardships endured for the sake of our freedom and faith and the gold plates represent the Trinity surrounding us in our struggles and hardships. Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD STL Many dioceses around the world provide online streaming of Masses, including our own Diocese of Parramatta. Download A3 and fold PDF Bishop Vincent is the first Vietnamese born bishop to lead a diocese outside of Vietnam and the first Vietnamese born bishop in Australia. DUBLIN DIOCESAN PERSONNEL CHANGES 2019. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Visit, to register, pay and then access the online course. Link to livestream: YouTube, Day & Time: Wednesdays 7pm. Hand sanitiser at the doors of confessionals will help to ensure that the doorknobs do not become high risk sites; frequent sanitising of confessionals is recommended. A dispensation from a diocesan bishop releases Catholics from fulfilling their Sunday obligation of attending Mass. Bishop Vincent Long was born in 1961 in Dong Nai in Vietnam. This spiritual communion can be made in various ways. We also encourage you to think about how you might help those homebound and less tech-savvy to be able to access Mass online during this time. On 5 May 2016, he was appointed the fourth Bishop of Parramatta in succession to Bishop Anthony Fisher OP following his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney in 2014. That is, the total floor space divided by 4. Link to livestream (Details on access to Zoom on parish website): Zoom, Day & Time: Saturdays 5pm Simply put, it is coming before God in prayer – expressing our deep desire to be united to Him despite the fact that we are unable to be united to Him in receiving the Eucharist. Link to livestream: Facebook  | YouTube, Day & Time: Monday to Fridays 9am, Our strategic intent is to provide quality Catholic schooling by strengthening the professional lives of staff, to improve the learning outcomes for each student within a Catholic faith community. The Arms of the Diocese of Parramatta (left hand side) were adopted by Bishop Bede Heather on the erection of the Diocese and his appointment as its first Bishop in 1986. You can access this site here: Weekend Marriage Preparation Courses run by the Diocese of Parramatta have been cancelled until further notice. It also applies to both indoor and outdoor services. For our community’s safety, we highly recommend wearing a mask to Mass, Petition to the Premier of NSW - 28/5/2020. This may be a possibility as the weather warms up. Link to livestream (uploaded 90 minutes after Mass): Facebook  | YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 10am. You can find online resources at.

For more information about singing, choirs and musical instruments, please refer to the NSW Health website: The bishop is Bishop Vincent Nguyễn Văn Long, O.F.M. (58) (2016.05.05 – ...), Titular Bishop of Thala (2011.05.20 – 2016.05.05), Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (Australia) (2011.05.20 – 2016.05.05), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (2016.05.05 – ...), Bishop Anthony Colin Fisher, O.P. (Week of 19 July, no weekday livestream Mass).

However, please be mindful of the following: Following the current NSW Health advice, we highly recommend you wear a mask to, during and from Mass in addition to physical distancing. Those who are gravely ill, either due to the virus, or some other malady should not in any circumstances be denied access to the sacraments. Fax: (02) 9630 4813. If you are intending to have outdoor Masses, please update your COVID19 Safety Plans to reflect this. Vicar General. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am Diocesan Appointments 2019. Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD STL Fourth Bishop of Parramatta. Coat of Arms and Motto What will be happening with my child’s first Holy Communion / Confirmation / Sacrament of Penance? Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Appointments 2019. Download and fold A3 PDF, Download A4 PDF The Diocese of Parramatta encourages you to continue your life of prayer and participate in the Life of the church. (60) (later Archbishop) (2010.01.08 – 2014.09.18), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)Vice-President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Titular Bishop of Buruni (2003.07.16 – 2010.01.08), Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia) (2003.07.16 – 2010.01.08), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (2010.01.08 – 2014.09.18), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) (2014.09.18 – ...), Vice-President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (2018.05.04 – ...), Bishop Kevin Michael Manning (86) (1997.07.10 – 2010.01.08), Bishop emeritus of Parramatta (Australia), Bishop of Armidale (Australia) (1991.04.26 – 1997.07.10), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (1997.07.10 – 2010.01.08), Apostolic Administrator of Wilcannia–Forbes (Australia) (2010.12.30 – 2012.12.01), Bishop Bede Vincent Heather (91) (1986.04.08 – 1997.07.10), Titular Bishop of Obbi (1979.06.30 – 1986.04.08), Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia) (1979.06.30 – 1986.04.08), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (1986.04.08 – 1997.07.10), 338,930 Catholics (30.5% of 1,112,900 total), 47 parishes, 136 priests (73 diocesan, 63 religious), 11 deacons, 326 lay religious (107 brothers, 219 sisters), 16 seminarians, Shrines in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. View Website. Since the fall of Saigon in 1975, his family has been dispersed: his mother, a brother and a sister are in Melbourne, three brothers are in Holland, a sister remains in Vietnam, and Bishop Vincent is now in Parramatta. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am. Can the Sacrament of Reconciliation take place? My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. If couples are not able to undertake the SmartLoving online course they are welcome to ring the. Download and fold A3 PDF, Download A4 PDF The daily Mass readings can be viewed online here. Despite our current limitations, we can still participate in the celebration of Mass online thanks to modern technology. He served as an assistant and then parish priest for seven years in Kellyville within the Diocese of Parramatta and for seven years in Springvale in Victoria before being elected Superior of the Order of Friars Minor Conventuals in Australia in 2005. You can contact the office via email, telephone and video calls. What is happening with Natural Fertility Services? As such, God cares for our physical health and wants to ensure we are safe through following the safety standards offered by health professionals, who again, God has blessed with intellect and expertise to assist us during this difficult time, Encourage them to perform a devotional practice during the time they will normally participate – such as watch Mass on TV or online, pray the rosary or engage with the Sunday prayers and readings through their missal. Offer to check in or pray with them ensuring you are complying with the national health advice. Fourth Bishop of Parramatta, Download and fold A4 PDF The Diocese of Parramatta has created a special COVID-19 website. Ministers will also need to use hand sanitiser, prior to the distribution of Communion. Link to livestream: YouTube, Day & Time: Saturdays 6pm.

Conv. Fourth Bishop of Parramatta. PO Box 3066 … Link to livestream: Parish Website  | YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 11am. As of Friday 24 July baptisms in places of worship can still take place with the following conditions: For example a church with floor space of 200 square metres can have a maximum of 50 people. What is happening with Marriage Preparation Courses? The Franciscan Coat of Arms (right hand side) represents the Order of Friars Minor Conventuals whose spirituality is oriented towards total conformity to the poor, the suffering and the crucified Christ. The Diocese of Parramatta is a Roman Catholic episcopal see in Australia.

The 1.5 metre physical distancing rules will continue to apply whether the Mass is held indoors or outdoors.

The Arms of the Diocese of Parramatta were designed by the late Michael McCarthy. The Diocese of Parramatta has created a special COVID-19 website. Kevin Fallon, returning from sabbatical leave, has been appointed PP Roscommon, effective 1 st June 2019.
Additional appointments will be announced on a future date EPISCOPAL VICARS. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 10am. Bishop of Parramatta Most Rev Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFMConv DD STL. Participants, such as readers, who cannot wear a mask to conduct their duties must observe appropriate social distancing. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2181, it further states: The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice. Link to livestream (See also OLON, Lawson): Facebook, Day & Time: Mondays to Fridays 6.30am, Saturdays 8am, 6.30pm, Sundays 9am. Link to livestream: YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 9am. Where can I get more information about their plan? Conv., appointed in 2016. 1.5m physical distancing requirements will continue to apply. For churches and parish venues of floor size under 400 square metres, the number who can attend will be determined by the 4 square metre rule. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sunday 11am (Solemn Mass with Cathedral Choir. One common way of doing so involves spending a dedicated time of prayer and reflection on the Mass readings. Download A4 and fold PDF Download Social Media Tiles, Download A4 PDF Baptismal anointings should be hygienic (eg use of hand sanitiser before and after contact with skin). To contact these organisations, Includes Mass Readings, Mass Reflections, Daily Prayers, Pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube via parish website. This will still be subject to the 4 square metre rule. What is my parish doing? Link to livestream: Facebook  | YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am. They have been re-rendered by Sandy Turnbull. Download and fold A3 PDF, Download A4 PDF On the retirement of The Most Reverend Raymond Field, The Very Reverend Paul Thornton, Co-PP is appointed Episcopal Vicar with responsibility for the Deaneries of Blanchardstown, Fingal North and Maynooth. Duc in Altum ‘Go out into the deep’. During these unprecedented… Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD The calculations you are using to calculate your maximum number of parishioners that can attend should be updated in your plan. I am delighted to announce the following changes that take effect on Sunday, July 7 th next. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 10.30am. On 16 June 2016, Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv was installed as the fourth Bishop of Parramatta at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. Only Communion on the hand is permitted at this time.

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