Good luck. Not very strong or fast but it can help bare your weight and in the hostile world of ark a friend is what you really need. * Rank of the Base Stat of the Parasaur vs. all other creatures.

ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Does bad bleed damage.

Common Rare Untameable Cave The following has a chance to drop once the creature is killed. The higher its level the more likely you’ll have to use Narcoberries to keep the creature sedated. You have entered an incorrect email address! Because of the Parasaurolophus’ small footprint and large hit box, they are able to clip into the hit box of another dino and lock them in place.

To help make things a bit easier, we put together a guide that will help you tame your first dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved. Note : This Table Taming Food For Parasaur Level ( 120 ) And To Update Data You Can Change Level Under Page . For an easy kill or tame on another herbivore this can be extremely handy. They are even able to dive down underwater and could be useful for minor cave exploration. Can hold a total of 8 modules to augment it. It was by the swamps when them dam devil snakes slam my rafts deck. A fertilised Parasaur egg needs temperatures between 24°C and 28°C (75°F 82°F).

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We recommend breeding dinosaurs when you’re a little further into the game as babies take up a lot of time and resources. Although they are not able to defend themselves against predators, these duck-billed dinos may be able to out run them with their notable speed on land and in the water. When threatened, a Parasaur will flee at an impressive speed making them tricky to catch even for the fastest sprinters in ARK.

He had a fire in his eyes and belched out a cry that made the dodos dance a song of storms.

Takes 20-30 Minutes and 10-15 Narcotics A Parasaur might sprint very fast so be ready to chase one after you hit it. Now you’ll have to keep the dinosaur’s unconscious bar up, occasionally clicking on the Narcoberries and using them remotely.

If you recently picked up ARK: Survival Evolved, you may be wondering how to go about taming your very first dinosaur.

Dont miss nacoberries... Good you tamed it! Their ability to travel fast on land and in the water makes them good for escaping threats and getting you from A to B swiftly. this update was supposed to attract people to taming these old POS, but yet you find the alarm is no better than the fight music you hear. Strategy Guide/Tips . They are a passive creature and can be quite skittish when startled. Please if you want beginners to see, This is very easy tame just bola it and shoot in head with a slingshot or Beat it with club. I bola it and rock it with slingshot like ive done every other time. Dolby and i can still be seen making a morning run.Ill always remember Dolby, I see alot of comments giving tips for beginners but some don't realize beginners don't have tranq guns or bola bolas.My advice is punching it unconscious and they do run faster than you so try doing this in a forest with lots of trees since they always get stuck between them.Then feed them mejoberries and narcoberries until tamed.Hoped that helped ❤️. The items you’ll need to begin taming are a club, and an abundance of Narcoberries and Mejoberries. Note that this is one of the more difficult aspects of taming as a beginner.
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Place the two “lovebirds” in a small enclosure and set them to wander mode.

In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Parasaur eats Basic Kibble, Crops, Fresh Barley, Fresh Wheat, or Soybean, Dried Wheat, Mejoberry, and Berries.

When killed, Parasaurs drop raw meat and hide. Riding a Parasaur .

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