In order to place a liquor order in the new system, licensees will need to use the link and token contained in the email to register in the new liquor ordering system. New OLO FAQs. All Errors must be corrected in order to checkout and place the order. More information, For COVID-19-related questions regarding licensing and regulation topics, please send an email to, Visit the official website for the latest updates and information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 4% - distributed to the General Fund LARA Employees or Affiliates will never ask for your social security number over the phone. Learn … By selecting the “Order” tab in the left column, licensees will have the ability to view the order history.

The new OLO system will require an email address to register. The Commission may not permit licensees to order additional spirits if they do not pay for their entire spirit order. The order and the Order Confirmation Number is immediately available to view in the “Order” tab. Overview A specified order day and a specified delivery day: Delivery days must be no more than six days from your specified order day. LARA is proud to be recognized as a Veteran-Friendly Employer committed to military veteran recruitment, training and retention practices. After successful login, licensees should choose the license number for which they wish to place an order: Once the license is activated, selecting the “Dashboard” tab in the left column will display: Using the “Shop” tab, select products via product name or product code search. In order to place a liquor order in the new system, licensees will need to use the link and token contained in the email to register in the new liquor ordering system. RETAILER PAYMENT INFORMATION Online Services. The 6% sales tax cannot be included in the shelf or advertised price. 4% - distributed to the School Aid Fund

If you are placed on a “cash only” basis, you must pay with cash, a cashier’s check or a bank or postal money order. New OLO System Coming Soon. Call 1-800-701-0513. These taxes will be shown on the licensee’s invoice.

ADAs who no longer carry a particular spirit brand are required to advise retailers attempting to place an order with them that the brand is available through another ADA. The owner can establish two sub-users to enter orders in the OLO system. However, the ADA cannot charge a fee if you are required to pick your emergency order up from their facility. This division is responsible for providing customer service, pre-licensure support and application processing. View all Executive Order 2020-154 notices. Registration For more information call (800) 398-2282. ONLINE ORDERING (OLO) TOLL-FREE HELPLINE: 800-701-0513 (Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) EMAIL ONLINE ORDERING QUESTIONS OR ONLINE ORDERING PASSWORD RESET REQUESTS TO: These sub-users will be able to place orders and the order history will be available for viewing by the Main OLO user. OLO will be down for scheduled maintenance on 11/7/2020 from 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. ---PRICE REDUCTION REQUEST--- SDD Licensee: In order to request a price reduction, first log into your Online Liquor Ordering account, then select "Request Price Reduction". E-Mail or call 1-800-701-0513 and request a password letter be sent. Should you need to log out of OLO, your items will not be removed from your cart. Who do I contact? Orders placed directly through an ADA or Salesperson will not be available using this tab. The Licensing Division, in conjunction with state licensing boards, regulates 26 health professions in Michigan under the Michigan Public Health Code. Registration Emails for New System - The new OLO system will begin resending registration emails to the email addresses that the MLCC has on file after June 5th. You cannot return items that are overstocked, slow moving, opened and tampered with or because of a limited or seasonal demand for the product. Additional Features – Adding Another User Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - Online Services. The Main OLO user (Owner) will have the ability to add two additional sub-users per license number. Twelve (12) emergency orders per year, to be made available to you within 18 hours. The system automatically calculates available split orders and pack sizes, which display in the “Quantity” box for each product. Identify the order you wish to update and select the “Edit Order” link. Watch the Veterans Video Message From LARA Director Orlene Hawks, Temporary Authorization of Remote Participation in Public Meetings and Hearings, Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing, Financial Statements, Tax Reports, & Licensee Purchase Data, Local Government & Law Enforcement Resources, Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules, MPSC approves Consumers Energy's power supply cost recovery reconciliation but rejects costs related to plant outages, MPSC's Winter Energy Outlook: Overall energy demand expected to remain lower in Michigan amid COVID-19 pandemic while fuel usage for home heating increases, LARA Director Signs New Indigent Defense Minimum Standard, Protects the Fundamental Constitutional Right to Counsel, Southwest Michigan Nurse Summarily Suspended for Diverting Fentanyl. Products that can be ordered with split cases are identified and the up and down arrows next to the quantity box can be used to determine the quantities available. Select the “+ Email address” box to enter additional email addresses that need to receive the order confirmation email. If you currently have an email address on file for the existing OLO system, MLCC will send your registration email to the email that you currently have on file for the OLO system. Notices, agendas and participation information for these meetings can be viewed on each board or commission's website.

Also, make checks or money orders payable to: STATE OF MICHIGAN/MLCC. An invitation email will be sent to the new sub-user to register. Login New Users - MLCC will send registration emails to the email addresses provided during the licensing process once a liquor ordering license is issued. I am having a problem resetting my password. This email will be required to register for the new system, as it will contain a unique token ID and a link to the new OLO system. NEW USER - A new user is a licensee who has not registered an email address in the new OLO system. Purchases from Specially Designated Distributors (SDDs): An on-premise licensee may purchase collectively from SDDs, up to 9 liters during any one-month period.

If you have questions on how the system works or comments about the service you are receiving, call the MLCC Help line!

See Below For More Information. LARA is dedicated to bridging the gap between civilian and military employment and helping veterans gain and retain employment. When ready to complete the order, select the “Review Order” button. Detailed instructions are available in the financial management section of the MLCC webpage, or you may click the following links for instructions: Existing Users - As an existing online ordering user, you will need to register your account with the new OLO system. If you wish to register more than one license number using different logins, you will need to register more than one email address A to Z Listing of Michigan Online Services . I did not get an e-mail confirmation. At this point, the system accesses the ADA inventory in real time and returns out of stock inventory notices.

Once disabled, the sub-user will no longer have access to the license in the OLO system. Order history will start the day the new system is launched. The order history will only display orders that were placed using the new OLO site. Navigate to in the Financial Management section select the link that says OLO information. LARA is dedicated to bridging the gap between civilian and military employment and helping veterans gain and retain employment.

Periodically, distribution rights for spirit brands change from one ADA to another due to contractual changes with the spirit suppliers. The total order volume, by ADA, calculates and displays. The sales tax must be collected by the licensee and remitted separately to the Michigan Treasury Department. Please notify the Michigan Liquor Control Commission if the ADAs are not notifying you that the brand is available from another ADA. RETAILERS RIGHTS STATE TAXES Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing, Financial Statements, Tax Reports, & Licensee Purchase Data, Local Government & Law Enforcement Resources, Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules, Online Ordering (OLO) System Information and Frequently Asked Questions, Request for Price Reduction on Liquor - Log in to your Online Liquor Ordering account and select "Price Reduction Request", Retail Licensee Search (Contains Current and Past Year Purchasing History), Online Spirits Ordering for Retailer Licensees, Markup, Price, & Profit Calculators for Off-Premises Licensees, File a Complaint About Spirits Delivery Problems. OFF-PREMISES LICENSEES, PLEASE NOTE: The Minimum Shelf Price shown does not include the 6% Michigan Sales Tax. Use the “Edit Cart” button to modify the order. Specific taxes on liquor are collected by the Commission at the time of sale to the retail licensee. The MLCC will be launching its new OLO site. LICENSEE DISCOUNT You may have to pay up to $20.00 if the ADA delivers the emergency order to you. EMAIL ONLINE ORDERING QUESTIONS OR ONLINE ORDERING PASSWORD RESET REQUESTS TO: An email is sent at the issuance of the liquor ordering license to the email provided to MLCC. Sufficient and reasonable amount of time to check in your order. LARA currently has a number of online services for your convenience. This link will connect you to a comprehensive list and links to most of the available on-line information within the State of Michigan websites. Free weekly deliveries: If you order a minimum of one standard case of in stock items totaling at least 9000ml with each ADA, you will received free delivery. The new OLO system requires all users have an email address. There may be cash handling fees depending on your location and the ADA. On the login page of the new OLO system, select “Forgot my Password”. Please note: password reset request for the Michigan Wholesale Product Registry (MWPR) should be emailed to Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-154, in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many upcoming meetings of boards and commissions within LARA will be conducted electronically. Yes. Items will remain in your cart until they are removed.

Unsaleable items may be returned to the ADA for credit. This user is established as the owner in the OLO system. Licensees can begin the registration process in the new OLO system once the system goes live. Adult Foster Care and Homes for the Aged Facilities; Child Care Homes and Centers; Children's or Adult Foster Care Camps; Healthcare Workforce Background Check Information; Hospitals, Hospices, Surgery Centers, Nursing Homes, Substance Abuse This link should be used for licensees who have registered their email address and wish to add an additional license to order for. After the quantity is determined, select “Add to Cart”. This tab will NOT display orders placed directly through an ADA or salesperson.

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