If Peter had never left Narnia would have never happened. Lucy knew better than to question the High King before his subjects so she had bided her time, keeping quiet until everyone had left the room to perform their tasks. Caspian asked the Valiant Queen. But even if she wasn't in her old body she deserved more respect from her sibling than what she was getting. But why hadn't she been returned to her old body. Not even one inch had been added to her height since her return. Edmund leaned back against a tree, his eyes rising up to the clouds, "Astrid was the smartest, prettiest, most snarky wood nymph I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have given a nickname to Eustace . Disclaimer: I don't own Narnia, Aslan, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, Tumnus, Orieus, or pretty much anyone you could recognize from the books/movie. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&. REWRITTEN. There were times I wanted to banish her from the country and a couple times I almost did." At any other time the sight of a small child acting in such a serious way and saying such things towards a grown man would have been almost comical, but not now, right now, they were a king and queen arguing each one over what they thought was for the best. Aslan looked at his little Queen for her answer; she seemed to contemplating this situation. Suddenly they were completely surrounded by the enemy. The magical voice echoed through the walls. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue or not?

the fearless voice of the Valiant Queen followed by more battle calls as hundreds and thousands of Narnians flooded the battlefield. When Peter and his brother and sisters left Narnia, they left someone very important behind. She took one step closer to her eldest brother, her eyes cold and flashing an icy blue with her anger. A silence surrounded the How as the great Lion himself materialized in front of the Narnians. The others had noticed Peter's growing fatigue but made little comment. *sweeps all my reviewers into a hug and hands them cookies*. Like, once a week, hopefully less but I am having a friend beta and she is as busy as me. "Caspian did we win?" Who are you?" Lucy knew better than to question the High King before his subjects so she had bided her time, keeping quiet until everyone had left the room to perform their tasks. When Jadis, also … "I had already accepted my fate Aslan…and I don't regret coming to Narnia…I could never regret coming to Narnia." It will be completely wrong for a single ruler to rule a land of such diversity.". Caspian rocked her back and forth before she clamed down. "I take it the legends were wrong then when they spoke of only you four. Rise my King and Queen of Narnia. Queen Lucy tiredly returned to her chambers when she was shocked by voice of the King, " Did it go well?". "Lucy," She said. She did not care what her sibling thought. It was Lucy's second birth as a true Narnian. She could not bring back the dead, she could only fan the faintest flame of life, not light it from nothing. He had wanted to fight Aslan, to plead Lucy to come back. The King smiled, "Your Dagger had pretty much sealed our victory." She whispered to no one in particular. For a moment he had hopped that it was Liliandil who had returned. Although he was very happy for her return, it had also intensified his guilt for betraying her trust as a kind hearted King.
Lucy still adorned the blue gown but a silver cape was added into the mix. What was there to say to each other when the same thought was on all their minds? Applauds surrounded the whole castle as the people shouted, "Long live King Caspian….Long live Queen Lucy!". "These are the ones who are left and you are risking their lives with this stupid plan of yours," she hissed angrily. a distant sound was heard as the Valiant Queen opened her eyes. There was only so much her vile of healing liquid could do. When Susan had left he had felt bad but he had accepted it very easily. As Caspian was pushed aside by Lucy he hit the ground then he heard a loud scream of agony.

She gave each of her siblings a good glance up and down and she felt a tightness come to her chest and useless tears prick at the corner of her eyes eyes that were far more mature for a nine year old. I'm thinking I'll flip between Narnia past and present, like this one was present and the next will be past, you know; keep the story moving since there's so much to do. "Katerina was intelligent, kind, courageous, and, most importantly, the starkest and most aggravating person I had ever met. With Liliandil gone there was no one who treated him in such a informal tone. When he had found Lucy drenched in blood with the sword in her shoulder, he had finally realized his true feelings for her. ", "I was twenty two when General Oreius became my husband," Susan added, one arm going around Lucy and her other hand falling to her stomach. His army was reduced to shambles and they were in the brink of loosing the war. She was not a leader as Peter was, she never planned battles like Edmund did, she was not good with her words like Susan was, yet she was here when others would never be allowed to come back. The clan leader of the centaurs spoke up. Bellezza was the name of her first horse during her reign. They had all insisted on being treated as adults when they had returned home, getting angry and resentful when they weren't and yet they were acting more like children now than they ever had and through their actions back home had been labelled 'children' more than once. And marry me she did, and we stayed married for twelve years.".
I have shed blood for Narnia just the same as any of you three. She sighed; it was hard to believe that Caspian had changed so much.

", "I'm not sure, Queen Susan," Trumpkin began but the other children, however, were nodding in agreement so the dwarf relented; their meager food was brought forth and all seated themselves as comfortably as they could.

One of those bulky soldiers tried to stop Lucy but found himself stabbed with a sword to his chest. Caspian suddenly felt rejuvenated then he heard it, "For Narniaaaaa!" The others had just turned back to their lunch when Peter's quiet voice broke in. He ran a hand through his hair as he steadied himself with a deep breath.

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