The alerting sounds of alarms that go off at 5:00 in the morning reminding me that it was time to play the role of a suffering slave whose efforts to love her mother were null and void. Why don't you spend time with me like we did? Though i did not expect you, it was never a mistake don't hit me i did nothing wrong. Don't you love what you brought to the world? I know what hate smells like. Explaining Hate. What did i do mother for you to hate me so much? I guess he was busy.

This isn't right..... Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". All the tears. The sensational aroma of a handcrafted masterpiece that I left me standing over a burning stove top, with only the little knowledge that my illiterate brain contained. My mother hates me….oh yea she hates only solution was god but not even he thought I was important enough to rescue me. Do you wish for me to die?

my mother hates me, and I’ve notice this by the freshly sharped daggers that lye in her eyes that would always seem like they were meant for me. I cried but the many tears that I shed meant nothing because the god that I gave myself to, decided not to show up that day. Stop it. My mother never knew this, but I was always parched with an endless thirst for the love and affection of a mother who, instead of treating me like a daughter treated me as if I were biodegradable litter, even though I knew that the small percentage of love she had for me lied somewhere in the cold brick of ice that she claimed as a heart. Does my mother actually hate me?" The acidic flavor continuously crept back in my mouth like a thief would creep through an innocent’s home. Well, everyone has issues with their parents at some point in their lives. All the laughs. No affection shown to me Why don't you spend time with me like we did? I did nothing wrong ... Tina L. Seidel, Im Sorry For All I Did Mom By I just wish everything would STOP. through the years . I understand your feelings now mother,

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Tears stream down my face Her mother shows no affection towards her. I'm supposed to think she loves me? You yell at me and blame me all the time. Yelling, screaming, telling me I drive her crazy

I know how you feel my life is like that now and always has been. Still cling in my head, Still live in my heart.

The smells would scatter around the room and find its way to my mouth would water. Were you touched by this poem? No one to hear me scream inside.

My Auntie By

I know that when we have visitors over, that I’m supposed to paint a smile over my permanent frown. Do NOT submit poems here, instead go to the. No kisses or hugs for me 'Mom hates me,' I think to myself a mother supports a child and her dreamsa mother tells you right from wrong a mother provides for you . No don't shout mother, don't put the blame on me once again, the moment you were born i loved you so. You don't know the full story -you choose to assume the pain and the glory the darkness and gloom. I don't know I do it, It's not on purpose Don't you love me mother? The ill appearance of a woman whose face grows pierced with anger. How is that, through cold eyes as she screams? George Naylor, Mother Child Poems

To my room and shut the door

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