The Shockwave’s Raptor grip is much more natural to hold and allows for improved recoil management compared to a cruiser grip. Me, “What are you going to do with that?” Phil, “Qualify.” Me, “You forgot to put a stock on it.” Phil, “Don’t need one.

Stay tuned. While these are based on our opinions, you might find an accessory that may be better for you. Usually just the sound of a shotgun being cocked is enough to scare anyone off, although it’s still important to have a weapon you can trust if you need it. Out of Stock. For reference, I fired a few rounds of standard buckshot from the 7-yard line. Required fields are marked *.

Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. Your Mossberg 590 Mariner will function in the worst of environments and ensure you and your loved ones are protected in any weather conditions.

In the boonies and it sleeps fine under my bed. FEATURES: Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation. Regardless, we hope you enjoy your Mossberg 500 or 590 for whatever you intend to use it for. Your email address will not be published.

© Copyright 2020O.F. You’d be much better off with a 5.56 caliber rifle. The 590 Tactical definitely fits that description; it’s surprisingly easy to field strip and can handle all kinds of harsh conditions. Holds all 9 pellets of 00buck on a human silhouette at 15 yards. Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 Gauge 14" Barrel 6Rd 50659 - $289 The Legendary Mossberg Pump-Action Relliability in a compact 14" Barreled Package. I don’t like a lot of stuff sticking out because I like keeping it in a scabbard. IMHO the difference in length doesn’t really justify the lack of a more useful grip.

You’re one of those rare individuals that were blessed at birth knowing all there is to know about defensive techniques. The first several rounds of birdshot made for some great fun. You said it Cooter. As a first for mag‐fed shotguns, the 590M design features a patented double‐stack magazine constructed with hardened‐steel feed lips, over‐molded steel shell ramps and an anti‐cant, rounded follower to ensure reliable feeding. Shotguns Most people assume…, NOTE:  This week our Media Relations Director and industry friends are in Africa at Fort Richmond Safaris.

It is, though, d*** good within household distances for those who put in a little practice and care to master it. Depuis plus de 75 ans, tireurs, armuriers professionnels, amateurs, militaires / armuriers des forces de l'ordre ou encore as du bricolage d'armes à feu se sont tournés vers pour s'approvisionner en pièces et fournitures de haute qualité dont ils ont besoin.

However, that shotgun is a lot longer than a Shockwave and therefore harder to discretely store, transport, or even conceal under a coat. during rapid fire recoil , which I came close to doing . All rights reserved. To read a copy of the letter from the BATFE Safety and safe firearms handling is everyone’s responsibility. In which category, then, does the Mossberg Shockwave fall…tool or toy? By Type. Judge too. This 590 variant cycles and operates so smoothly and field strips in moments.

I’ll have to wait to purchase one until Oklahoma straightens out the language in its statute regarding, “sawed-off shotguns” for that to happen. Good review, thanks. In my 78 years of experience, most people mostly are full of crap in nearly every subject they approach, including guns, shooting, and self defense. Privacy Policy | Right now it sits in a coffee table in my living room. Classified as fully-compliant by the BATFE, This model has a. In addition, the Mossberg 590 tactical shotgun is outfitted with an ambidextrous safety and finished in blued matte.

Maybe the author would be interested. Nous vous garantissons votre satisfaction à 100% -Toujours. At the fifteen-yard line, the groups opened up to between 2.5” and 2.9”. You said it, DanO.

If you’re a pistol guy/gal, or prefer a full sized shotgun, great. To view current inventory for the Mossberg 590 click the Mossberg 590 button below. (I’ve found a few, short Youtubes, demonstrating that they’ll run a magazine’s worth–which was claimed to be a capacity of 10, in place of the standard 5 1–but nothing convinced me that any longterm testing had been done.). This makes it a great addition for any of your security needs. One thing I did was get an OpSol Mini-Clip (cheap) and installed it on the shell lifter so that I could use Aguila 1-3/4″ shotshells in either buckshot or rifled slugs – I think the magazine holds 9+1 and they would be quite effective at household ranges. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. That being said, if you own a boat, yacht, or even live by the beach, you should really consider beefing up your security with one of these guys. (The instant that a righteous defender presents a Shockwave, all thugs will immediately be tripping over themselves to exit the area post haste which is a positive outcome to say the least.).

Links to actual articles and vids would be much appreciated, in addition to your (collective) experiences. The potential score is 90 with a minimum passing score of 63 (70%). Although it depends on your own preference, I can’t praise these ghost sights enough. Reliability * * * * * The negatives of the Raptor bird’s head grip are similar to those of the cruiser grip. ?, profit? If your home state doesn’t hate fun like mine does, go get yourself one. In reference to self-defense tools, my personal rule has always been if I wouldn’t take it to a high-round-count school, it’s just a toy. Sucker every minute. Of course a traditional shotgun with a buttstock placed against your shoulder is ergonomically far superior to any shotgun with a bird’s head or pistol grip only.

The Mossberg Shockwave is a Mossberg 590 with a shortened barrel and the Raptor Bird’s Head style pistol grip, instead of a traditional shoulder stock. I remember a number of years ago we were at the range for qualification. Gauge: 12 Capacity: 6 rounds Barrel Length: 14.375 Sight: Brass bead Choke: Fixed cylinder Finish: Blued Overall Length: 26.37 inches Weight: 5.25 inches MSRP: $455 (about $300 retail) What is this?

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