Intact Although she knocks out Merlin, Douxie and Claire beat her, with Claire sending Morgana to the Shadow Realm. It's unknown if it's the armor's magic or Morgana's protecting her, but most likely both. Behind the Scenes Although Morgana looks remarkably human, Merlin once implied that she's probably something else (regardless if she even was human to begin with). Protecting the wearer from damage What caused her to hate King Arthur in the first place was his genocidal crusade against trollkind because of Guinevere's death. After Jim, who became a half-troll, kills off Gunmar, Morgana continues her genocidal ambitions, and tries to make several attempts to kill the heroes one last time. Morgana is a tall, slender, and ravishing young woman, even Toby remarks how beautiful she is. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. According to Aaron Waltke, Morgana was likely born in Spring, which he calls "the season of wildness and change". She holds an intense, long-term grudge against Merlin and everything associated with him, like his Trollhunters ever since he took her left hand to create his champions' Amulet of Daylight (though it can be argued that he mostly did it because of her betrayal, which would also make this excuse extremely petty compared to her past horrendous actions). However, she chose to enslave him instead by transforming his soul into a ring called the Inferna Copula, so he would be forced to do as she says. In the battles that followed, Morgana expressed remorse and wisdom that had come from self-reflection and understanding that her mistakes and sufferings and the consequences that resulted of them were her own doing, and so sought to redeem herself and entrust the future to a new generation of protectors. Eventually, when Gunmar was banished to the Darklands by Deya the Deliverer, Merlin banished Morgana into the Heartstone beneath what would eventually be known as Arcadia, but he lost most of his magic in the process. The color of Morgana's magic is golden yellow. Her armor was revealed to have been made by the Arcane Order.

Eldritch QueenPale LadyBaba YagaMother of MonstersArgante, Kill Merlin and anyone who stands in her way (failed)Create the Eternal Night (succeeded)Commit genocide on all of mankind (failed), Tormenting her enemiesMurdering innocents (all formerly). It is revealed that the reason for her fall into evil was that she believed her old master, Merlin, and other people of Camelot turned on her when she reveals just how much she despised how they treated everything involving magic, including the creatures and spell casters. Morgana was a human witch who was born in planet Earth and was King Arthur's sister. Merlin †Angor Rot (formerly) †Gunmar †Bular †The Arcane Order (formerly)Claire NuñezToby DomzalskiBlinky GaladrigalAAARRRGGHH!! MagicShadow Staff (formerly)Staff of Avalon (briefly)Knives (formerly)The Arcane OrderKing Arthur † Occupation While they eventually raid GDT Arcane Books, Morgana goes to the Shadow Realm to save Arthur's soul, who she believes is mind-controlled by the Order. TV Shows

Given that one of her names is "Eldritch Queen", she's likely a humanoid-type of, According to Strickler, due to her link to the Shadow Realm, Morgana casts no shadow because she, She is the fourth female major antagonist to appear in the series, along with, Although Gunmar has been promoted and mentioned most often, Morgana is actually the ultimate true villain of the. However, the Knight realizes that Morgana is a traitor and reveals that he joined the Arcane Order by his own will in his twisted concept of redemption, as he believes that the only way to redemption is helping the Order destroy and remake the world to their liking.

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