This case has twists and turns that seem like they are stolen from a greenlit screenplay, but unfortunately, the drama is all real. Mini Morbid (Not Really), Episode 130: The History of the Ouija Mini Morbid, Episode 128: The Abduction of Jayme Closs Mini Morbid, Episode 127: Spirit & Demon Games That Will Ruin Your Actual Life, Episode 125: The West Memphis Three part 3, Episode 124: The Blackburn Cult Mini Morbid, Episode 122: The West Memphis Three Part 1, Episode 121: The Murder of Sarah Stern Mini Morbid, Episode 120: The Tragic Murder of Paige Doherty, Episode 119: Dorian Corey: The Mummy In The Drag Queen's Closet, Episode 117: Flinders Highway AKA The Highway of Death Aussie Madness, Episode 116: The Amazing Survival Tale of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Part 2, Episode 115: David Berkowitz "Son of Sam" Live at the Gramercy Theater in NYC, Episode 114: The Amazing Survival Tale Of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Part 1, Special Mini Morbid: A Chat With Jessica Clifton, Episode 113: The Keddie Cabin Murders Mini Morbid, Episode 112: The Abduction and Murder of Polly Klaas, Episode 111: Robert Ben Rhoades AKA The Truck Stop Killer.

Suddenly Christine had friends, popularity and a new boyfriend Chris Snyder. Kelly Anne Bates was a 14 year old child when she met a much older Dave Smith. For Alaina's Mini Morbid, we will take a look at the baffling case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. We wanted to do a Halloween listener tales for you to start the season off right. Next week, we dive into some gruesome crimes that have occurred within the area as well. I don’t mind the ads. Listen online, no signup necessary. Stick around for Part 2 when dirty hippie livin' takes a dark turn into manipulation and brutal murder. We have the second half of And That's Why We Drink on as our extra special guest! It’s a special Halloween episode of Crime Countdown! In Part 1, we take a look at the first 6 victims of The Boston Strangler(s) and set ourselves up to talk about the last 7, the psychology behind these crimes, as well as Albert DeSalvo's infamous confession in Part 2. Basically, we cracked it. We think your will love it, especially when digging out that extra nightlight tonight. We guarantee laugh induced hiccups at least half way into this one, join us! This is going to be a doozy of a series, weirdos. Perhaps better known as "The Blood Countess" today, she is possibly one of the most prolific serial killers to exist in history. You gals are dope love the pod keep it uppp!! Google it. Tonight it is a Listener Tales episode full to the brim with actual murderers, growling daymons, spooky ghost stories and a seriously clutch shaman. Tonight, we dive deep into the emergence of spiritualism and the creation and demonizing of the Ouija Board. Their info is well researched, well delivered and they just make me happy! It's a scary truly Listener Tales edition this week, kids. In part one, we discuss the family dynamic a bit as well as the horrific murders of Andrew and Abby Borden in the home that we are currently sitting in. In May of 1995 Scott Amedure revealed his secret crush on The Jenny Jones Show to Jonathan Schmitz. Get ya listener tales!

This week's tiny Morbid is a good old fashioned mystery/whodunit. I started listening 2 weeks ago and you are all I have been listening to, bing listening. We may never know. Hi, I’m Rebecca, a Gen Z teenager. Contains spoilers. I love how personable they are, both in the way the interact with each other and the way they “interact” with their audience. The vibrant, beautiful and talented 23 year old died horrifically when she somehow plunged from a 12th floor garbage shoot in a luxury apartment building, all the way onto the bottom floor, where she passed through a compactor before being spat out in a scene straight out of a horror film. Tonight, we don't figure it out but we sure try.

There is a lot to unpack in this case And since this family's very unfortunate new maid didn't even get the chance to unpack herself, we are here for you. Honestly, just talking about these games will chill your bones but please, don't try this at home. Make sure you check out our sponsors Murder Apparel and use our code MORBID for a special weirdo discount. Ash's Mini Morbid will take us down her dark path and out the other side where we will all probably meet for a drink because, damn Diane. Instead of a cure, she found a radiologist named Karl Tanzler who instantly became obsessed with her. If you appreciate some levity with your true crime- these 2 are perfection. Buffalo Bill's penchant for preying on the kindness of his female victims and utilizing a fake arm cast to up the pathetic quotient was ripped directly from Mr. Bundy's modus operandi. It's a weird, 1920's murder involving magic, hexes and a straight up river witch. Unprofessional. There is a lot more to this case and this family than meets the eye. The show was never aired, because the outcome was anything but expected. Strap in. The tragic, twisting and truly horrifying tale of 22 year old Chelsea Bruck's disappearance from a massive Halloween party in Monroe Country, Michigan in 2014 will keep you guessing and unfortunately, it will leave you angry as hell.Visit Murder Apparel and use our code MORBID for a 25% discount on your orderCheck out KillerTrace and use our code MORBID2018 for discount on your order.

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