You also have the option of using a 'generalist' monster with a focused partner to help average out stats, which can be useful for certain breeds that you don't want to specialize too hard with. Sub-Type 80097F80 00? Max Life 80098A4C 03E7 Max Pow. they don't take any life from your training, battles and adventures do. We know that normal combinations retain more stat points, allowing you to eventually combine into higher levels. Acquisition is a simple affair you can “buy” them from the market which sells the regulars and one seasonal monster with average stats. If you were to use Chaos Durahan , to combine with the neighbors Punchy, it might seem like it would make a good combination, BUT since Garu and Durahan are compatible, meaning they can produce a cross breed, a monster called Battleleon , that is a Garu/Durahan . As it rises from the ashes, it restores life. Learning your monsters tells is also a great way to earn its loyalty… and it’s fun. In Monster Rancher Advance 2, Bolzoi explains that most Phoenixes existing today are genetically-engineered clones of the few existing primeval phoenixes (Suzaku being one). So there is a few ways to build them up even higher. This is a list partially translated from Tecmo's Japanese Monster Rancher 2 site. 80098154 03E7 Max Ski. Posted by 2 years ago.
Used Likes / DislikesIf you need more help, we've got more Monster Rancher 2 cheats and also check out all of the answers for this game. The results, however, can tend to be quite complicated. It is unclear whether theyOnly be translated by a team of you.S. 80097DC0 03E7 Max Int.

Description not provided. From a monsters good/evil rating to their guts production or fat/thinness even monster unlocking mechanics are made secret to the player. All special breeds are notated as Primary/???. Each monster species also has at least one "rare" breed. 6. It is discovered that one primeval phoenix (which Holly nicknames Rampage) still lives on Age Island and guards the Phoenix Altar in the Promiass Ruins. herphugger. Legend has it that long ago, the Phoenix fought an evil beast, saving the world. Eventually, the idea was to get your monsters to become the next champion of the arena. Golem/Suezo indicates a monster with primary breed Golem, sub-breed Suezo, and manifests as a large humanoid figure with the bright yellow skin and single eye that are characteristic of the Suezo monster species. ( Log Out /  Making their debut in Monster Rancher 2, they are powerful, legendary monsters that must be unlocked in every game they appear in. (see Rarity List ) Now the world is a Pokemon level of nonsense world where monsters duke it out for human entertainment. Monster Rancher 2: Do parents matter when using items like the fire feather? From expeditions to foreign lands or a sale at the store for a rainy month. 80098A54 03E7 Max Int.

CourageD00938AE jjjj801FFCFC 00FFMax StrengthD00938AE jjjj801FFCDC 03E7Opponent Guts DrainD00938AE jjjj801FFC7C 0000Opponent Life DrainD00938AE jjjj801FFC5C 0000Jjjj = Joker Command Modifier0001 L20002 R20004 L10008 R10010 TriangleCircle 00200040 X0080 Square0100 SelectStart 08001000 Up2000 Right4000 Down8000 LeftIe. What is avilable now is a starting point, and will be added to and improved upon in the future.

If your monster’s loyalty is too low then it’ll waste the guts and try to get some yuks from the crowd or taunt the enemy, leaving it open to attack. For example, in Monster Rancher 2, inserting the Monster Rancher 1 disc creates a rare breed of Suezo called "Sueki Suezo", which is Suezo/???. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you do that and also give your monster special foods to boost the Training Confidence of a stat, like say Meats that boost power to ten TC's or Ten stars, shown on the second page of a monsters info section. 8009831C 03E7 Max Life Max Pow. Monster Rancher 2. reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens; Topic: Combinations. To obtain a Phoenix in Monster Rancher Advance 2, you must first unlock Dragon, Durahan, Joker, Zan, Gali, Henger, and Monol, beat the Emperor's Cup and collect all six Monster Orbs. Note that the ratio here is important; two monsters that have garbage Power, Life, Defense and high Speed, Skill, Intelligence should go well together, but if one is up at level 5 and the other is all the way up at level 8 the ratio will be off and the fusion will be considered not great. 80098A4E 03E7 Max Def. If the 'parent' monsters have similar stat levels, then the combination will go smoothly, and if those then match the baseline of the resulting monster, they'll come away from it with very high stats (i.e. Release.No. In addition to the effect listed here, Disc Chips can impart Battle Specials, and they also tilt your chances in favor of getting the same-species of Disc Chip (but can't add a species out of whole cloth to the combination). © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. You might not want to open up with this option though as the more your monster fails the more likely they’ll get hurt but… it is their only way to learn new techniques. Create a free website or blog at 80098C20 03E7 Max Int. Monster Rancher 2: Do parents matter when using items like the fire feather? Sub-Type 800984E4 00? The Phoenix is one of the most powerful monsters in the game, and excels especially in intelligence. TC's - Training confidence - the higher the confidence the higher the boost you get from training - represented by stars in the training window and Bars on the second page of "info" for a monster. A term called "Slow Roasting" the monster. Max Funds80098FBC E0FF80098FBE 05F5Date Now80099228 xxxxXxxx = 0000 (04/01/1000)1 Week = 0001 (h)All Monster Cards(Caetla / Enhancer Game) B00CC002 00 million 8009908C 0101(GameShark 2:42 + and 5000CC02 0000"Pro") 8009908C 0101Full zooming in Mode ViewD001C3CC 28218001C3D0 0000D001C3CC 28218001C3D2 0000************************************************** *************************** Breeder CODE************************************************** ***************************Breeder Grade300098FC0 00xxXx = 00 (Beginners), 01 (Grade 9), 0A (Expert)Ranch Size30098FC1 000x (x = 0-4)Size of Stable30098FC2 000y (y = 0-2)Max Purse80098FC8 E0FF80098FCA 05F5RESULTS80098FC4 xxxx = Wins80098FC6 xxxx = Losses8009903C xxxx = K.O.Xxxx = 0000-03E7Final RankE = 8009902A xxxxD = 8009902C xxxxC = 8009902E xxxxB = 80099030 xxxxA = 80099032 xxxxS = 80099034 xxxxXxxx = 0000-03E7All Emblems Won80099060 000180099064 000180099068 00018009906C 000180099070 0001Authorization Breeder NOTE:B0260001 00 million It took almost a full day for hacking30099386 0001 find the right memory location to edit, and there may very well be less. 80098320 03E7 Max Ski. The base stats of each monster are different depending on which CD was used to first create it. 80097F88 03E7 Max Ski. Certain monsters have specific techs known as cross-techs, which are only available to monsters with a certain sub-breed.

Phoenix and Mocchi). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The translation has been done by a translation program, not by a person, so it is not perfect, and many details need to be ironed out. RANDOM EVENT! 80098A50 03E7 Max Ski. Added: May 1st 2011.

WITHERING?! Description not provided. 800986B4 03E7 Max Life Max Pow. More monsters and less plot this week. However, in Monster Rancher 3, this feature was replaced with a system of "evolution" which altered the monsters according to the type of area they train in. That gets real tuff around level 21-22. 80097DBA 03E7 Max Def. 80098C22 03E7Slot 10 Type 80098DDC 00? Sub-Type 80098A48 00? The monster that I remember training the most was a Zuum who’s name has been lost to my memory. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Programming, or have been removed completely.28 = Some kind of genie lamp. Only training your monster when its been petted by a neighbor, that +7 or +10, ect, is like getting two training for one. 80097F8A 03E7 Max Spd. Monster Rancher 2. reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens ; Topic: Items. Monster Rancher 2 Item List.

It may have been removed from the you.S. on Max Funds 80098FBC E0FF 80098FBE 05F5 Date Now … Home PlayStation Monster Rancher 2 Game Shark Codes. 80098322 03E7 Max Spd. He was a glass cannon with grit —  he actually had a hidden trait that could allow him to endure a knock out blow with 1 hp. Release.6F = Woven Silk. 800986BC 03E7 Max Int. Each monster Species is uniquely defined by a Primary Breed, which defines its basic form and abilities, and a Sub Breed, which defines its color scheme, modifies appearance, and slightly alters some of its statistical capabilities.
Max Life 80097DB8 03E7 Max Pow. 80098DEE 03E7************************************************** *************************** RACE modifier************************************************** ***************************00 - Pixie01 - Dragon02 - Centaur03 - Color Pandora04 - Beaclon05 - Henger06 - Wracky07 - Golem08 - Zuum09 - Durahan0A - Arrow Head0B - Tiger0C - Hopper0D - Hare0E - Baku0F - Dug10 - Kato11 - Zilla12 - Bajarl13 - Mew14 - Phoenix15 - Ghost16 - Metalner17 - Suezo18 - Jill19 - Mocchi1A - Joker1B - Gaboo1C - Jell1D - Undine1E - Niton1F - Mock20 - Ducken21 - Plants22 - Monol23 - Ape24 - Worm25 - Dragon26 -? When combining for a rare, its best to use a monster that is incompatible with the one you are trying to get.

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