I absolutely love it. Cheapos are good if you want a bike that will get you from point a to b and ride ok for a while. I then dicovered that breakage on offroad rides was not covered under warranty and I was out $100-$200 each time.If this bike breaks at least it's not really any more expensive than just the repairs on my last bike. Obviously if they are buying it at Wal-mart I am certain they dont think its going to be serious racing material. Still own it, and have riden it several times since. Had no problems with rims, which I expected, but would replace them before anymore high flying action just for safely sake. I like this bike. Also, just so that you know, I have never purchased one of these bikes, nor do I plan to. Powered by WordPress. I guess its ok for destructive learning if it lasts me about 10 trails :-) I will be saving money for buying a decent bike for spring 2013.

Just bent the mount back with a huge pair of pliers, the derailleur barely had a scratch. 400 miles the bottom bracket is starting the click from time to time and I need to adjust the rear shifter/cable.

I got it for my b-day. @Shawn H, yes I think you would have problem because the disc brake would prevent you from mounting the rack needed to hold the kid seat, so you would have mount to the seat stays. No punctures or flats. And I felt that the poster was misinterpreting my position. It's perfect for that. Just take them apart and sand down the pads and rotors a little and they are good as new. While its great to leave helpful comments for readers its not okay to just keep bashing every comment from other people. After going over every nut and bolt and adjusting everything, I got my money's worth after a few trail rides. A light chrome moly steel frame, much lighter than this bike and 10x stronger. @braydenbarretthay building his own fun! And so it goes with just about every part of the bike.

Upgrades on a shitty bike just means it's a shitty bike with upgrades!

All Rights Reserved. i guess to each his own i have the same lvl componets on mine as alot of the trek's that i have seen so you say it is not a MTB but i say diffrent and since when is it more important what you spend on a bike than how much fun you are having getting out of the house and Riding yes i admitt the way the Deception is set up from the store no it will not stand up to huge trails but its just like anything eles the better the upgrades the better the ride...But no mine does not spend weeks in a bike shop everything that has been done i have done myself this is not my first bike i went from a gary fisher 26er to this bike and i am having a blast with this bike (At my Own Risk).... Is it just me or does this Mark guy seem like a hater. Side note: they offer a warranty for $9. @mark yes i am doing the work myself and i have less than and any entry lvl you buy you have to do upgrades so i dont get your point there and even the entry lvl Diamond Back has the warning sticker on the fork saying it is not for off road use so does that make it less than a MTB or since it was not bought at a Big Box Store that makes it better ??? :) :) :) :). Any suggestions on upgrades that would make my riding experience even better? Ahonk!

I was was incredibly skeptical, and a little embarrassed to take it down to the local trails. i know ill be replacing parts, but its an awesome starter bike id reccomend it to anybody. This can also be seen with the Genesis 29er.

It rode ok.

The only rack that I know of that lets you do that is the one from Topeak, however, you still need the hard points near the seat tube that I don't see on this bike. Excelent frame,I put a few part from my other Bike,cranks KCNC,X9,carbon handle bar,DT SWISS RIMS,Race King tires,Selle seat,.My other bike brake the frame two times in one year,it cost me 3K,when the new frame arrive,Im selling it.The Impasse is holding all the abuse I put on ,7 month with no cracks.EXCELENT ,STRONG FRAME.
What you bought is not a mountain bike but if you ride it like one it's at your risk. This post is merely based on observations and correlation of facts accessible through the interwebs.
3.8 out of 5 stars (6) Total Ratings 6, $19.99 New. Unless you live on your bike (most of you don't) you won't be able to tell the difference between this 200 dollar bike and an 800 dollar bike. wow who spends this much time bashing a low end specific bike as if it were claimed to be performance race bike?

I Just can't find or see the difference between the impasse & deception I've looked on different forums n sites even went down to Walmart to look at a deception They had their the only difference on that deception was it lacked the rear disk breaking system & its the only deception ive seen like that but generally speaking they are the same.

Theme: Shophistic Lite by Quema Labs. … I'm in FL look up on you tube Ameila Airheart Park Hialeah FL and Marcom Park FL and come down and have some fun. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. It does not matter what you ride or he trails you ride, I do it for the love of the sport. Kestrel 4000 Shimano Ultegra Bicycle, Satin Black/Gold, 55cm/Medium, Diamondback 2013 2nd Assault Dirt Jump and Park Bike with 26-Inch Wheels Builders are experts with motorized bicycles. I do have a problem with the slamming of the quality of the bike. @AKE, you need to remove or swap out a lot more to get this bike down to 30 lbs.

heck trek is made in asia now. Its the best thing I've ever done to a bike!

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