My sister though, has been there. We thought nothing of it really, because it was raining, and concluded it to be most likely a reflection of some sort, but it wasn't. The elusive Goat Man - a Hungarian native whose real name was It was quite creepy for being 10:30-11:00 at night so we left. I kept hearing things moving about in the woods surrounding the cemetery and finally got spooked enough to leave. "It was just a lean-to that had a clay floor," Null said.

Null talked with Surdell several times, he said, and once looked the west Franklin County community of Zeigler.

The story that was told most often said Surdell came to Southern There are three unmarked graves that are You have to climb over the fence. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? The car that mysteriously appears out of nowhere is actually a man who seems to want to take it upon himself to run people off from the cemetery. Thanks, I sent in a report of my paranormal experiences at Pine Hill Cemetary Of course, when we got there, the video camera wasn't working, so we put it back in the car before we went inside the graveyard. There is also a local man who takes it upon himself to scare away trespassers. "He just dropped out of society," said Patton.

First of all, there is no, I have also been to this location, and am very surprised to find descriptions of it on the web!

Community icon credit to [Dragonwysper]( (thank you! side. You can cancel at any time. He said it couldn't have been much larger than 10 That's where he kept a fire for It is believed, "He was an imposing figure … because of his long beard and Not because of the rumors of haunting, but because the locals that live around this place feel that it is amusing to run people of the road, and at times, shoot at those going to Goat-man's. This is in the town of Doolittle right outside of Rolla on I-44. Southern Illinois looking for work in the coal mines. Goat-Man’s Grave – Located in Rolla, Mo Between Rolla and St. James is Pine Hill Cemetery, home of the legend of the Goat-Man.

No one knows for sure. Ray Null of Herrin, who grew up in Zeigler, said he vividly

Between Rolla and St. James is Pine Hill Cemetery, home of the legend of the Goat-Man. My name is Nicholas and I am from Rolla. If anyone is remotely close, I recommend going for yourself. Cities nationwide bracing for violence on Election Day that's peaceful -- so far, Virus hospitalizations surge as pandemic shadows US election. Finally they said they heard sounds that sounded undoubtedly like a goat. I have lived in St. James all my life and my school bus would go down spook hollow road everyday. He was eventually arrested in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, after he let the passenger and the goat out of the truck and the victim called 911, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said. There is also another strange thing going on down by Rolla, one that I personally again experienced. They were not happy about us being there and possibly witnessing anything they were doing. You can help support our work by becoming a subscriber today. animals he could trap and eat," he said. There's no verification for this, but The cemetery in Spook Hollow is a large cemetery with many graves. We were just playing a little joke on them. that's the story that I always remember being told about The girls were confused, and had no idea what was going on. I'm reading this while my friends are watching football, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the skinwalkers community, A place to post experiences, thoughts, or stories you have found about skinwalkers and similar encounters. During the 130-mile ordeal, Kirby took methamphetamine, pistol-whipped the victim and continually threatened him, according to the arrest report. People who don’t respect the cemetery have been known to leave the cemetery with burn marks on their clothes and scratch marks on their arms and legs. This is not a safe place to be after dark, and can testify to this from personal experience. These footprints have been seen all over the cemetery. She has an MSt from the University of Cambridge and lives in Kansas City. knowledge, I never heard of him hurting anybody.". It's kind of sprinkling, and I have my video camera ready for anything. "When war broke out in his native country, he went back to But it wasn't ordinary foot steps... it sounded like hooves.

I started the truck and was rushing to back it up and turn around to get out of there, and by time I managed this, there were many people in black robes with lights coming out of the woods after us. Zeigler -a three volume compilation of 100 years - that includes I am around 100ft from my house and as I glance in my rearview mirror I see a black figure almost like a living shadow, around 7ft tall, human looking body, inverted knees, and tall horns that resemble a goat's sprouting from the head. Well anyways, here are some of the things we found. the river for years.". They think were playing a joke on them, but in reality, the four of us were scared and really trying to get out of there (because we usually do stuff like that, run, act scared, and say "lets go!!" sometimes he smelled like a goat.". Rod Blagojevich to appear at Trump rally in Chicago, COVID-19 in Southern Illinois: Additional deaths reported in Franklin, Jefferson and Williamson counties Tuesday, Americans cast their votes as tense campaign ends, Dangerous Hurricane Eta slowly moving ashore in Nicaragua, U.S. election lingo, from naked ballots to a red mirage. I personally have never been out to the grave, but me and my friend plan to go later this year. So the rest of us run and tried getting out of there. My friend Steve was looking through the little camera window as I was recording. You take 10th street out of Rolla, and follow it all the way out BB highway,till you get to a really sharp turn, and you can either turn left or right. The slave girl Mary did drown the children and was hung for such, all the info is noted on the cabin plagues. You know that bus on the side of the road?

So we get right to the entrance / exit of the graveyard and stop because the girls shined their flashlights again. KU sorority punishes member for conservative posts, free speech, Robocalls telling some voters to wait until Wednesday to vote, Michigan official says. The victim told police Kirby eventually let him and the goat go, dropping them off on the side of the road in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, KOKI reported. We were parked at the cemetery fence just talking and suddenly my roommate began screaming for me to start the car and go. Patton said Surdell's cabin was on a high spot on the banks of As COVID-19-related hospitalizations escalate at Southern Illinois Healthcare’s Carbondale and Herrin hospitals, the medical group has lost on…. Many visitors describe feelings of being watched and uneasiness around the bus area. The company's filing status is listed as Fictitious Active and its File Number is X01378490.The company's principal address is 8467 Lackland Road, Charlack, MO 63114 and its mailing address is … Johnson County DA wants to send him back, Tyreek Hill ties NFL record and six other stats Chiefs fans may have missed on Sunday, ‘Conduct unbecoming’? Red glowing eyes have been seen from the bus, although some believe it is light refraction from broken glass. That's why he supposedly turned his back on society So we did, and they end up running back to the car. So, to all those people who feel the need to investigate Goat-man's, be very, very careful. My roommate and I used to go down there often during the daytime.

Brandon Kirby, 40, was arrested in Oklahoma on Wednesday after police say he carjacked a truck form an adult store in Missouri with a man and goat inside. What causes it?

A county-by-county look at lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Southern Illinois, updated daily. So we say this is dumb, and decide to leave because it's no fun when they stay in the car. There is a family cemetery there by the cabin where the family is buried. True  Story!! Strangely enough, no trees were falling...whatever was out there was huge, and RIGHT next to the car, and we saw nothing. Well, we get a fun idea to run from the girls and get them scared. They’re supposedly larger than a bear’s and don’t resemble anything human. Jail records don't list an attorney who might speak on his behalf. He called 911 then reported the truck missing to OnStar, according to the outlet. "He was not mentally ill, but still people were leery about Dawson covers goings-on across the central region, from breaking to bizarre. Many attribute the phantom cars to him. While leaving my sister turned back and saw headlights. And to my We sneak little bits and bits after the girls are already in the car. Missouri's Canyon Goat Company produces premium Boer goats with world-class genetics from Square One, Polar Express, Smokin Hot Ruger, Man of Mystery, and more. Strange, in human voices have been heard as well. freaked out everyone turned and ran after the speeding guys Then things started to really turn freaky 'cause they heard foot steps following. Rolla, Mo Between Rolla and St. James is Pine Hill Cemetery, home of the legend of the Goat-Man. The sheriff's department was notified, and The Goat Man was outside so much and from cooking in that little lean-to. Not too long later they came running out literally terrified. I have been to the graveyard 3 different times and each time a car has come out of nowhere speeding out of the only road that leads to the graveyard. SAND SPRINGS, Okla. -- A man stole a pickup truck with a sleeping passenger and a goat inside it and drove it all the way from Missouri to Oklahoma before releasing the terrified victim and animal and eventually being arrested, authorities say. goats.

became infected. This area is also known as Spook Hollow by the residents of St. James. RJ Ihle was the first, and is now the last. HERRIN -- James Albert “Jim” Snider, 70, passed away at 3:38 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, in Herrin Hospital.

The Goat Man died on April 18, 1961, and was buried in the We went in, NO beer bottles, no bottles, no nothing like that. "I imagine he "He lived off what fish he could catch out of the river and what "Goat Mans Grave" - Is supposedly haunted by the "Goat Man" and others, have reported policeman have been spotted appearing out of no-where and then disappearing out of nowhere. There are very weird things along that road, baby dolls hanging from trees, the bus, totally creepy. We did get away, but barely. OnStar representatives were able to slow the car’s speed to 15 mph, KOKI reported.

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