Big Diomedes is 1.3 kilometers (0.81 mi) west of the IDL. Numerous successful crossings without the use of a boat have also been recorded since at least the early 20th century. The men had visas but the western coast of the Bering Strait is a closed military zone.[2]. [5], In 1987, swimmer Lynne Cox swam a 4.3-kilometer (2.7 mi) course between the Diomede Islands from Alaska to the Soviet Union in 3.3 °C (37.9 °F) water during the last years of the Cold War. Where are the Most Remote Islands in the World? The the Chukchi Sea lies to the north and the Bering Sea to the south. The Bering Strait (Russian: Берингов пролив) is a strait of the Pacific, which separates Russia and the United States slightly south of the Arctic Circle at about 65° 40' N latitude. If the Tunnel is driven under Bering Strait will Orient meet Occident with Smile – or with Sword? In 1998, Russian adventurer Dmitry Shparo and his son Matvey crossed the frozen Bering Strait on skis. Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld in 1878–79 sailed along the northern coast of Siberia, thereby proving that there was no northern land bridge from Asia to North America. Notable towns on the American coast of the Strait include Nome (3,788 people) and the small settlement of Teller (228 people). The present Russia-US east–west boundary is at 168° 58' 37" W. The Strait is named after Vitus Bering, a ... Defense Mapping Agency topographical map of the Bering Strait, 1973. The groups were: seven Alaskans, who called their effort Paddling Into Tomorrow (i.e.

They were treated well and given a tour of the village's museum, but not permitted to continue south along the Pacific coast. At its narrowest point, the gap between Russia and the mainland of Alaska is 55 miles wide. The islands were named after the Greek saint Diomede by Danish-Russian navigator Vitus Bering who sighted the islands on August 16, 1728, the feast day of the saint. In 1732, Mikhail Gvozdev crossed it for the first time, from Asia to America. A strait 320 kilometers (200 mi) wide would let the Japan Current melt the Arctic Ocean. However, if including the Russian-owned island of Big Diomede and the American-owned island Little Diomede, Alaska and Russia come as close as 2 1/2 miles to one another. The ice retreats northward by the summer and the waters during the summer are completely ice free. Interestingly enough, Big Diomede is owned by Russia while Little Diomede is owned by the US. [26] Soviet scientist D. A. Drogaytsev also opposed the idea, stating that the sea north of the dam and north-flowing rivers in Siberia would become unnavigable year round, and the Gobi and other deserts would be extended to the northern Siberia coastline. There exists a geographic point where two of the largest countries in the world are separated by less than three miles. During the Cold War, the section of the Bering Straight that passes between the two islands was nicknamed the “Ice Curtain”. Since the IDL separates the two islands, they are also referred to as Tomorrow Island and Yesterday Isle. The narrowest distance between mainland Russia and mainland Alaska is approximately 55 miles. Until about 10,000 years ago people and animals moved freely back and forth.

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