Nicknamed “Grease Gun” because of its uncanny resemblance to the automotive tool, machining was kept to a minimum, and the gun’s Parkerized finish made no effort to conceal the welds and seams. Like other battle rifles before and since, the M1 Garand was set up to accept a bayonet. As good as the arm was, it was occasionally altered and upgraded in 1940, resulting in the Model 1918A2. He was a fan of the M1 Garand, but his main criticism of that gun was the weight. The rifle is all correct Winchester, including the stock, but the stock has been "enhanced" by a previous owner with a sli, WORLD WAR II US STANDARD PRODUCTS M1 Carbine .30 Caliber Light Rifle WW2 1943 Dated Underwood Barrel for World War 2 Here we present a U.S. M1 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle, manufactured in 1943, The Carbine's barrel date is 12-43. I don’t if replica folding stock are still made but they are still available.

The rifle had a flush, five-­round magazine that could be loaded by a stripper clip, and there was a side-­mounted sling arrangement adopted from the earlier Karabiner Model 1898 AZ (Kar 98AZ). The letter said he’d picked it up behind Utah Beach and carried it home after the war. The Barrel date is 10-43.

So a lot of the criticism of the M1 Carbine comes from people trying to use it to replace the main battle rifle and that’s not something it was ever really intended to do. Manufactured at a number of sites in Germany and elsewhere, premier K98k rifles were works of art with most parts being machined; fit and finish was generally top-­notch. These were superb arms designed towards the latter part of World War I by John T. Thompson. Please consider, Looking for a light and compact weapon to equip its new Airborne units, the US military adopted.

The first center fire rifle I fired was one of these.

It’s about 7.8 inches longer than the M1 Carbine. The No. It has all of the correct parts for the serial range and time frame. The bore Is in fine condition. The M1 Carbine in WWII The original idea behind the M1 Carbine was essentially to replace the 1911. On the other hand, the .30 Carbine does have better ballistics than .45 ACP, generally speaking.

Ultimately, fabricated at a trio of sites with some parts furnished by sub-­contractors, several million were turned out between 1940 and 1945. Every field of collecting attracts fakers, forgers, and crooks. Various models, or so-­called “Marks”, were seen in the trenches, but the apex of the series was the Mark VI that appeared towards the end of the conflict.

Plainfield Machine donated another fifty M1 Carbines to local PDs for riot duty.

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