Get that new you ready to launch. You may have spent 2019 clicking the heels of those red Jimmy Choos for all you were worth, Libra. If you have adult children, you could find yourself a grandparent (or should I say GLAMparent as this is your glittering, showy 5th house!). This is a house you are comfortable in (or should be), due to it being ruled by your ruler Venus. Taurus video horoscope Love and the desire for love has a tremendous impact on a Libran, particularly in their younger years. In a nutshell: Move on up away from home and career restrictions in 2020, Libra. Jupiter rules amongst other things long distance travel, […], The Moon in Astrology – Your emotional power Don’t underestimate the Moon in astrology. Get accurate love and career forecasts for Libra today and find out what the stars predict for your star sign! The ending of restrictions and a fresh direction is both your end and a fresh start this month. Ensure everything that is agreed is in writing. Your best gift and the one that lasts this birthday is making a present of yourself to yourself. Romance is your drug of choice. Of doors opening when they have been continuously slammed in your face since the end of 2017. Mortgages, leases, banks, landlords, sharers, buying, selling and renting, renovations, Airbnb, your salary or changing family dynamics all may have had their role to play. Don’t get emotional about it. … Perhaps accommodating to a fault, you’re prone to taking other people’s needs into consideration before acting. Saturn rules age and timing but many people forget that this can work either way. As this is your house of travel, travelling back to somewhere you love or reconnecting to a past one are high possibilities now. The world sits up and takes notice now as it opens doors.

Some people get lured into a false sense of security when they have a Libran boss. This day also sees the Sun in your 3rd trine Chiron in your 7th. Represented by the scales symbol, you appreciate balance and symmetry, which means you value, perhaps much more than other star signs, the partnership element of being in a relationship. Taking a chance, opting for something or someone outrageous and untried – you may astound yourself with what you will attempt in the name of love.
Your mind works like a pendulum, weighing every possible outcome and scenario before you reach a final conclusion. The more outrageous the better. It could take the form of a new financial arrangement, source of income or long term solution to constraints. And take what you have to offer – whether on a personal or a professional front, seriously. This could re-shape your world. For the Libra star sign (September 23 – October 22) our resident astrologists, the Saturn Sisters, explain the personality and style traits of the Libra woman. Capricorn video horoscope You can therefore totally change up the image people have had of you in the past and replace it with a new one that is who you authentically are today. This can ripple across your appearance, your social media profiles and your presence everywhere. Once Venus heads direct we will see it and the North Node meet in here on Aug 5. 2021 is now ringing your doorbell and asking to be let in. Want the inside track when it comes to knowing what turns your lover on? Even if you are on a budget. Literally. Opportunity hands you a key to a solution. Mars Conjunct Neptune – Cosmic Cocktail Be careful […], Your Venus Sign – Work the love The planet Venus rules love, harmony, beauty and desire. And even get an expert to check it for you.

Nothing tops the Sun in importance. But this is all about your soul values when it comes to achievement, where you belong and the lifestyle you need to create to sustain you.

Keep copies of everything. Libra. When they have got out of a difficult relationship or a business partnership has turned sour, it is highly likely that they will never enter into another relationship or partnership again. Ruler Venus retrogrades in your 9th from May 13 until June 25. As it will meet Saturn in here the effects of all this could simply be lasting happiness. Draw up an action plan. Michele lets you in on the essential soul hacks for love success. Ruled by Venus (goddess of beauty and love), relationships are your domain. Ruler Venus opposes Chiron in your 7th at the start of November and will also oppose retro Mars on the 9th. Sagittarius video horoscope Yes, it's true that most days are like that for Libra! You are likely to meet someone who is seeking something serious. Lost passion can also be recovered when Mars also heads backwards in your 7th from Sept 10 in its ruling sign of Aries. Ensure you understand what is being said and also that others understand you in turn in December. Mercury heads direct in your 1st from the 3rd. You are kind and fair and hate disharmony and arguments. Yet nothing too extreme or over the top will fit your style bill. Mercury heads direct in your 1 st from the 3 rd. This has of course, all been down to Saturn transitting your 4th house. Boost Your Planetary Passion! Then check out our astro-seduction tips. Just as in a Mercury retro, you are advised not to enter into agreements or sign important papers now. Less is always more with Saturn. And what this adds up to for you is a lasting release or solution to all that heavy going you’ve had to put up with since 2017! This is exact on the 11th but you will feel the energy of this from the 7th. Those once-in-an-eon events I spoke of don’t contain Jupiter. Libra Compatibility: Your Shadow Sign/Soul Mate is Aries, Also swipe right for: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Your superpowers: Peaceful, diplomatic, unassuming, fair-minded, social, balancing, charming, charismatic. A systematic, strategic and practical approach is what works, Libra. If your career path is not one you have chosen yourself, you will be given the opportunity to forge your own. And head towards that lucky break in 2021, Libra. It requires your commitment.

It tugs at our emotions.

Never forget what a unique soul you are. Two words which aptly describe the romantic life of a Libran. Also, delve deep into anything you hear or are told. However, these two words aren’t necessarily associated with faithfulness! Through all this, they have a tremendous ability to appear untroubled. However, they are happy to relax a little when things are going well. Especially if you have been ‘doing your time’ honing your craft or abilities. In a nutshell: Love could take an astounding turn. Losing yourself in order to keep the other person happy is a great detriment to your self-esteem and wellbeing.

You also have a stunning Sun/Chiron trine heading your way on the 27th after the Sun enters your 3rd. Which could see you emerging from it with a new sense of foundation in place. And also communicating your values. Some Librans make a fundamental mistake by taking the first thing that comes their way instead of waiting for a better offer. And Venus will make the same angle to Uranus on the 27th. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for you to head to Prada, you’ll comb the charity shops, vintage stores and eBay for bargains that simply scream ‘class act’. If you’re energetic, grounded, and comfortable in your spiritual strength, this transit empowers you to make great strides towards your dreams. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and it’s element is Air. Look to those Saturn themes when it comes to relaunching yourself during your birthday season. Jupiter always brings solutions and opportunities. Because it rules the bedchamber. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and it’s element is Air. There’s a feeling of release from restriction. One that brings rewards, satisfaction and meaning. Rate it . Take it that all bets are off and just play with improbabilities. You were born to bring peace back to the earth, Libra. Saturn in here reduces the urge to splurge. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Sagittarius Traits And Personality Profile, ELLE, PART OF THE HEARST UK FASHION & BEAUTY NETWORK. Even the people closest to a Libra may never understand the true depths of their personality. It’s not who you are. It sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto which are still in orb in what is after all, the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. Your style may also change with Saturn in here. Plus, you shouldn’t have to wait very long once the year begins to see these themes on your doorstep knocking to be let in! What’s the secret to your sign pairing? Terms and conditions apply. If it’s the right one! Give it some serious thought – and your backing. When it comes to beauty, you take the entire cake, Libra. Expect your work to come to the attention of the people who matter now. Because you can always see two sides to every issue, it’s nearly impossible for you to pick one side exclusively. Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th from Dec 19 promises a year long streak where luck and love are on your side.

Jupiter always wants to expand our horizons in some way. Your soul lesson is to not get caught in indecision but to express your voluptuous humanity! Refining their management skills and taking a little more time to make decisions will help to keep stress levels low. This is your house of long-distance travel. Libra Love Hacks! Be it now. Home matters and family ties may have been to put it simply- hard to ground or make progress with.

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