Water hammer is a knocking or banging noise in a water line that occurs when the water valve opens and closes. Here's the difference between run-of-the-mill refrigerator noise and what's cause for concern. Compressor noises are a part of normal refrigerator operation; however compressor noises are not supposed to last longer than 1 hour and should not be loud enough to hear in another room. Proper leveling of the refrigerator, and the alignment of the door(s) of the unit are very important for proper operation of the unit. There are two types of compressors, the linear compressor and standard compressor. The noise could last for 3 to 5 minutes. Recommended solution: Apply a food grade silicon grease to stop the noise. Get a standard size coffee cup (8 ounce). Shut off the water at your house's internal water main. LG.com utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. This sound can be heard every couple of hours when oil and refrigerant flow over the exit of the inner cycle pipe. We've had our LG French Door with Freezer for 4 years with no issues. There doesn't seem to be any recourse. Popping or tapping sounds can occur for 30 - 90 seconds when the compressor begins to run, this is common to models that are equipped with a linear compressor. 39% greater rate of service calls than other major brands. NOTE: If nothing is resting against the sides, top, or front of the refrigerator, try pulling it away from the wall slightly (about an inch or more) to see if the noise stops. The compressor has to work to reduce the compartment temperature. Gurgling noise can also come from the sealed system as refrigerant moves through its components. Test the door switch according to the type: FOR PUSH SWITCH: Push-in the door switch to see if the door alarm turns back on. We can help. Please visit our Request a Repair page for a professional service. The sound is also caused when the refrigerator is not resting solidly on the floor. I know what that sound is and it's completely different. to Twitter Share They have taken 10, 000dhm plus the interest for the credit card... My family and I are interested in taking over a deed. I was disappointed with the product quality or performance. If your fridge is trying to tell you something, listen up! Level your refrigerator and align the doors. Resolved LG Refrigerator — loud knocking noise every 15 min M maggij Bought this 'frig at home dept and it's terrible. Even if your refrigerator cabinet is leveled, the doors should be properly aligned. It is then the compressors job to heat up the gas. I … Once you have the ice maker out close up the refrigerator and if the noise is gone the problem will be the ice maker. It may not display this or other websites correctly. If you are not sure of what to look for, please ask a sales associate to help you find it. Please, DO NOT SKIP this step. model no. This noise is caused when the home water pressure is a bit too high. Bought this 'frig at home dept and it's terrible. Please visit our LG Refrigerator Leveling Instructions before proceeding to the next step. If the push switch was stuck, clean the door switch with warm soapy water to reduce the chances of the door switch sticking in the future. To view a short video about normal bottom freezer refrigerator sounds: To view a short video about normal top freezer refrigerator sounds: Any other sounds may require a service technician for diagnosis. Popping or tapping sounds can occur for 30 - 90 seconds when the compressor begins to run, this is common to models that are equipped with a linear compressor. Once you've confirmed the unit is leveled, raise the temperature for a couple of days so that the frost will disappear and the noise will stop. In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. Noises from the door hinges may sound like grinding or squeaking. The fridge and freezer are holding temp just fine and I just want to stop the occasional knocking … a distraction during the day and not something one likes to hear in the middle of the night. While checking the leveling and alignment of your refrigerator, you may want to make minor adjustments to the temperature settings. The thermostat control will also click when cycling on and off. The water inlet valve can make noises when it opens to allow water to enter the refrigerator for the ice maker or the water dispenser system. If it is raised out of position with space, the door may not make contact with the push switch, and the alarm may sound when the doors are closed. hello sir, my refrigerator is over cooling...plz suggest some method to control it or send someone to repair it...m looking forward to it. If the noise stops, this is most likely the issue. Complicated junk with multiple sensors and computers. 1-1. Even if your refrigerator cabinet is leveled, the doors should be properly aligned.

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