This goes on for 3 times, but the 3rd time you might want to beat up baddies, then take a shot at Modok, I don't think you have to keep beating up the baddies, but it was going on for a while until I had Stark fire at Modok. Once its destroyed build two wall switches. Move close to allow Loki to mind control the hero. Reed transforms to knock Goblin to the ground again. Fantastic. Continue to the Checkpoint. The goal is to attack that character until the hearts are gone. Welcome to my Lego Marvel guide. I've tried to include sections for all the gold bricks, canisters, red bricks and Saving Stan. Rip off the door and proceed to a Checkpoint. Pass under the camera and stand on the red floor button. Fire one of Hawkeye's explosive arrows at the silver in front to destroy it.

Use Wolverine's senses to reveal some grips under Abomination for Hulk to pull. Hawkeye needs to jump onto and hang from the rope near the console. He opens the gate for Captain America. Alternate Builds are MOCs that can be made from only the parts found in a single LEGO Set. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The order in which you have to hit the circles is determined by the colors that flash on the bottom of the Oscorp screen.

He was standing in the center the entire time. Switch to Captain America and stand on the shield. Hover over the fire on the right side to put it out. Melt the remnants to provide the pieces to build a water fountain. Please try your search again later. Storm joins the team.

Destroy the silver clamps on the door with Iron Man's missiles. At the top of the tower, Hulk out again by holding Triangle. Juggernaut charges again and gets stuck. Keep taking out enemies until one of the containment canisters at the back of the screen opens. This activates a fan below that will lift up any other characters to this level. The sequence for hitting the circles is bottom, top, middle. Build a Fantastic Four symbol. Toss it up near the top at the wall with the orange light emitting from it. Hold Circle as Captain America and move to his location. Fury has apparently corrected the problem. Avoid these or death ensues. Walk across the beam and pull down the plug.

I was born Inext the 80 s and I remember saving to buy legos....when did they get so obscene with the cost?

Move it up and through an opening above the door.

Build a switch for Cap's shield. It will lead out into the ocean, where the team is looking for a SHIELD research station. Allow him to take control of the mind of one of the characters. Once they are gone Mandarin appears and takes control of the character that you currently are using. Start defeating enemies until Venom crashes in on the left side of the screen. Hit Goblin once to make him flee (performed easily by Widow). The little Lego "people" are his favorite part of the set and it includes five characters (Hulk, Falcon, Thor and two other bad guys I don't know.) Best advice is follow the age recommendation on the package, it has a lot of small pieces and can be overwhelming. Switch to Hulk and initiate a button press sequence to knock a heart away from Abomination. Inside the building we encounter Sandman. Use the Fantastic Four symbol to transform into a pump that pushes too much water into the tank above. Fantastic can glide from the blue platform across to the next. Switch to Torch and light the ice on the Rainbow Bridge controls a blaze. Once the guards are down destroy some blocks in the center and stand on the Captain America symbol. Pull the lever down and we can see a gold ball. Toss the block at the glowing wall to reveal a laser. Here we can activate and elevator for the others.

Toss Captain America's shield into the switch to create an elevator-platform. Hold Circle to equip Cap's shield and he will walk across the fire safely. Leap off the Helicarrier and follow the hologram to the plane where Wolverine is waiting. This activates a console that an enemy is bashing on. The Sentinel Building Set 76022 (Discontinued by manufacturer), LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown 76005, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers The Hydra Fortress Smash Set #76041, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulk vs. Red Hulk 76078 Superhero Toy, LEGO Superheroes 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission Building Set (Discontinued by manufacturer). Give Juggernaut a freeze and toss one more time. At the top switch to Black Widow, engage stealth mode to move by the cannons. Pull the grips with Hulk to proceed. Now we are underwater. Once both generators are up and running we can change Iron Man suits. Wolverine will take a ride on a platform that moves once Reed activates the console. Pass through the door only to have Goblin speed by. Using Iceman jump across. Cyclop's laser can cut an X out of the gold. Loki will mind control that character.

Destroy the gold clamps on the lower portion of the door to reach the next Checkpoint. Destroy the glowing object to reveal a switch. This places him back on the balcony but on the opposite side. Pull them down with Spidey.

The remaining pieces can be turned into an alarm clock. Switch to Reed and pull the wall plug down.

My son doesn't mind, though.

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