This is further indication that Esteban cut her face. The sword was a huge gift to Budd; to tell Bill that he sold it was just meant to be a crushing blow to his heart. Being buried alive, finding out her daughter is actually alive, killing Bill, and escaping with Bibi.The entire time, having to remain focused and keep her emotions in check. He goes back home to Jonathan and Martha Kent where he says "But I am Clark. While Tarantino wrote and directed the Kill Bill films, it does not mean every character speaking in them is a mouthpiece for his own inner thoughts. The Golden Age Superman was primarily shown in Adventures of Superman television series starring George Reeves. What seems campy by today's standard was considered a serious and faithful interpretation at release. Sheraz also writes for The Hollywood Reporter and has been a guest speaker on AJ+ and BBC News. Considering Beatrix Kiddo was his best assassin, it's fair to assume that he wouldn't have let her leave so easily without some sort of consequence. Cast credits. (6) From Dusk Till Dawn After Elle and The Bride's fight; Elle unsheathes a Hanzo sword, only to find that The Bride also has one; it is revealed that Elle killed Pai Mei; they charge; ends when The Bride plucks Elle's eye out. Why does Bill call her a natural born killer if he obviously is the same thing? "White Lotus Mountain" - Robert Rodriguez: When he sent Elle to kill her while she was sleeping, it might have been a way for him to say he was sorry by giving her "a luxury their kind is rarely afforded"—a painless, non-violent death. Sheraz also serves as Editor-in-Chief of ComicBookDebate. He also makes mention that he lives in a trailer and works in a strip bar, which obviously doesn't pay very much. Edit, Budd tells Bill, "If she wants to fight with me, all she's gotta do is come down to the club and start some shit, and we'll be in a fight." - The damage was done to her. Edit, As with Vol. Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Volume 2 includes an iconic scene where Bill says Clark Kent is Superman's secret identity, but is that really true? 2 only). When Bill says, "...unless you accept my assistance, I have no doubt she will succeed [in killing you]." (uncredited), Director's Voice Vote for this answer. Esteban likely did it because the woman was disloyal to him, and he wanted to make an example of her while also destroying any self-confidence she had. Because the Bride's name is Beatrix Kiddo. User Reviews So, Bill probably saw her coming down the hallway, told BB that she was coming, and instructed her on what to do. In addition, rumors have surfaced that if Tarantino ever makes another sequel to Kill Bill, it will focus on people seeking revenge on The Bride, as they deserve their revenge as much as The Bride deserved hers. Fox Michael Madsen Daryl Hannah David Carradine Sonny Chiba Julie Dreyfus Chiaki Kuriyama Gordon Liu Michael Parks Music byRZA CinematographyRobert Richardson Edited bySally Menke Production company A Band Apart … 2, and (5) From Dusk Til Dawn. Edit, She was afraid of what Bill would do if she was honest about her pregnancy and desire to retire. Many of his bylines are focused on the Man of Steel as he delves into the importance of these characters to society. (2) Death Proof The Bride unsheathes her sword and removes her ninja hood. "A Bride Revealed" - Robert Rodriguez: He buries her alive, but instead of just doing that, he gives her a flashlight to be buried with. | Similar if not identical to the flutes David Carradine played on Kung Fu (1972-1975). Clark wants to just be a normal human being who lives a normal life. The Bride enters Bill's hacienda, gun in hand. McGraw dies at the start of From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) (D-D), so this would place D-D's events at the end of the timeline. 1, (4) Kill Bill: Vol. "Can't Hardly Stand It" - Charlie Feathers: When he finally does become Superman, his Clark Kent self still remained at the core. For Tarantino, this would be slightly harder to line up as he was only 41 years old when Kill Bill: Volume 2 released. Esteban: "I would have been much nicer...I would have just cut your face." Sheraz has a passion for all things DC and Marvel but as a particular love for Superman. At night, the Bride wakes up, tied up, in the back of a a pickup truck. His need to investigate Gotham City and Batman had nothing to do with being Superman, and everything to do with being the best possible reporter and caring about actual people and stories. Then he realized that he couldn't do it, because Kiddo should have the opportunity to face him in battle. "Black Mamba" - The RZA: The Bride drives through Mexico to Esteban Vihaio. Bill believes Superman's purposeful portrayal of Clark as weak, unsure of himself and as a coward makes him "Superman's critique of the whole human race.". Edit, Bill's Chinese flute appears to be a Bawu flute, or at least a variation of a "free reed" bamboo flute. But the Bride is in for a big surprise. The brittle salt was unlikely to cause serious injury at long ranges, but would cause painful stinging injuries and served as a warning. "Il Mercenario (ripresa)" - Ennio Morricone: "Dies Irae" - Nora Orlandi: More: Every Adaptation Of Superman, Ranked From Worst To Best. This is one film in which he doesn't have any sort of appearance. In one of the most memorable moments in Kill Bill: Volume 2, an injured Beatrix Kiddo, played by Uma Thurman listening to Bill's monologue about the nature of superheroes, in particular, Superman. David Carradine was 67 years old when shooting the film. Edit, Likely for a few reasons. Budd phones Elle. This can be assumed by the relationship between Dr Dakota Block and Earl McGraw that is frayed in DP and most of PT, but they do make up by the end of PT. The three most popular Superman interpretations support this notion. 2 is the second half of the Kill Bill series, preceded by Kill Bill: Vol. From their lengthy conversation at the end of this movie, it's fair to deduce certain personality traits with Bill: He's unpredictable, disingenuous and ruthless. | "A Satisfied Mind" - Johnny Cash: Here only minor changes can be found. Elle driving towards Budd's trailer in her Trans-Am. Quentin Tarantino's famous Superman monologue in Kill Bill: Volume 2 doesn't actually get Superman right. While this monologue makes for a fantastic scene and works well for the film itself, it is not totally accurate when looking at the Superman character. 2 Additionally, The Adventures of Superman radio serial which ran from 1940 to 1951 did not even have the Kent family as a part of Superman's story and doubled down on the alien aspect of the hero. Bill and Budd talk outside Budd's trailer. Edit, It's just a humorous scene to again tell the audience (who has been waiting for two volumes) what the Bride's name is in case you may have missed Elle saying it. The song from Budd's record player; the Bride hides underneath his trailer. So, by murdering Budd and framing the presumed-dead Bride for it, she would have Bill all to herself. The Bride lowers her veil and approaches the altar; the camera backs out the door to reveal the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad with machine guns; they enter. The skirmish doesn't last long, however, because Beatrix ends it when she surprises Bill by administering Pai Mei's five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique on him. Given that Bill is the primary antagonist of this franchise, Quentin Tarantino might be showing how even villains can find ways to connect to our greatest heroes. However, Bill then took his fortune and left his brother to fend for himself. Aboard an airplane out of Tokyo, she crosses Venita and O'Ren off her hit list, leaving Budd, Elle Driver and Bill still to kill. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The events of DP must happen before the events of PT. Edit, When we last saw Elle Driver, she was left blinded by Beatrix in Budd's trailer with the same black mamba in the room that killed Budd. As Budd is dirt poor while Bill is rich, it was likely that Bill sent the Vipers to kill the Bride and afterward disbanded them, as he was too upset by what they all did. This is likely because he had a cameo in Volume 1, when originally Volumes 1 and 2 were supposed to be one movie. (5) Kill Bill: Vol. Kent." The Bride leaves B.B. In this episode, Clark Kent is "killed" by a corrupt detective as he was investigating the truth behind a man on death row who claimed he was innocent. Even Superman III, which had Clark reconnect with his Smallville roots, showed the Clark Kent persona he truly embodies when he interacted with his high school friend Lana Lang. It was a matter of karma and honor. But, then again, so does she." It was also a way for Budd to show Bill what his life is like now: he hocked an absolutely priceless artifact for a paltry $250. 1 Notice how he makes a vertical motion with his finger up and down his lips when he says this. Sheraz also leads superhero workshops across NYC, teaching kids literacy skills and confidence building through iconic characters. "Three Tough Guys" - Isaac Hayes: Jack Scagnetti was a popular detective and Seymour was a parole officer, etc. Why do they show the classroom scene after Elle reveals the Bride's name? Edit, One theory that's been offered is that Bill didn't just have the Vipers go after his ex-lover, but also his unborn baby. Budd exits his trailer after shooting the Bride, then disarms her. (1) Budd and Elle clearly don't like each other, for one reason or another. While it's a fitting moment for David Carradine's Bill and serves as a great narrative moment, Bill's understanding of Superman and Clark Kent and the way they relate to the world isn't consistent with the more common depictions of the character. (4) Kill Bill: Vol. He also felt she deserved to suffer for what she did to Bill, but wasn't completely heartless in his act. The Esteban scene is a bit longer in the Asian version but altogether, there's only a difference of 46 seconds between both versions. If these two versions of Superman are any indication, Bill's theory on Superman holds some validity. 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