Check out the comparrison shots below, courtesy of hupu. Look at the highlighted french “VOTRE” on the Jordan 1 tag. Besides, they seem to be in most of the cases not fully perforated, thus revealing lower quality manufacturing equipment. You must log in or register to reply here. ‘The Ten’ collection definitely changed the landscape of the sneaker scene, making Nike the preferred brand after the recent Adidas Boost madness. Let’s flip the shoe over and have a look at the sole. Prior to this release, the Chicago version of the Air Jordan 1 had been one of the most rare variations of Jordan retros.

On the other hand, the fake Jordan 1 box has visible spacing between these letters and the font is different. At the same time, the overall quality of the print is lower on the fake. If you guys have not realized, there is an “85” branding behind the side flaps.

And yes, we definitely BOLEH, watch us. NikeTalk was created as a way of giving back to both the sneaker enthusiast community and to the greater global community of which we are all a part.

Please note that this flaw is hard to spot when wearing the Jordans but it must be a dead giveaway for a fake. The indented shape can almost be considered a dead giveaway as it is a clear mark that separates the authentic and fake pairs.

We’re doing our best to make it as valuable as possible for you, as we’re aiming at building a community. We’re putting out all these guides which will be free forever, but if for some reason you still have doubts, we’re happy to have a look for you.

'Archive: Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks'. We hope this guide can help you secure your grail, and of course, feel free to request a legit check on our home page and our experts will get back to you faster than you can say Hydroxyfufu.

Worth mentioning as well is that this is a high-quality replica, thus wavy text does not occur as often as we’ll see soon — but even so, you can notice how the “SWOOSH ®” text is not straight on the fake Jordan tag. On the other hand, the original AJ1 is curving in two places: above and below the medial line. That is the only thing you need to spot: whether there are any small details that are not precise enough, which would be there as a consequence of compromises in quality. The process is simple: send us pictures of the pair you want legit checked and we’ll come back with a verdict in 24 to 48 hours (sometimes even faster). Want to learn how to spot fake Air Jordan 1’s that are out there on the market? The bulkiness of the toe box is a more reliable factor. All Rights Reserved. Below the medial line, keep in mind that the sneaker has to have almost a bell-shaped bottom in order for it to be authentic. As you can see, this leather patch that’s at the intersection point of the two swooshes has a different shape and size than what we can see in the authentic example.

The fakes have a glossy finishing on the “USA” text and are printed more consistently compared to the authentic pair. However, after seeing a stranger wearing a pair of all-white dunks in an airport, he realized how similar they look to the Jordan 1. Up next, we want to point out how the “J” and “O” are not completely separate on the fake Air Jordan 1, whereas on the authentic AJ1 example there is definitely spacing between the two. With so much attention paid to the outside world portrayed through other websites, there is a serious lack of attention paid to local brands and local culture in general. That aside, our go-to thing still applies in this real vs fake comparison above: the wings elements are printed in a poorer manner — fuzzy lines and overlapping areas can be noticed. Speaking of the shoe’s construction, we need to have a look from the rear for this following flaw on the fakes. Lastly, I’d have a look at the ™ character. While we’re trying to make these guides as easy to understand as possible, we understand sometimes time is a constraint. Since this is a universal guide for any Air Jordan 1, we won’t analyse the text of the colourway per se, since it ranges based on what edition you’ve got (or looking to get). However, most pairs have that kind of curvature, since they’re made using Nike’s higher-quality moulds. Besides the IG page, we’re letting you know that we offer authentication services. Sign up for free to view all recent sales data. Also worth pointing out is the hourglass shape flaw that’s visible on the replica pair, given the straight silhouette of the shoe. I’m not saying Nike is never putting out imperfections, it’s just that they’re never letting pairs with so many imperfections leave the assembly line. We’ve zoomed upon the said area to illustrate that for you. To spot the fake Air Jordan 1 pair, you will need to closely inspect the text on the tongue tag. Up next, we’ll analyse what we usually look … This is an easy way to detect a fake which is through the pair’s hangtag. Also check the shape of the letters and the swoosh. This way, I’d save myself a lot of time if there’s no shape — that’s instantly a fake pair. On the real Jordan 1, the tag is sewn down on the inside. At the same time, we work very hard to make these guides as simple to understand as possible.

For this part, the “AIR” branding on the retail pair has a matte finish and is placed right in the middle between the stitching on the midsole and the outsole, while the fakes have a glossy finish to the “AIR” branding and are placed nearer to the outsole. As you can see, the fake Air Jordan 1 is almost straight when it comes to this angle’s view.

Another part to look out is the wings itself, where the retail pair is equally distributed and does not combine each other, while on the fakes, some of the wings are attached to each other (check 1, 2, 3 and 4 from photo 2). So close that they’re touching and sometimes even overlapping.

As you may observe from photo 5 and photo 6, the font is different from the real pair and the fake pair. 0 Comment Comment. Besides, inspect the Air Jordan logo for any inconsistency such as: overlapping elements, too much space between elements, uneven letters. Broadly speaking we can point out two major things: We don’t want to leave it at this broad statement, so we’ll explain these two major flaws with the highlighted areas (highlighted with the hand emoji) and then we’re going to show some other comparisons. Check that the positions of the registered trademark circled R's match those shown. Even with all of the demand, replica factories never mastered the many details. Notice how the “8” uses a different font on the fake Air Jordan 1 box label, since: The second thing we’ve highlighted is not necessarily the BLACk/STARFISH-SAIL and the BLACK/VARSITY RED-STARFISH text. It seems like the fake Jordan logo here has very thin letters — so thin that in some cases they’re not completely legible. That is noticeable in the ® character example but it’s even more visible in the “O” letter’s case. Inspect the Jordan 1 tongue tag for any inconsistency.

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