Back in Thailand, will he keep his promise? Pi Bird was a business man and playboy and Pi Puh was a working woman who worked in his friend's company. His popular singles released recently include luk thung singles Mah Tummai (with Jintara Poonlarp), Fan Ja (with Jintara and Jarin B. Field: Actor & Singer/Executive Director of Grammy Entertainment, See more Thongchai McIntyre Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018. Help keep Thongchai McIntyre profile up to date. Among his best-known songs are Duay Rak Lae Pook Pan, Koo Gud, Sabai Sabai and Kob Jai Jing Jing. He is a medium and white man.He has got black hair,black eyes, and a prominent nose. 11 "DREAM JOURNEY", *1984 Siam-Kollakarn Contest : The Best Singer Thai Music for See Wit Lakorn and Chud Hmay Play Tang, The Special from Dr. Thaworn Pornprapa, *1987 The office of national young people or Sor Yor Chor : The Best Artist ), *1990 Coke Music Award : The album was a success for Boomerang, * Mekala : The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (TV Lakorn), * TV Golden : The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (TV Lakorn), * 1993 Vote Award : The Best Man Actor for Wannee Tee Raw-Koy (TV Lakorn), *1994 TV Golden : The Best Man Actor for Wannee Tee Raw-Koy (TV Lakorn), *1995 Saraswati : The Best Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya (Movie), * 1995 Saraswati : The Best Movie music for Thoe Khon Diaw (Music), *1995 Vote Award : The Popular Man Actor for Sunset at Chaopraya, * 1996 Billboard Viewer's Choice Award first in Asia, * 1997 Ganesha Golden : The Special Creative Music for Ton Mai Khong Por, * 2002 Seesun Award : The Best Song for Lao Su Kan Fang, * 2002 Top Awards : The Best Singer for Lao Su Kan Fang, * 2002 Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards : The Popular Man Artist Music video for Lao Su Kan Fang, *Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards : The Best Music video for Fan Ja (2003), *Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards : The Popular Artist (2003), *Diamond Siam : The Sampler for Promotion of Thai arts and culture (2003), *Annual Chalermthai Awards : The Thai Artist of the year (2005), *Oops! I ever watched this movie because it projected a film again. Real Name: Albert Thongchai

He has also acted in numerous films, on television, musicals, and in commercials. Bird Unreleased. His father died when Bird was still a child. Apple is fed up with rich people so she leaves her friends. McIntyre was born in Bangkok to parents Udom and James McIntyre. hate each other. This drama played when I was young.I remember that he played with "Kwang" (Kamonchanok)His name in this drama is Kobori.He is a Japanese soldier.He loves with Thai nationalist girl,Unsumarin that Kwang played between World War II ,but their love isn't sweet .Their love has only bitter.Kobori loves Unsumarin,but she hates him.In the end of this drama,Unsumarin loves Kobori,but it's too late because Kobori is died by war.This drama is sad drama.I always cry everytime that I watch it.Although,it makes me cry,I likes it very much because Pi Bird looks very handsome and he speaks Japanese language that my favourite language in this drama too.He speak very well.This drama makes Japanese know him.The most popular drama in 1990 which made him got 2 television awards. He promises to make her a star. He is a very enjoyable and kind man.He always makes everyone on all sides has fun and feels happy.He always be familiar with everybody.He always to be optimistic.He always to be considerate.He never to be selfish.He is always helpful and condial to everyone He is a energy man.