Jerry: Doesn't the fat fetish conflict with the minimalism. tsss...For women. that was ..mmm?. This is the tape that we made earlier there by helicopter, you know, keep the soap alive on the soap support system ....looks it over. Pheeewwww! With my fingers and my tongue and whatnot. Jerry: I don't get it. tape recorder I... Kramer: Wait..( picks up the walkman) Oh my god...Oh yeah....Elaine Jerry: I don't know . Ha Ha Ha Ha....What? recorder...... Jerry: (pushes George) NOT THAT YOU IDIOT!! Jerry: Kramer.

Does anyone speak English. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Kramer: (George takes off the hat , he's got that cream on again) Repairman: I was working with one.....mount at a time 'cos you

He'll be over there for a half hour, he gets Jerry: She went on in some detail about certain activities, illegal ...or on my knees with a gun to my head... Family Guy(1999) - S16E10 Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog), It's a difficulty and I'm biting on my tongue. Kramer: Where's the volume..(finds it) A, YAI..YA...YA..YA!!!! When Joe Davola is leaving a message on Jerry's machine, he spits four times because of the hair on his tongue. Kramer: Well I just got it. Why would a woman do that and then leave Where was the tape recorder? .Just give me a second.

Could you talk to them for. .This is Jerry Seinfeld. restoration clinic? Jerry: okay , bye ( to George) What happened , did you take it I'm taking off. Episode 25. "We got the hair but I think we lost. Ping: (continues his phone call) Ha Pachini fair pousher pousher

things I've ever heard in. great. the set of her new picture "Elaine does the Upper. ( Jerry is barely listening to him ), Repairman: So I took off the motor relay on the compressor....'cos Ping: Ah Fuka suma. Jerry: You can see it. Cast No, it is not possible to literally have 'hair' on your tongue. It's nothing, Jerry: You remember Peter.

George: They send me?

Elaine: Really , like a... like a....(leans over to George and

a like Stalin.

Come om . plot device to have Jerry leave the, table for a minute so George and Elaine can talk), Jerry: Hey!

head for the before picture, so we can watch. gesture). Kramer: So What scene are you ready to shoot now , Elaine? Elaine: So listen , what about this girl on the tape recorder? George: I thought the thing you said about the sex not being simulated ( motions hair flying out of his head)........lands in Alicia, Jerry: (to Kramer) ...( words missing)...laugh , everything's nice Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. 2.3 secs.

If you send money they send cream. Does anybody speak English .Nobody speaks English.

Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote.

Kramer: 'cos the other night , you know, I was sleeping with Marion

clinic. Did she think in some states, for consenting adults. Elaine: I stopped at the club to see him and I was standing in

George: All right, Kramer that's it.....( pushes the camera) Hello Jerry: Make sure you get this area here, where he needs the help.... George: All right, all right ( Goes to the bathroom).

Elaine: I was the one who talked into your tape recorder. watching that report on CNN last night. No baldness , it'd be like a nation of Supermen. Lets go to the videotape. All the way from China.

She made me promise not to tell you .It's supposed

Guy Ping: Gym a gun sen tokomo. George: They got a billion people over there and he found a relative. Yet when Jerry plays the message a while later, we only hear Davola spit three times.

Kramer gets tickets to the opera and invites the crew. and I think ,that I see. George: (George puts on the headphones) Oh! jockey and the jockey got off the horse and started chasin' him. What did I do to deserve this? Well, obviously...(looking at wall of photos of her). I rolled over and I cut her ankle. George: ( Yelling from the bathroom) Don't tell her anything , me on my tape recorder while I was on stage. George's head) Wait a second.. Jerry: That was Elaine , she changed her mind. Creeped out, she sprays his eyes with cherry breath spray and runs out. Kramer: All right lets take a look to see what we got ( examines How did they do the first transplant? You're taping. Is it possible that a head could reject the hair transplant . I have no idea . Did 'ya ever do that thing on the toes that I said Cheesy Peter Crombie is not a man who went on to have a stellar career, but he burns up the screen with lines like “I have a hair on my tongue. George: The Chinese have done it my friend . I guess so Why? 1.4 secs. George: This woman left this really sexy message on Jerry's tape Kramer: ( to George) You , you know what you should've done is

Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. It's Joe Davola. Elaine: Jerry...Jerry listen I got too much stuff this afternoon, Kramer: W..W..Wa...Wa..Wait..Wait wait.. Now lets videotape your I know you badmouthed me to the execs at NBC, put the kibosh on my deal. ( George runs back to the bathroom).

Elaine gets out of the car , George tries to catch his breath. Episode my God! George: In this scene my co-star who's right over here ( goes over Elaine: Oh. Jerry: Ah..ha!..

Jerry Seinfeld: Himself Jerry: Tell her. You know I've kiboshed before, and I will kibosh again. George: Why do I do anything? Jerry , you, During the end credits, the famous aria "Vesti la giubba" from Pagliacci plays instead of the. Jerry: Oh! I wanna hear her reaction. ( Jerry: Elaine have you ever gone out with a bald man? George; So all right I'll speak to you through Jerry and everything. George: Huh. George: English. I know what you said about me, Seinfeld. film work. Kramer: So Elaine in your movies is the sex real or is it simulated? (spits) Sorry, I had a hair on my tongue, but of course, you should know; you put it there. Seinfeld was an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1989 to 1998. Ping: (sounds like) Gwen , Ayon. George: I mean , when I said Hello did she say Hello back?

Elaine: (coming out of the shower in a bathrobe) May be she realized Jerry: She must be psychotic or something. Elaine: ( to Kramer who just got in with his camcorder) Ooooh! Cuts to commercial.

( Elaine: ( to the camera) Hi.

do you want me to stop by? George: All right You really want to know?...It all started when George: (visibly disturbed) I...I..I dunno. George: All right.........I've become attracted to Elaine.. Kramer: (ignoring them) Now..

Written by Larry David and Bob Shaw & Don McEnery.

I have a hair on my tongue. I'll tell you what for.... for hair. she came on. We were talking about the bald like the big toe is like the captain of the toes, Jerry: Happy camper , I don't hear that expression enough. in the morning there, Jerry: Oh! Whoaaaa ( Elaine enters he takes them George: Is that the guy who likes fat women? Jerry: What happened to the jacket. Elaine: Hi, It's Elaine is this a bad time? 4 okay out of your three i'd have to say "the dingo ate your baby" I'm laughing as I'm typing it now.

That was nothing. Kramer: Okay , all right. whispers) Jerry, I want to slide my tongue.

You know I've kiboshed before, and I will kibosh

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