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Where your character can move on the world map depends on the battle rank you have attained in the battles on each map square. The Map contains new "Mask" costumes for characters, several Heart Containers, and new 8-Bit weapons. Completing a Friend Link mission awards the Link's owner a "Friend Bonus," of 100,000 Rupees and a temporary bonus to EXP earned. Completing the final battle square on the Moon will remove the time limit, allowing the Termina Map to be completed without a counter.

Adventure Mode is a game mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1]. ", "Clear time", and "Damage taken". The Dark Ruler of this Map is on a battle square adjacent to the starting position, but Warriors must traverse the Map to obtain a Hookshot Item Card to access that battle square. Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Material Bag. The "Damage taken" requirement varies between 4,000 (10 hearts), 5,000 (12½ hearts), 8,000 (20 hearts), or 10,000 (25 hearts), depending which section of the Map the Battle is in. If a Food and a Fairy share the same type, stat bonuses are increased and decreased stats are reduced by less: A Fairy cannot lose any points in her personality traits if she eats Food of the same type, except if this Food is a golden one, and gives -5 in one of the trait she is currently carrying. There's a bunch of different characters to unlock in Hyrule Warriors: ... correspond to the square on the Adventure Mode Map that you have to beat to unlock that costume.

There are three kinds of Foods: bronze, silver and golden ones. The Map has a time limit caused by the falling Moon which resets the Map after a certain amount of time has passed.

Replenishes allied Keep gauges while inside allied keeps. Here are the various Item Cards and what they do: We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.

and a "C" rank in "Damage taken" will result in a "B" rank for the mission, while an "A" rank in all parameters is required in order to ace the mission. Weapon's attribute is overwritten by the fairy's main attribute. Thus, an "A" rank in "K.O." The Great Sea Map is included as part of Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and provides new missions and challenges on a Map loosely based on the Great Sea from The Wind Waker. — Brian, Hyrule Warriors Legends has a “My Fairy system”, Great Sea map in Adventure Mode, Nintendo Everything, published December 8, 2015, retrieved December 8, 2015. Adventure Mode" — Select Mode (Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition) ↑ "Also confirmed is a new Great Sea map in Adventure Mode."

If an adventure mode square says the mission has a fairy/food in it, it'll be found in a brown pot in one of the keeps. Leveling them up also increases their magic, allowing them to accompany Warriors into harder battles. A barrier appears that protects warriors from all damage.

Restores health every time you inflict damage on enemies.

This will make the correct area on the map sparkle as in the above screen. [5] The true power of the Instruments will also be unlocked, allowing the Item Cards to be used on any square and increasing the duration of the Instrument Power to six battles. A glance at the map will show you which Item Cards are awarded on which screens but be aware that they shuffle around from time to time! In Adventure Mode, your goal is to access new areas of the map, modeled after the overworld map in the original Legend of Zelda, by winning battles with various special rules.

As you progress through Adventure Mode and Legend Mode, more of the map will become available to unlock. The Lorule Map is obtainable by purchasing the A Link Between Worlds DLC or the Season Pass DLC for the game in the version or by completing The Armies of Ruin on .This map is comprised of two sections, one for Hyrule and one for Lorule. Classic items like the Candle, Compass, Power Bracelet, and Bombs will often be awarded for completing different screens. [6] Both worlds cover an 8 by 8 area on the Map, and traveling through a Fissure will cause the Warrior to emerge in the same position in the other World (eg, traveling through the first Fissure on the fifth tile from the left edge of Hyrule on the bottom row, or tile H5, will unlock the fifth tile from the left edge of Lorule on the bottom row, or tile H13).

The difficulty setting also increases the chances of obtaining better quality Food. Additionally, various Item Cards will randomly pop up as rewards for completing different squares.

That means you search the screen (X Button) and use the appropriate Item Card in the appropriate area. Each time a Fairy is revived (in which it reverts back to level 1 after reaching level 99), it becomes possible to change its name, as well as one personality trait.

The effect of the Rule depends on which enemy or obstacle is on the Map square and each enemy or obstacle can be defeated/dispelled by a different Item Card. Occasionally, the Linebeck Trading Company will run a two-for-one sale, giving two pieces of food for an Item Card instead of one.

In the Grand Travels Map, there are three Item Cards that, when used, activate a Captain Power that increases the Rank obtained after in Battle in each of the three Rank categories. Multiple Fairies can be befriended, but … Each Battle requires Warriors to earn a specific Rank in an adjacent Battle in order to be unlocked, and a large number of missions require the player to get an "A" rank to earn a specified reward; except for Costumes, these rewards also require that their designated owner be the character used to get the "A". Fairies can be raised and customized in a number of ways. If an Item Card is used on a square with a Song Stone, the Stone will blast off, revealing a chest with a duplicate of the Item Card used. The Termina Map provides new missions and challenges on a Map loosely based on Termina from Majora's Mask, and includes additional new Item Cards based on items from the game. Some DLC packs will also include additional Fairy Clothing. These include various articles of clothing and accessories based on characters from The Legend of Zelda series, such as Link's tunic, Zelda's dress, the Fused Shadow, and Fi's shawl and tights, among many others. The Rewards Map is significantly smaller than the other Maps, and Adventure Battles can only be played by completing a specific Illustration. If the Player uses "Search" on the map screen, the map will zoom in and an item card is able to be used. Sometimes a mission requires to be cleared in a certain rank before they may open to the next block. In the School, Companion Fairies can change the Rental Skill they are currently using. Lorule Map.

Each Food gives bonuses and a stat decrease: for example, a Delicious Odd Mushroom gives 10 points in Valiant, but decreases Dizzyness by 5 points.

Adventure Mode comprises a majority of the content in Hyrule Warriors.The Adventure Map, based on the overworld of The Legend of Zelda, is a 16-by-8 grid made up of 128 scenarios.These battles are either Adventure Battles which are structured similarly to scenarios in Legend Mode, or Challenge Battles which have specific victory conditions such as accumulating a certain number of …

After each Instrument is used for the first time, an Egg Counter will increase by one.

Also in order for enemies to drop food, you must find the food item from those pots. Using Fairy Magic,[5] they are able to conjure powerful attacks.

This is the only Map with rewards for Toon Zelda.

Creates a shock wave that makes enemies get blown away when running. Please improve it as you see fit. The "Clear time" requirement is 7 minutes for most Challenge Battles, and 15 minutes for Adventure Battles. As in Legend Mode, the player also recieves a Rupee bonus for how well they performed in each category. To open more blocks on the Map, other missions have to be completed before they may become accessible. You can also use the Compass Card. The Map contains rewards for the playable characters Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, along with new costume and additional rewards for other playable characters.

As Lorule is fragmented and separated by chasms, Warriors must travel through multiple Fissures to access all of Lorule.

Hyrule Warriors Legends has a “My Fairy system”, Great Sea map in Adventure Mode, Hyrule Warriors Legends details explain the My Fairy system and Adventure Mode’s Great Sea map, Gameplay Elements of The Legend of Zelda Series, Secrets in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Adventure_Mode?oldid=803631, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The Map is a loose 8-bit replica of Twilight Princess's Hyrule overworld. The Rewards Map will be unlocked after completing an Illustration by collecting the 20 Illustration Pieces dropped by defeating Gold Skulltulas.

Some Missions have special rules attached to them.

The counter initially starts at 3, but for every subsequent reset, it starts at 72. This page was last edited on 16 May 2020, at 20:25.

In Adventure Mode, your goal is … When first obtained, a Fairy is given a randomly generated name, picked from a pool of names that corresponds with their Element. Here, the player can get an abilitie for one of his fairy, or share one.

Both sections have their own starting tile, allowing Warriors to progress through whichever section they want.

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