It was my first experience of this kind and I was quite nervous about it. The place itself is really nice, a jam in the jungle. Jim, words can’t express the magnitude of my gratitude to you nor could I say it enough times; thank you again for being who you are and doing what you do. This truly sacred place. For 12 days, we had absolutely nothing to worry about and could fully enjoy all the lessons from the Ayahuasca and the San Pedro. Jim and his Hummingbird centre provided everything necessary for me to journey deep into myself. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine and teacher plant that brings deep multi-level level healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The … (7) Huachuma aka San Pedro. I’m so glad I did this. Dieters available – of which I experienced 8 days. People have said it is life changing, that it helps you to see your true Self, your spiritual nature. Copyright © Hummingbird Healing Center.

Hummingbird Ayahuasca Healing Center | The Hummingbird Healing Center provides a beautiful safe, and supportive environment for your personal journey with ayahuasca. The property is so beautiful. deodorant, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. If you wait until the afternoon, however, it warms up nicely. I felt well looked after the entire time and that the centre was a secure place to be,which was important to me,especially coming as an Aya virgin,as Ayahuasca experiences can be harrowing as well as beautiful.The centre’s focus is on healing,rather than catering to those who are after an exotic psychedelic experience. Your laundry is taken care of daily by hand, fresh towels every day, sheets changed every other day I believe. Austin, Texas. After 6 months I will write another review to share my experiences in my ‘new life’. All guests get a private room, and our beds have high quality, very comfortable mattresses. Taking a healing journey with ayahuasca is serious work that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. During my time there I always felt safe, supported, and cared for. You’ll also see how This communal experience definitely fosters personal growth and the healing process of the ceremonies. The distractions don’t allow us the time and space to actually process what we’re feeling internally.

Both Jim and Manain are in full control of the space and the delivery of the ceremonies. Healing Center - Safe Place for Ayahuasca. It’s hard but worth it. Many clients have commented on how important the group support has been to their journey. The Hummingbird Center's approach uses a combination of traditional Amazonian shamanism, lifestyle coaching and compassionate and loving support throughout the healing and transformative process. This program includes at least one 8 day dieta with a master plant chosen by the shaman to help with your healing and learning. Hummingbird_Healing_Center Monday, September 03, 2012. Making a phone call on Jim’s Blackberry usually isn’t possible because the reception is very spotty. From there the group will take a bus to the retreat, which is about a one hour drive. You’ll find that new energy as you open to the seemingly magical realms of your divine essence and work with your own higher soul aspects that span across dimensions. Safety was most important for me, particularly considering the healing work – ceremonies. I am so profoundly grateful. The Tambo’s (accommodation) are excellent with a daily laundry service provided. Jim went with me to make sure I could get around Iquitos okay and to make sure the problem was resolved. I have been to the Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat Centre twice now, and even more than my first visit, I found the place magically suspended from normal time with Jim, the retreat facilitator, creating a sacred healing space for the magic of mother Aya to reveal herself to all visitors who have the eyes to see. Healing doesn’t occur by set schedules, and if one feels a month is necessary to work on themselves, then a month is what one needs.

While our remote location is ideal for relaxation and transformation, it makes it difficult to contact us by phone. Manain the Ayahuascero and Jim the owner are devoted to assure everybody has the best experience in a secure environment. I felt energetically scrubbed clean. Hummingbird Ayahuasca Healing Center | The Hummingbird Healing Center provides a beautiful safe, and supportive environment for your personal journey with ayahuasca. Flying 40 hours across the other side of the world to a first time experience as this offered by Jim and his team at Hummingbird takes a little consideration. I LOVE that there’s no set retreat schedule that one needs to adhere to. I had previously studied Peruvian Shamanism and wanted something authentically Peruvian.

I learned so much from this friendly and loving man. Together we’ll illuminate the magical path your soul has designed for you. 4. If you need to speak with us by phone, please send an email and we will arrange a time to have a call on Skype. Like I said… above and beyond. If you know in yourself it is time to experience these healings, I can not recommend Hummingbird Healing Center enough. The grounds are peaceful and provide an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and focus on healing. Linkedin-in.

In our early formative years we learn many ways of facing and coping with the world, that for a child is often a frightening, confusing and unfair place. Conveniently located in South Austin, Hummingbird House is the quintessential Garden Venue! it is a place where real healing happens on a daily basis. The Hummingbird Center is an ayahuasca healing center using traditional Amazonian methods. many people in the area live, which is poorly. They complement each other, addressing your issues in different ways, balancing the healing. Very safe environment for ceremonies along with great food and accommodations. Words could never picture the life changing experience The Hummingbird Retreat Center has been for me and others I witnessed during my time there. He has more than 40 years experience with plant medicine and has worked at Hummingbird since 2013. Our retreats are limited to no more than 12 people and there are multiple caretakers in each ayahuasca ceremony who are not partaking of the medicine. Hummingbird is the peaceful, beautiful and comfortable healing world that I was looking for to further my intimate journey. I felt comfortable and safe; this has become a new home away from home. While it’s lovely to have excursions planned, I found it much more healing and helped me integrate what I learned on a deep level by NOT distracting myself with wifi, random excursions out to some adventure spot, all the things we would normally do in our day-to-day lives to stop ourselves from feeling whatever it is we’re feeling.

I made the mistake of bringing sandals with The program is set up well to achieve as much as one wants to achieve. The Hummingbird is truly magical. Please register at our new registration site at 906 Myrtle Ave in Eureka Ca in the Burre Center There are definitely different lessons and releases one experiences on Huachuma, and it is very clear to me that huachuma and ayahuasca work in conjunction with each other. Manain’s ceremonies are powerful even when you are not taking Ayahuasca and when he does individualized healings during the ceremonies, they are incredible. All I will like to add here is my big thanks to Jim and Manain for all they did and for how well they did it.

Hummingbird is a truly amazing place I highly recommend in every way. Where Aya is the female energy that you work with in the dark of night, San Pedro is the male energy that you work with in the full sun of the day. Jim and Gina won’t let you go hungry. If you feel the call to work with this remarkable medicine,then I cannot recommend The Hummingbird Centre enough.My only regret was that I could not stay longer,though i am set on returning next year.This kind of medicine is intensely personal,challenging and requires courage.It is not a universal panacea,neither is it everybody’s cup of tea(sorry,couldn’t help myself there)! 3) Group Meetings: The day after ceremonies Jim holds group meetings to allow participants to share their experiences. The next time I do ayahuasca, I will choose my own healing schedule as well. The only emotions I wish to convey are gratitude and love. The only way to get there is either by boat (on the Amazon River) or by plane.

You kind of need to be on your toes in Iquitos and I was dead tired when I got there. I visited the Hummingbird Center in April of 2013. The accommodation was better than I expected, very clean spacious rooms. We are all connected to a limitless source of possibility and love. It is not just about drinking ayahuasca. For supper one evening they served some kind of fish from the Amazon River. The dieta helps to synergistically further the healing process that comes from working with Aya and San Pedro. He holds the ceremony, sings the Icaros and is the ever present sentinel if you are having a dark-night-of-the soul. It REALLY makes a difference. And the food is amazing; never knew Aya dieet food could be this good! I had a great experience in my time there.

It is a magical and peaceful place with great energy and I really appreciated your down-to-earth openness, friendliness and love. Our ayahuasca retreats put an emphasis on safety , and we carefully monitor all participants during ceremony, being close at hand to offer guidance and assistance if needed or desired. Thank you for this great experience and the gift that I took home! There are a few cars but they are the exception. Although profound healings are known to occur during one session,for most it involves some hard work.As for the taste,I rather liked it.Surely somebody,somewhere is having a laugh at my expense;the fabled brew was strongly reminiscent of Guinness,my former poison! Absolutely, without any hesitation nor reservation! They also remark on how good the energy feels as they walk through the gate. It’s an amazing property, ideally located in close enough proximity to Iquitos airport, which for me after travelling so far was a boon, though far enough away from civilisation to never see or hear it – or be reminded of it.

All rights reserved. In everyday life, he’s a quiet and humble man, committed to helping people live happy and healthy lives. After about five minutes it finally went to the home page. First, my flight from Lima to Iquitos almost had to return to Lima due to thick fog over the Iquitos airport. Don’t expect anything & just surrender. I looked explored multiple retreat centers in Peru and a few in Ecuador and Brazil. People need you, the world needs you; please don’t ever stop.

Manain is like a snake charmer with his Icaros, Aya responding inside your body. It’s an extremely safe space created by Jim, Shaman Manain, and all the staff employed in support. A man with a lifelong experience and a sincere pure hearth. See our All Inclusive Retreats web page for more details and pictures of our beautiful center. Hummingbird – a magnificent secure acreage in the midst of the Amazon Rain Forest. Surprisingly, this system works extremely well and there was no smell.

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