Is there any way to practice it “for real” on a partner? A powerful blow to this area can force residual air out of the lungs, momentarily stopping the breath and triggering a spasm in the diaphragm as your opponent struggles to breathe. Warning: A knockout punch not only can kill some participants, it can also break bones and inflict permanent brain damage in people who have had a substantial number of head blows. The Okinawan slap is a very powerful technique. A chop there can momentarily interrupt blood flow, much like squeezing the sides of a garden hose for a moment. They may hit the back of their head, their spine — who knows. I appreciate it for your efforts. Like many Okinawan Karate techniques, the primary aim of the carotid slap is for self defense against a large opponent. First, it is bad for one’s brain to be deprived of oxygen (that’s how the carotid sinus slap works). To form a strong knifehand, press your fingers tightly together and focus the force in your fingers to the degree that your palm side arches slightly forward. on Facebook When you are ready to deliver the punch, in one swift motion bring your right arm to your side while twisting at your waist. If you are right handed, begin by putting your left leg forward, (use your right leg if you are left handed). In a life-threatening self-defense situation, if the opportunity arises, strike the carotid artery and/or the vertically flowing nerves in the neck with horizontal knifehand strike. The blow to the head rattles the brain, and jostles back and forth against the front, back, or sides of the skull causing unconsciousness. It could cause internal haemorrhaging in the brain that may not be immediately noticed, and eventually lead to coma and death. on Google+. Excellent article! The easiest way to do this is to press hard on the carotid arteries in your neck. Required fields are marked *, Yes! Even a moderately hard elbow strike can cause dizziness and unconsciousness. Turtle Press is a leading producer of books and videos for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection.

Below the nose and above the lips are a cluster of nerves that if struck, will result in severe pain and watery eyes.

This causes a dilation of blood vessels which, in turn, causes a drop in blood pressure. I would not practice carotid slaps “for real” any more than I would practice eye gouges “for real.”, Here is a video of an especially egregious case of a dumb instructor repeatedly causing their student to faint using the carotid slap. Humans are far more fragile than a lot of people think. Wonderful article on self-defense! Caution, you'll need to be careful when delivering this punch because you could drive the nose cartilage into the brain, resulting in death. When executed correctly, the so-called “Okinawan slap“, “carotid strike” or “carotid slap” will cause the assailant  a sudden loss of oxygen to the brain, followed by the fainting and collapse. This is a very bad idea. This self-defense technique aims to strike the carotid sinus, which is located on either side of the assailant’s neck, slightly behind the jaw. Allow the person to remain in a reclined position for a few minutes. The goal is to snap your opponent's head straight up and backwards. Do you think that the carotid slap can be used by a small woman, in self defense against a large man? Thank you for your post! Yet another version of slap hits the assailant’s ears, aiming to rupture the eardrum. Along the front section of the side of the neck you will find the carotid artery, the vessel most responsible for bringing blood to the brain.

(The damage that can result from targeting these areas can be significant - use caution and control when practicing on a partner and only use the techniques discussed here when warranted in a self-defense situation.). Check for ABCs — Airway clear, Breathing, heart Circulating blood. You should be able to loosely bounce in this position.

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